Alleged Secret Trump Team-Sought Communication Channel with Russia

Alleged Secret Trump Team-Sought Communication Channel with Russia | jared-kushner-trump | Government Trump
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Media reports about Trump’s son-in-law/senior advisor Jared Kushner allegedly discussing a secret communication channel between his transition team and Moscow through ambassador Sergey Kislyak deserves praise, not criticism if true.

According to the neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and other media sources, the allegation comes from unnamed US officials, likely Obama administration holdovers, maintaining a steady drumbeat of dubious leaks to denigrate Trump.

They claim Kushner suggested using Russian US-located diplomatic facilities for secret bilateral communications.

If Washington had normal relations with Moscow and other independent nations, Trump team’s efforts to establish bilateral communications wouldn’t have to be done quietly – if media reports alleging what happened are true.

World peace and stability depend on nations getting along with one another. US imperial aims for global dominance involve confrontations and other hostile acts.

Candidate Trump said it would be a good idea to get along with Moscow. As president, he hasn’t followed through responsibly. In Brussels talks with other NATO leaders, he referred to the “Russian threat,” knowing none exists.

If Kushner pursued a bilateral communication channel with Moscow for secret or open talks on vital issues, all to the good.

Responsible interfacing “trumps” confrontation, the latter course what Obama and his neocon-infested administration pursued, maintaining hostile relations instead of improving them.

The White House and Russian embassy so far haven’t commented on Saturday media reports.

What’s disturbing isn’t that Trump’s team may have sought a secret communication channel as reported. It’s that US/Russia relations have to be pursued this way, not openly and normally, the way all nations should relate to others.

Washington bears full responsibility for this deplorable situation – not Moscow seeking cooperative relations with all countries.

Longstanding US policy seeks unchallenged global dominance, over allies and adversaries alike, not respect for the sovereign rights of all nations – why endless imperial wars rage.
s, not peacemakers, Trump obsessed with making the world’s mightiest nation mightier than ever.

America’s imperial agenda threatens humanity’s survival. If its endless wars aren’t stopped, they’ll end us.

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