Amazing Media Self-Indictment

 Amazing Media Self-Indictment | 2016-presedential-election | Mainstream Media Politics Propaganda

Rupert Murdoch’s New Corp-owned New York Post calls itself “America’s oldest continuously published newspaper,” founded in 1801 by Alexander Hamilton, today a far cry from its roots.

The Columbia Journalism Review earlier called it “no longer merely a journalistic problem. It is a social problem – a force for evil.”

It should have described all major US print and electronic media the same way – providing all propaganda rubbish all the time on issues mattering most, especially geopolitical ones and electoral politics.

They represent a collective shame of the nation, deplorable scoundrels, substituting presstitution for legitimate journalism.

On August 21, the Post amazingly headlined “American journalism is collapsing before our eyes,” saying:

“The frenzy to bury Trump is not limited to the Clinton campaign and the Obama White House. They are working hand in hand with what was considered the cream of the nation’s news organizations.”

“The shameful display of naked partisanship by the elite media is unlike anything seen in modern America.”

Most major broadsheets, other corporate owned publications, broadcasters and cable channels “jettisoned all pretense of fair play. Their fierce determination to keep Trump out of the Oval Office has no precedent.”

“By torching its remaining credibility in service of Clinton, the mainstream media’s reputations will likely never recover, nor will the standards.”

“No future producer, editor, reporter or anchor can be expected to meet a test of fairness when that standard has been trashed in such willful and blatant fashion.”

Strong stuff, entirely accurate from a broadsheet with a tainted reputation. Murdoch’s world is pockmarked with demagoguery, propaganda, scandal, sleaze and warmongering.

Last April, the Post endorsed Trump, calling him “a potential superstar of vast promise,” able to “electrif(y) the public…inspiring people who’d given up on ever again having a candidate who’d fight for them. (He) offers the best hope for all Americans who rightly feel betrayed by the political class.”

Hardly an honest assessment about a wannabe president whose sole redeeming feature is not being Hillary.

The Post has an ax to grind. It’s not pleased about the near-one-sided media support for her – and rightfully so.

I’ve followed presidential races since Truman/Dewey in 1948. Never before were major media so scandalously for one aspirant over the other as today – mocking legitimate coverage.

Hillary’s high crimes are suppressed. A blizzard of anti-Trump broadsides attack him daily – vicious stuff, much of it distorted misinformation, character assassination at its worst, political warfare like never before in US presidential races.

Trump is right saying he’s running more against media opposing him than Hillary, believing things are rigged for her to succeed Obama.

Media scoundrels serve entrenched, not public, interests.

The state of the nation today is more deplorable than ever. Media scoundrel misinformation and Big Lies highlight how bad things are, making street whores look good by comparison.

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