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Trump’s agenda is as much guesswork as likely expectations at this point. How he intends operating won’t be known until he takes office and begins serving.

Even then, it’ll take a while. We’ll know more after his first 100 days in office, much more after months to follow.

He has pluses going for him, along with stiff headwinds, assuring a rocky ride. Nearly 63 million Americans voted for him. Depending on what he does, he could either win over many more or lose much of his support.

America’s deep state is his most significant challenge, bent on letting nothing interfere with its rogue agenda at the expense of most people at home and abroad.

It’s unknown if he intends going his own way, especially geopolitically, or if he’ll continue the agenda of his recent predecessors – gangsterism on a global scale he should renounce, though trying won’t be easy if he intends to try.

One thing about him is unique to US politics – his daily way of communicating when not on the stump or holding a press conference – largely bypassing conventional media militantly against him, using social media instead.

He’s America’s tweeter-in-chief, getting across his message in brief comments, as often as he wishes, without having anyone distort his message.

It’s in the public domain for everyone to see, including on Facebook, perhaps other social media sites as well – a unique, effective way to communicate in short, easy to remember points he wants millions of Americans following him to know.

His latest tweet in three segments said the following:

“Having a good relationship with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. Only ‘stupid’ people, or fools, would think that it is bad! We…..

have enough problems around the world without yet another one. When I am President, Russia will respect us far more than they do now and….

both countries will, perhaps, work together to solve some of the many great and pressing problems and issues of the WORLD!”

In response, I tweeted him, saying “(y)ou’ll win over millions more hearts and minds worldwide if your geopolitical agenda follows these tweets. Keep tweeting.”

He doesn’t likely read incoming tweets. So many come at him with 19 million followers. His handlers do to check for any threats needing to be countered.

In less than two weeks, he’ll be America’s 45th president. Will he break the mold and serve honorably, do the right things and make his detractors eat crow, or will he be just another dirty politician?

It’s his choice, no matter the obstacles he faces. History will judge him accordingly.

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