Are There Really “Aliens” from Outer Space?

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God’s Spirit clearly says that in the Last Days

some will abandon the Truth and follow Lying Demons.

1st Timothy 4:1

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About 90% of the population believes in “Aliens” from outer space, despite the fact that not a single one has ever been discovered.  When the conquistadors invaded South America as “Aliens”, the entire region knew about it and their presence was undeniable.  While the Elite controlled media seems to always portray “space aliens” as equally genuine and malevolent, is this because they are real or because they want us to think they are real?

The last time I was in a hotel and checked to see which films were on HBO, three of the ten available were about “evil space aliens” invading earth.  If one third of the films were documentaries about how great the President is, or one third of the films were about how terrible the President is, you might quickly surmise that someone was deliberately trying to influence your perception of reality.  Why then does this fact about one third of the films’ subject matter regarding alleged “space aliens” invading earth go unnoticed as a direct attempt to control how you perceive the Truth?

When Woodward and Bernstein were endeavoring to unravel the Watergate scandal, they were told by their senior informant that if they wanted to get to the heart and summit of the matter they needed to “follow the money”.  If you are reading this article as a Sleuth Journal subscriber, then you probably already know about the Federal Reserve bankers and their infamous Jekyll Island meetings a hundred years ago, coordinated to sink their collective claws into the world by controlling its money supply.  Few however are aware of attendee John Dewey who was employed by the Ruling Elite to indoctrinate all children through the “public education system”, which he spearheaded, into their way of perceiving reality.  A century old transcript of his remarks from a similar meeting states, “The best way to unite all the nations on this globe would be an attack from some other planet.  In the face of such an “alien” enemy, people would respond with a sense of their unity of interest and purpose.”  President Reagan, the master orator, said publicly on at least four occasions (to bring the point home and repeatedly plant the seed in our minds) that an “alien invasion” was needed” to unite the world as One into the “New World Order”.

What we must understand is that the utter and complete control of the world is a plan centuries and perhaps millenniums in the making.  These Forces of Evil are masterful chess players thinking so many moves in advance that it would boggle the minds of the most intelligent gamesmen.  They have been passing on their artful manipulative conniving plans of world domination continually to each of their successive offspring for many, many generations until their scheme reaches full completion and perfect implementation.  The notion that “aliens” exist is part of their End Game lie which they want you to believe, in order to accomplish a not too future “False Flag” event, specifically designed to unite the world under one governorship, and thusly one currency, the true reason behind the “New World Order”.  (“Follow the money”, right?)

It is estimated that the few families which control about sixty-six percent of the world’s banks and money supply are making a combined 1.5 trillion dollars a year in interest and dividend payments.  If their future one-world currency were to be accepted out of “necessity”, and they thusly controlled ALL of the world’s banks, this would thereby give them control over all of the world’s DEBT as well, which is what they are really after.  (“The rich rule over the poor because the borrower is a slave to the lender.Proverbs 22:7)  This would make everyone, everywhere their compliant subject for fear of losing their job and their ability to borrow or pay back their debt.  It would also increase their estimated combined annual profit to a staggering 6 trillion dollars a year!  The problem for them is how to unite the world as one.  What better way than to have a common enemy, right?  (It has worked innumerous times before. When a strategy works, you keep using it, right?)  How could the whole world have a common enemy?  You guessed it!  If one were coming from outer space!

Though radio telescopes have been searching all corners of the heavens 365 days a year for over five decades for just a single radio transmission, the only ones ever found were coming from earth.  In fact, believe it or not, the scriptures tell us that intelligent life exists only on earthRevelation 21:3, in referring to the coming “New Earth”, when sin is removed and paradise is restored,  Behold, the dwelling of God is now with men, and He will live with them forever.”  The scriptures repeatedly say that “God shows no partiality”. (Deuteronomy 10:17, Acts 10:34, Romans 2:11, Galatians 2:6)  This being the case, and seeing how there can only be One creator of the universe, if God were to live with us formerly debaucherously sinful earthlings while other highly intelligent beings which He also created existed elsewhere (which undoubtedly would have a better track record of righteousness than us), then He would be contradicting His divine character of not showing favoritism to anyone by living with us instead of them!  (Not to mention that Jesus would have to die repeatedly for other fallen worlds.)  Therefore, the conclusion can be made that planet Earth is the only dwelling of intelligent creatures made in the Image of the only God, otherwise God would be showing favoritism by, in the near future as Revelation 21:3 foretells, eternally dwelling with us rather than those equal to us on another world.

