Below Zero Tolerance – Compilation of Kids Severely Punished for Gun Thought Crimes (VIDEO)

Below Zero Tolerance - Compilation of Kids Severely Punished for Gun Thought Crimes (VIDEO) | toy-gun | Government Control Gun Control MK Ultra & Mind Control Multimedia Parental Rights Special Interests US News

These kids are getting blacklisted.

Sweeping zero tolerance policies are adhered to with humorless stone cold rigidness. It’s to a chaotic degree that traumatizes children and baffles parents who are sometimes told that their kid brought a gun to school – and it turns out to be more of a toy or imaginary gesture.

The first part of this vid shows a stunning amount of kids busted from over the top zero tolerance – we often hear about it in sporadic snippets but compiled it’s absurd. One part focuses on how these kids get bad marks on permanent records and leave school or home in handcuffs. Then the parents feel they must coach their kids on “how bad guns are” and to stop playing imaginary games, using gestures, drawing weapons, and in one scene congratulating a kid for throwing all his toy guns away.

It’s a most intense form of social engineering that shames kids and parents.

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