America’s Permanent War Agenda Threatens World Peace

America’s Permanent War Agenda Threatens World Peace | american-flag-military-wars | Special Interests US News War Propaganda World News

Today is the most perilous time in world history. What’s going on should terrify everyone.

Endless US wars of aggression against sovereign independent states threaten world peace, stability and security.

Its megalomaniacal quest for world dominance risks eventual nuclear war against one or more countries – North Korea and Iran the most likely targets, Russia and perhaps China later on.

Madness defines America’s agenda, undemocratic Dems as bloodthirsty as Republicans. Humanity is at risk of annihilation like never before.

Full-blown tyranny is a hair’s breath away to quash homeland dissent and harden control, the nation on a fast track toward becoming Nazi Germany with nukes, ICBMs and other super-weapons, ready to use them against invented enemies.

No real ones exist so they have to be invented. Trump and ultra-hawkish generals in charge of geopolitical policy want wars and lots of them – ongoing in multiple theaters, new ones planned, ready to be launched at their discretion.

Will North Korea be struck next, followed by Iran? Will Washington use nuclear weapons for the first time since gratuitously against defeated Japan?

Will the Trump administration goad North Korea into a military response by cross-border provocations – the strategy used by Harry Truman to launch the 1950s war – US aggression, not North Korea’s, as falsely claimed to this day.

America uses the Security Council as a platform for its agenda, fortunately restrained by Sino/Russian veto power, Britain and France going along with US policies, virtual appendages of its imperial madness.

On Friday, Rex Tillerson represented Washington in a ministerial session on North Korea. Days earlier, he floated the idea of talks without preconditions.

Rejected by Trump through his press secretary, his position changed, saying “North Korea must earn its way back to the table.”

US provocations and pressure will continue until “denuclearization is achieved” – an unattainable goal.

Why would the DPRK abandon its most important deterrent, genuinely fearing US aggression could come any time, a strong defense essential for its security?

It would be irresponsible for its leadership to leave the country defenseless. Advancing its nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities is the most important way to give Washington pause about attacking the country – knowing it can strike back hard.

At Friday’s Security Council session, Tillerson called for toughening positions against North Korea, bellowing:

“The United States will use all necessary measures to defend itself against North Korean aggression.”

Fact: The DPRK never preemptively attacked another country throughout its post-WW II history, defending itself in the 1950s against Truman’s war.

Fact: Its leadership and military threaten no countries now. America threatens everyone, the most belligerent nation in world history – at war at home and/or abroad throughout its history, responsible for countless tens of millions of deaths, numbers way exceeding any other imperial state.

Tillerson sounded like political prostitute Nikki Haley, saying “(t)he United States will not allow (the DPRK) to hold the world hostage.”

“We will continue to hold North Korea accountable for its reckless and threatening behavior today and in the future.”

“We ask every nation here to join us in exerting sovereignty to protect all of our people. We ask all to join a unified effort to achieve a complete and verifiable denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.”

As long as America threatens DPRK security, its leadership and military won’t ever abandon their most effective defense.

East Asia and everywhere else is threatened by Washington’s rage for global dominance.

A Final Comment

At Friday’s SC ministerial meeting, North Korean UN ambassador Ja Song-nam said the following:

“Our possession of nuclear weapons was an individual self-defensive means of defending our sovereignty and rights of resistance and development from the US nuclear threat and if anyone is to be blamed for it, the US must be held accountable.”

“There are several nuclear power states all over the world now, but there is no country like the US who is continuing to openly threaten and blackmail other countries with its nuclear weapons.”

His remarks were accurate. Washington is responsible for Korean peninsula brinkmanship, not Pyongyang!

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