In the book “One Cosmos Under God” it is scientifically and mathematically proven in exacting detail that the odds of any form of life, much less intelligent life, existing out of chance are tantamount to winning the powerball lottery twenty times in a row.  In other words, not possible, therefore a Creator must exist.  Why is this not being reported academically when it has just been proven mathematically?  Because the Powers-That-Be do not want you to believe in God, which is Truth, because it would lead to the discernment and exposition of their Lies, which they are using for world domination.  (When you don’t believe in God, like they don’t, and yet have intelligent minds, endless resources, and an abhorrence of boredom, what do you do with your time?  You play monopoly on the world stage in a vain attempt to control all of the property and all of the people.)

These two concepts of reality are in direct opposition to one another.  Either you believe that there is a Divine Creator who has rules of right and wrong for the universe, rules to love and sacrifice for your neighbor, which is rewarded by Eternal Life, or that there is no God, that things made themselves, and that life is a free-for-all to take the most advantage of other people that you can, in any way that you can get away with. Only one of these two choices can be true, and as such, seeing how Eternal Life is in the balance if God is real, then knowing the truth, and not being deceived about it, is extremely critical for every soul on Earth. In the same way, either intelligent, in-the-Creator’s-image, life exists throughout the universe, or it exists here on Earth alone.  These are the only two choices.  Only one of them can be the actual truth.  Oddly enough, this simple question may be utterly fundamental and highly monumental to one’s eternal destiny after we die, as well as winning the hidden behind-the-scenes battle which is going on everywhere in the world in each person’s everyday life, this very struggle of which Those-in-Control wish you to not perceive so that they can take full advantage of you.

History is written by the victors” is often attributed to Winston Churchill, yet it was said by Napoleon more than a century earlier and by the Greeks thousands of years before that, therefore it is likely a profound truth.  The statement, “Whoever controls the past (the “official” record of “history”), controls the future (everyone’s destiny)”, was coined by George Orwell, in his demonic depiction of our deplorable present day.  “The ‘History’ Channel” is probably one of the most useful false propaganda tools of the Ruling Elite, who do everything in their power to control what we believe, therefore what we think, which is almost always the exact opposite of the Truth.  Disguised as “educational”, this same network, which annually runs NASA documentaries repeatedly telling us that the fake moon landings were real, has produced over one hundred fifty programs telling us that God is fake and that “space aliens” are real!

Produced by “Prometheus” Entertainment (the Greek god of deception) The program “Ancient Aliens” tells us that Adam and Eve, though real (as there had to be a “first” for humanity), were not made by a Divine Creator, rather they were genetically engineered by “space aliens”Amazingly, millions of intellectuals, disheartened by hypocritical religion, have accepted this false teaching, which is deliberately being seeded in their minds for a coming deception.  “For the time will come when people will not accept the truth.  Instead, to suit their own lusts, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to tell them what their itching ears want to hear.  They will turn away from the truth in favor of myths.” (2nd Timothy 4:3-4)

In one hundred fifty programs in which they say that “aliens” made humankind, parted the Red Sea, and even call Jesus of Nazareth an alien, theses alleged “intellectuals” never ask a single time the most rudimentary and obvious question that a first grader would ask, which is: “If we were made by space aliens, then who made them?”  (Still proving that there is a God.)  “The coming of Satan will be displayed in false signs and lying wonders to deceive those who are perishing.  They perish because they refuse to love the Truth and so be saved.  For this reason God will permit a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie, being condemned because they delight in falsehood.” (2nd Thessalonians 2:9-12)

