Another Pro-GMO President?

Another Pro-GMO President? | Hillary-Clinton-Bio-Convention-3-451x300 | GMOs Petitions Politics

Hillary Clinton. Former senator and secretary of state. Mother. Grandmother-to-be. Potential frontrunner for the Democratic nominee for U.S. president in 2016.

And Monsanto cheerleader.

From back in the days when she worked for the Rose Law Firm, which represented Monsanto, to her ongoing cozy relationships with pro-GMO appointees Michael Taylor (Deputy Commissioner for Foods) and Tom Vilsack (Secretary of Agriculture), Clinton has always pandered to the pesticide and junk food manufacturers.

Another Pro-GMO President? | obama-toilet-hillary-handle-460x138 | GMOs Petitions Politics

She hasn’t changed her tune—even though she’s on the wrong side of the 93 percent of Americans (future voters) who want mandatory GMO labeling laws.

Last month, Clinton told the pro-GMOers at the BIO International Convention that the public is “misinformed” on the safety of GMO foods. Monsanto just needs to put a more positive spin on the mounting scientific evidence against GMO crops and GMO-contaminated foods, and voilà! Consumers will no longer need to worry their pretty little heads.

It’s time to tell Hillary: No amount of “spin” will convince consumers that Monsanto’s toxic crops and food are good for public health and the environment.

And no candidate who cheerleads for Monsanto will get the vote of the millions of consumers who believe politicians should stop taking Monsanto’s money, and start protecting the public.

TAKE ACTION: Hillary Clinton: It’s time to dump Monsanto and support public health, and regenerative, organic agriculture!

Watch Hillary promote Monsanto (approximately 29 minutes in)

Read the press release

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