I have briefly mentioned before in the Conspiracy Corner homepage Introduction and in the article about The Pope, the existence of fallen angels who are the originators and present instigators of worldwide sin.  Admittedly, this topic is somewhat new to me, yet as I delve deeper into the scriptures over the years, as we are all commanded to “GROW in grace (forgiving others) and knowledge  (of reality and truth)” (2nd Peter 3:18), this topic keeps coming up with greater rapidity.  “Our struggle is not against flesh and blood (other people) rather against the rulers of this dark age, spiritual forces of evil in spiritual realms (fallen angels and demons).” (Ephesians 6:12)

The top two “u.f.o.” researchers on the entire planet, who have spent decades and most of their lives tracking down thousands of leads on this subject, are now shunned by most in the “u.f.o. community”, who once highly respected them, because of their unified conclusions on the subject of “aliens” and “u.f.o.’s”.  Both Jacques Vallee and J. Allen Hynek finally came to understand that “u.f.o.’s” are not from outer space, rather they are from here on earth!  Both of these top researchers in the “u.f.o.” field now refer to “aliens” as demons instead!  Decades long research of theirs proving this is the case is being banned from consideration by those who continue to wish for and sci-fi fantasize about advanced civilizations throughout the universe and their fabled “federation of planets” as created in their childhood minds by their beloved “Star Trek” television programming, and indeed their minds were “programmed” successfully.

As repeatedly reported by Jacques Vallee and J. Allen Hynek, numerous subjects undergoing an “abduction experience” invoked the name of Jesus and immediately the event was terminated.  Of course you have to ask, if these creatures are merely humanoids from another planet, why then would the name “Jesus” mean anything more to them than “Bob” or “Cathy”?  If, on the other hand, their origin is demonic, as both of these top “u.f.o.” researchers concluded after decades of study, then you can easily see the why these entities fled at the uttering of one Word.  The question is, why are most “u.f.o.” researchers afraid to even consider this highly supported conclusion?  It is the same reason why colleges (Dewey “Education/Programming” Systems) are afraid to even discuss the possibility of Divine Creation as a reason for the universe’s existence.  Do you see now the demonic battle for Truth that is going on here for the minds of those which populate the world and outnumber the gatekeepers of the Truth?

The average American watches 5 hours of television per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  That is 35 hours per week, or almost as much time as you spend at work!  Let me tell you as an experienced filmmaker and advertising writer, the subliminal messages which some people fear are not necessary at all to fool the masses!  (Though they probably do exist.)  If you see a pizza commercial . . . then you want a pizza!  If you see a sexy image . . . then you want to have sex!  If you see people having fun out drinking and “clubbing” . . . then you want to go out drinking clubbing!  If you see eighty “Star Trek” episodes and two hundred science fiction movies, then you believe that there are “aliens” throughout the universe, even though there is no proof of this whatsoever!  The effect is even greater when it is an “imprinted” theology on the unhindered developing mind of a child watching such television programs and films from the cradle to advanced adolescence, 35 hours a week, 365 days a year!  By the time people are adults they will fight to the death to defend a philosophy that they were programmed to believe without ever strictly analyzing the concept for validity or realizing that they have been duped by the beloved and Elite controlled “Boob-Tube” to believe exactly what they were conditioned to believe!  (“Boob” being a slightly archaic term for “being fooled”.)

Why do you think so many people believe that the fake moon landings were real?  Because they saw it on television! . . . And yet, in defense of the lie, they have the audacity to say that the reason why they believe it is, “Because I saw it on t.v. !”  Some even say they believe it because “I was there!”  You were there ? . . . Watching something on television now means “You were there!”??? What a world!!! Naturally, when an “Apollo” astronaut “confesses” (says what he is told to say) that “aliens” exist, people buy into it hook, line, and sinker! I have met face to face with most of the Apollo astronauts, many for hours in their homes, and let me tell you, they are unhappy, angry, and foulmouthed men.  This is what lies produce in your character if your life is based on them, as  the Truth produces joy and peace.  It is so obvious to anyone who has “eyes that see”. (See Mark 8:18)  If the same man who tells you that the moon landings are real when they are not, tells you that “aliens” are real, what do you think the truth really is?  . . . That “aliens” are as real as the moon landings and are both manipulative lies of the corrupt government to get you to believe what they want you to believe.

Most of these “u.f.o.” researchers are simply “gathering around them a great number of teachers to tell them what their itching ears want to hear” (2nd Timothy 4:3-4), just as was prophesied in scripture about the Last Days and their prolific deceitfulness.  What “conspiracy theorists” fail to realize is that their buttons can be just as easily pushed by the Controlling Elite as anyone else’s by such things as “leaked” “classified” documents or a (contrived) “confession” from a “credible” military source, who in reality is manipulating them like gullible puppets on a string.  The Powers-That-Be are just feeding them, like salivating dogs, the juicy information which tickles their ears, wanting them to disseminate it to the public as “reliable discoveries” in order for the masses to believe it as if they were newly uncovered revelations of the truth, all the while these “investigators” have become naively entrapped prey to the double and triple bluff of the Ingenious Gamesmen who are just playing them like pawns with well planned moves laid out for them decades before they were even born!

The fact is, if “aliens” had the transcendently advanced technology to travel 300 million light years to reach earth, then not only would they have the capability of being radar invisible, they would have the capability of being optically invisible as well. Why then are “u.f.o.’s” being seen everywhere if they have the ability to be invisible, seeing how not a single “alien” has publically appeared to present themself, therefore invisibility, if the really existed, must be their goal?  There can only be one answer . . . Because they are intended to be seen so that people will believe in themWhy would they want people to believe in them?  Because it is part of a coming deception!

In Genesis 3:15 God said to the fallen angel Lucifer (now known as Satan) regarding Eve, “I will put enmity (war) between you and the woman, between your seed (offspring) and her seed (offspring)”.  We know who the offspring of Eve are, you and I, yet who are the offspring of the Devil?  Go to Genesis 6:1-2 to find out!  “When men began to increase on earth and daughters were born to them, the SONS OF GOD saw that they were beautiful and took any of them they choose.”  Immediately after this, in verse 4, it says, “There were Nephilim (Giants) in those days, and also afterwards, when the SONS OF GOD came in to the daughters of men and had children (offspring) by them.  These (their offspring) were the mighty men of renown.

First we see in Genesis 3:15 that there are two bloodlines, that of Eve (and Adam) and that of the Devil (or fallen angels).  Next, in Genesis 6:1-4, we see that the “Sons of God” breed with the “Daughters of Men”.  The term “Son’s of God” (ben Elohiym) always means angels when it is used in the scriptures (See Job 1:6 and Job 38:7), yet most theologians today try to explain this away, as it is a “hard teaching” for them to accept (See John 6:53-60) . . . yet so is it a hard teaching to accept that God would allow his only beloved Son to descend from heaven to be tortured and murdered by His inferior creation, whom he did not have to create, in order to save the same who were the ones mutilating and killing him.  In Jesus’ day, for thousands of years before, and up until only about one hundred fifty years ago, this is exactly what Jews and Christians alike thought was the meaning of these scriptures. Only when the “Elite” gained controlled over the media did their kindred “theologians” change the interpretation, I believe, to hide the Truth of their own demonic ancestry.

Angels (“Sons of God”) are direct heavenly descendants of God (each being personally created by Him, and having more of a spiritual nature than mortal), whereas the “Daughters of Men” (bath adam) always means those who are the direct earthly blood descendants of Adam (which have more of a mortal nature than spiritual).  If the two were the same thing, then the scripture would have said “The sons of men went in to the daughters men”, or “The sons of God went in to the daughters of God”, yet it did not say that.  Again, there are two distinctive and separate bloodlines of which the writer is speaking.  That is why, upon conversion and resurrection, the saved are “adopted” into the family of God (See Ephesians 1:5) and then receive angelic bodies (See Romans 8:23).  One (the angels) are firsthand, first-generation of God’s individual creation (offspring), the other (humankind) are the direct descendants (offspring) of Adam’s multi-generational creation through procreation.

The scriptures say explicitly in Genesis 6:4 that the “Nephilim” (or Giants) were the direct result of “The Sons of God (angels) going in to the Daughters of Men (mortals) and bearing children by them”!  Why is this important historical fact deliberately overlooked and explained away as something other than what it is, like people try to do with the evidence about the moon landing fraud?  Is it, likewise, because it is too astonishing to accept?  Surely, if the five and a half foot tall descendants of Adam were breeding with each other in just the few generations that followed in Genesis 6, the result would be five and a half foot tall offspring, yet this was certainly not the case! Children inherit the characteristics of their parents.  The fact that giants were produced is proof positive that another bloodline was introduced!  (Do I need to mention that in credible accounts of angelic encounters people have reported that angels are ten to twelve feet tall!)

This may be a perplexing teaching for the 21st century church, yet it was not so during Jesus’ day.  The books of Enoch, Jasher, Jubilees and The War Scroll (only recently re-discovered) were considered scriptural by the first century church and are in fact quoted numerous times in other parts of the Bible!  When the “Church of Rome” (Catholic Church) became apostate, their “Illuminati” Jesuit sect removed these most revealing books from the version of the Bible which we have today and inserted the non-scriptural “Apocrypha” (false) books in their place.  They did this in order to keep the contents of these removed books to themselves as a cherished secret.  What is in these four newly discovered and historically authenticated books?  Amazingly detailed accounts of what some have called “The Great Controversy”, ongoing battles between faithful angels and fallen ones, as well as the fallen ones’ repeated attempts to crossbreed with humans!

What does “Nephilim” mean?  “The Fallen Ones”.  What is the meaning of “Illuminati”?  “Lucifer” and “Secret (Illuminated) Knowledge”!  How many books should be in the Bible?  Seventy.  (An important symbolic number to God, not sixty-six as we have today.)  If you add the books of Enoch, Jasher, Jubilees and The War Scroll, then the Bible contains the symbolic Seventy books!  In fact, the scriptures say that certain spiritual truths were to be “Sealed (at the time of their writing) and were only to be revealed in the End Times.” (See Daniel 12:4)  Nephilim also means “Giant”.  You may recall young King David fighting a giant that had at least four relatives who were also giants (2nd Samuel 21:22).  You may recall when the nation of Israel left Egypt and were to first enter the Promised Land (Cana) that they were afraid to do so because of giants inhabiting the land (Numbers 13:33).  You may recall the seemingly harsh treatment by God upon His Canaanite enemies when he asked the Israelis to kill all of their women and children as well as the men. (1st Samuel 15:3).  Why would God ask such a harsh thing?  What was His wrath of the flood all about?

From Numbers 13:33 you see that the giants were descendants of the family of “An(m)ak”.  In 1st Samuel 15:3 you see that God instructs that the city of “Ama(le)k” (named after its founder) to be “utterly destroyed”, including women and children.  These are the giants (half-breed fallen angels) and their fallen (evil) offspring.  (“I will put enmity (war) between your (Lucifer’s) seed (offspring) (“Fallen Ones”; Fallen Angels; Nephilim; Giants; and their descendants) and the seed (offspring) of Adam (You and me).” Genesis 3:15)  While a Nephilim is not directly a fallen angel, it is half a fallen angel, hence the name “Fallen Ones”, which they inherited, along with their evil nature, which God desires to be eradicated like unwanted snakes.  Would it be wise to leave alone female and baby snakes in an eradication effort of a home snake infestation and only kill the male snakes? Is it cruel or compassionless to kill the female and baby snakes too in order to know for certain that the infestation stops? The reason why God seemed so merciless to the Canaanites was because they were half fallen angels and he did not want their satanic bloodline and nature (d.n.a.) to be bred into the human race. This was the same reason for the flood, which occurred right after the appearance of the Nephilim!  (“Noah was found ‘pure’ in his ‘generations’ {d.n.a./offspring}” Genesis 6:9 . . . He also had noble character, just the opposite of the evil “Fallen Ones”.  (Perhaps these character traits too, both good and bad, are passed on to their respective offspring, as is the case with personality characteristics in the breeding of animals, such as “retriever” canines, as well as the passed on curse of increased probability of alcoholism in the offspring of alcoholic parents.)

Deuteronomy 7:1-6 explains this further, not only calling for the “Fallen Ones” to be “utterly destroyed”, yet also including a command not to interbreed with them.  Why?  “For they will turn your sons away from following me, to serve other gods.”  Who are the other gods?  Isaiah 14:12-15 explains: “How you have FALLEN from heaven, LUCIFER the illuminated one, cast down to the nations which you led astray.  For you said in your heart . . . I wish to be like God.”  What is it to be like God?  To take credit for having created humankind and to be worshiped as a savior.  Can you see now that if “aliens” are really fallen angels in disguise and the lying “History” channel is claiming that humanity was made by “aliens”, then what they are really saying is that we were was made by Satan instead of God!  This is exactly one of the two primary goals of Lucifer, to take credit for creation!  (The other is to appear as savior of the world, hense a future “alien” visitation as a false “messiah”, here to “save us”.)

If fallen angels have been around for thousands of years (or longer), then perhaps they have developed over the millennia zero gravity aircraft and other seemingly “miraculous” technology for the very purpose of the coming grand deception spoken of in the scriptures.  “He (Lucifer, the fallen angel) performs great signs, like making fire come down from heaven . . . Deceiving those who dwell on the earth by these and other ‘miraculous’ signs.” (Revelation 13:13-14)  Perhaps these fallen angels have made a pact with like-minded world leaders disguising themselves as aliens from another planet to their subordinates.  Why not?  Satan is the “Father of lies”, right?  If fallen angels tell the truth about their identity and origin, then that would mean that God exists and the scriptures are true, the very things they are trying to conceal!  What better camouflage to a sci-fi deceived world than to claim to be from another planet millions of light years away which can never be verified!  Some military officials have even admitted that such “treaties” exist with so-called, self-identified “extraterrestrials” and their affiliated “Elite” world leaders, which are secretly of the fallen angel bloodline, their very ancestors! That is why their controlled media is the one propagating the propaganda of “Ancient Aliens” through the “History Channel” which they control. These military sources report one consistent character attribute of these strange beings in their dealings with them, that they are always breaking their word and misrepresenting claims that prove to be false!  In other words, they are pathological liars!  (Sounds like they are imitating their leader, Satan, the “Father of lies”, John 8:44.)

What do top officials get from such “treaties” with the Devil and his agents who pose as “aliens” to their underlings? Advanced technology for killing more people more efficiently (See John 10:10); the exact opposite of God’s desire for us to “Be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth”. (Genesis 1:28)  What do these kindred world leaders give them in return?  The right to manipulate and abduct citizens without interference.  What do the “aliens” (fallen angels) do with their abductees?  Harvest human ova and sperm! Why? Because when you crossbreed species against God’s command (see Leviticus 19:19) the offspring become sterile! For example, with the breeding of a horse and a donkey, the offspring, the mule, is always sterile. This must be a built in safeguard in the DNA created by God for the breakers of this command of His so that the unnatural line will not continue. Likewise the Nephilim (half fallen angel, half human) are also sterile and have to keep making more hybrids of themselves synthetically in order to increase their chances in their perceived numerical disadvantage in their war against God and the “Sons of Adam.”  (See Revelation 12:7-17 and 20:7-10) This is why the races of Nephilim were to be “utterly destroyed”, including their animals, as they were very familiar with crossbreeding themselves and their animals. (1st Samuel 15:3)  Do you see how these two factions (Nephilim bloodline world leaders and us the Sons of Adam) are really the only two races in the world? The wars and divisions which they instigate, propagate, invest in, and profit from, are simply their effective tool for “Dividing and Conquering” us by having us kill ourselves for them.

Do you remember how Genesis 6:4 said that the Nephilim were “Mighty Men of Renown”?  This means World Leaders.  Let’s face it, when you are twice as big as everyone else in an era of primitive weapons, you rise to the top and only pass on your power to your offspring.  (Just like the English have been doing for at least two thousand years!) The world’s entire pagan (anti-god) system known as “Babylon” (See Revelation 17:5) was said to have been started by Nimrod (the son of Cush, a Canaanite, now known as being of the lineage of the Nephilim giants).  In fact, in recently uncovered carvings of him, he is always depicted as twice as tall as his subjects!  This is why he was called a “Mighty One” in Genesis 10:8, because he was a half-breed Nephilim of a fallen angel and of gigantic size.  Imitating his disobedient fallen father, it was Nimrod’s rebellion from God, and hatred thereof, that caused the creation of all false forms of worship, pagan practices and the institutionalization of continual war (so that they would not be so outnumbered by the Sons of Adam), which continues to this very day in the mentality and actions of the demonically installed leaders throughout the entire world. (That is why God warned us not to marry and breed with the Nephilim offspring.)  It is even believed that the Nephilims’ fallen angel parents are the ones who gave them technologically advanced weaponry to maintain their control of the world, then and now.

I will put enmity (war) between the seed (offspring) of Adam and the seed (offspring) of the Devil” (Genesis 3:15)  Ever notice how just a few families seem to control the world from generation to generation?  Ever wonder what their bloodline is?  Recently a brilliant high school student traced the genealogy of all of America’s presidents and found something quite startling.  All but one of them have the same bloodline!  It can be traced back as far as 13th century England.  (The country long known for controlling the world.)  Where it leads to before that; dare I say Egypt and Nimrod?

Just as pagan traditions of the fertility goddess “Ishtar” (queen of Babylon, depicted with the wings of a {fallen} angel) are still passed on to us today from Nimrod in the five thousand year old tradition of springtime eggs and bunnies, so apparently the seat of power from Nimrod (the “Fallen One”) has been passed on secretly by the “Illuminati/Luciferian” sect to presidents, popes and other world leaders since the beginning of time to this very day through their Nephilim bloodline.  (The fertility god “Dagon” {variant of “Dragon”, the Devil} by the way, not so coincidentally wore the same style of uniform that the pope wears today!)  Over the centuries, the Nephilim and their ingeniously crossbreeding parents have had plenty of time to successfully remove the gene which makes them substantially taller in order to better camouflage their existence among us, just as today any skilled person of husbandry can breed out at will any unwanted characteristics in the animals with which they work.

These living Nephilim are still “Men of Renown” (leaders). In fact, so confident and brazenly proud are they of their Luciferian heritage that they openly flaunt it in public by regularly giving the “hand sign of the Devil” in photo opportunities! (See the amazing video reference of this at the end of this article!)  Is this why they make pacts with the “aliens” (who are really their fallen angel relatives) to acquire better weapons for humanity’s destruction and permit giant food corporations (owned by the same) to include lethal and sterility causing toxins in practically everything we eat, especially GMO food?  The only thing left, now that the “intellectuals” of the world are ready to give the glory of creation to their soon visiting “alien” overlords (which we now know are really fallen angels in a lying disguise), is to somehow, like a contrived wrestling match in which both players are really on the same team, stage an “alien” invasion with their secret Nephilim counterparts (who control the world and its media) and have one of their satanic team players, such as a Luciferian pope, pretend to be the “savior” of the world by making peace with them.  Is it a coincidence that the Vatican just announced its belief in “aliens” (their bedfellow demons) and that all the world, including atheists and unrepentant sinners, can be saved without the Messiah or adherence to the scriptures which say “love your neighbor as yourself”?

Because believing in “aliens” and not believing in the Divine Creator go hand-in-hand most of the time, many believe that the appearance of “aliens” would mean to most people that Christianity (or religion in general) is wrong.  (Though most of misguided “Christianity” and religion is wrong anyway.)  Some believe a new unified world “consciousness” (or new religion, really) would be ushered in by the appearance of “aliens” . . . and it gets even better . . .

Do you remember my recent article about “Planet X” (linked below under “references”)? Let’s suppose I’m batting a thousand and Planet X is real, on its way, and space aliens are actually fallen angels in disguise who have been residing here on earth all along, as the top two “u.f.o” researchers in the world have concluded after decades of research. Suppose Planet X shows up in the next few years (remember the Vatican telescope named “Lucifer” is tracking an object that “will be of great global historical significance in the near future”) and then the “aliens” (fallen angels) simultaneously appear with Planet X. (See Revelation 9:1-11).  What a perfect cover-story and misdirection to claim that they are from this new world suddenly appearing in the sky After all, Planet X’s historical nickname is “The Dragon”, “The Destroyer” and “Lucifer”.  (See Revelation 12:3)  While the planet is believed to be a completely dead and uninhabitable gas giant, nevertheless, with the coordination of fallen angels materializing as “aliens” at the same time, you can see how most of the world would fall for the lie that the fallen angels are space aliens from this recently appearing planet, not to mention the fact that 99% of the people who accept the reality of Planet X are mistakenly believing (through numerous misleading CIA run websites) that the heavenly body contains a fictitious civilization of advanced “Aliens”!

Finally, one distinction should be made between fallen angels and demons.  We understand now that the Nephilim are a hybrid mix of fallen angels and humans. The scriptures tell us that angels were given immortality, unless they are fallen and destined to be destroyed in the lake of fire. (Revelation 21:8, 20:10; Matthew 25:42)  We know too that humans are mortal (Hebrews 9:27) and that they sleep when they die until the resurrection (1st Thessalonians 4:13-17).  What happens then to a Nephilim spirit when it dies if it is half mortal and half immortal?  Might I suggest that this is where demons come from.

Whenever angels are described in scripture they are human like.  They have bodies, they can be touched, and they even eat food. (Genesis 18:1-8)  Yet when demons are mentioned they do not have bodies and often numerous quantities of them can possess a single person. (Mark 5:1-13)  A demon then is not a fallen angel, rather a roaming mischievous spirit of a deceased hybrid half-immortal Nephilim that does not sleep upon death because of its dominant genetic immorality.  Woe to the living Nephilim bloodline leaders of the world!  I saw in the eyes of Bush Senior, in his last interview, the sadness and regret of living his life the way he had and the sorrowful fate which he knows awaits him in the hereafter.  Despite his remorse, I could also see his resignation to his fate and his determined silence on the matter, to as he perceived it, protect his family . . . the family of fallen angel human hybrids, which control the world.

The Devil is known as a reptile.  Perhaps losing his heavenly glow caused the scalification of his skin and heart. Sometimes he is seen as a dragon, sometimes as a frog, sometimes as a snake, yet always as a reptile, and he is always seen and felt as a foreigner, or intruder, or “alien” to humans.  There is, oddly enough, believed to be a race of “aliens” called “Reptilians”, which are said to have hostile plans for humanity.  One thing for sure about a reptile is, unlike a mammal, it has no compassion whatsoever. It is only interested in itself.  (Just the opposite {again} of God, who said to “Deny Yourself” {Giving to others, instead of yourself}.)  A snake will eat mammals of much higher intelligence, a snake will eat its own relatives, a snake will eat its own children immediately after giving birth to them. They are in no way to ever be trusted.

A few years ago, a family which had a Boa Constrictor snake about thirteen feet long for over a decade, had a newborn baby.  While they had previously slept and cuddled with the snake for years, the reptile, at the very first opportunity (once the toddler was crawling on the floor), was caught with one of the baby’s legs down its throat! Perhaps unbeknown to the top “Elite”, “Illuminati”, “False Prophet”, kings, presidents or popes, is that all of Lucifer’s reptilian promises to them of immortal riches for their cooperation in his self-centered plan for world domination, will prove to be nothing but a convenient timely lie, told to them while they cuddled, only to steal their warmth while it was available and needed, followed by swallowing them up with gleeful appreciation for their unwitting sacrifice, once he is done with their services.  If a snake will eat its own children, what makes these leaders think they will escape annihilation and are immune from being deceived themselves by their clever master? (2nd Timothy 3:13)  After all, who can really grant you eternal life except God alone, the only Eternal, who is the creator of life given to us all?  (1st Timothy 6:16)

Take heed that no one deceives you.”

Matthew 24:4

Brother Bart-


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