Beyond the Spectrum Interview with Dr. David Cohen

Beyond the Spectrum Interview with Dr. David Cohen | Dr-Cohen-FINAL | Autism Awareness Several years ago, while learning the art of muscle therapy, I first briefly heard about QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis). Unfortunately, I didn’t follow up with learning more; that is, until recently! Thanks to Dr. David Cohen, I feel like I have been given a new lease on learning – Quantum Learning! Dr. Cohen not only teaches you about QRA (and so much more!); he teaches you how to take charge of your own healing! Who wouldn’t want THAT? With over 2,300 websites that attribute to his vast outreach as a teacher (who is forever learning), an inventor (surpassing even his own teachers), and a researcher (with a keen eye for discovery), Dr. Cohen is known as ‘The Best’ for, well… at least 2,300 reasons! If you haven’t discovered QRA or Dr. Cohen yet, please let this interview serve as an introduction.

Our interview:

1. Dr. Cohen, I really like your thought on healing the person, not the disease. When you began your medical studies, did you already have this outlook?

It was initial studies of medical approaches, and learning that remarkably few people got better that pushed me more and more into naturopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathic, and finally bio-energetic medicine, which led me to hyperphysics, and how to combine all of these usefully and effectively. As with any other skill or field, there are people who know what they are doing, and there are people who say they know what they are doing. With tools becoming so much more finely developed, it gets easier and better. The technology revolution is led in no small part by safe, non-chemical, non-invasive devices that profoundly outperform anything known in the medical spectrum. The failure rate of conventional medicine versus the safety and success of natural approaches made it a no-brainer for this to become my life’s work. The new inventions and innovations that we produce here are really the fruit of such efforts, a consequence of decades of research and clinical use. It helps that I have perhaps the greatest research team on earth, who now routinely combine so many of the world’s best discrete discoveries and innovations.

Conventional medicine tries to fix from the outside in, with obviously dangerous chemicals (otherwise you would not need a prescription, because a prescription is nothing more and nothing less than a sworn affidavit to the federal government that the MD told you of the side effects and risks of injury, sickness, or death. That this appears to be so minimally practiced does not change the fact that, if the substance was safe, it would not require a prescription, it would be sold over-the-counter, right?

2. Wow. I have to agree 100% with you! Thank you for the clear and well-thought out response! How would you describe Naturopathic Medicine and how would you compare it to Conventional Medicine?

Although the AMA and Lancet admit to at least 200,000 deaths per year from people obeying their M.D.’s, Gary Null, et alia, did far more intensive research with their production of “Death By Medicine,” very clearly establishing the number of iatrogenic deaths in the U.S. from conventional medicine to approach or exceed ONE MILLION PATIENTS PER YEAR IN THE U.S., and many, many more being sickened or made worse, or had the wrong part cut off, or died of nosocomial infection (opportunistic infection from hospital air when patient has insufficient immune strength to fight it).

With naturopathy, no one dies and no one gets sicker from it. There are no “contraindications” on respected naturopathic medicines or approaches. No invasiveness, and, funny enough, no pain. Again, it is true that incompetence or worse exists in this field, too, just at apparently lower levels than any other career identified thus far. The differences between allopathic and naturopathic disciplines includes the huge difference in price structures. One focuses on enormous income for the practitioner, the other focuses on enormous success rates in helping people. No need to believe it. Just count the money.

3. You talk about spiritual disharmony being the underling root to many illnesses? Can you elaborate on this and can you share the methods you use to help someone with spiritual disharmony?

They often have similar causes, and, thank goodness and technology; we now know that many have similar remedies. Over this past decade we’re seeing more and better results in days or sometimes less than what we were achieving in weeks and months.

4. In what ways has working as a Naturopathic Doctor helped you to realize gifts (yours and / or another’s) that you were previously unaware of?

Discovering that I have a nose for good tools, where, for example, at a health convention, I’ll walk past dozens of devices and walk right up to one that I am certain will be beneficial, buy it, and, years later, still rely upon it as one of the foundations of our practice. This has happened enough times to convince even a skeptic that there is something beyond the moment, that each of us is guided, whether by an inner voice, or divine intervention, or some type of energy that places us in the correct place for opportunities to be nicely developed. A wise man said that when you commit to something beyond your own gain, the universe actively conspires to help make it happen. How else could I have learned the works of Omura, Marshall, Kessler, Nelson, Tennant, and so many other teachers of stunning efficiencies? This could not have been predicted. Only this type of practice could have led to our unprecedented discoveries. The same applies to my researchers. How did I end up with the only research team in the world who figured out how to supercharge lasers and minerals, and literally everything that can be touched or seen?

5. What has been the most challenging to you with your natural approach?

Getting people to recognize that ACUTE injuries are best treated by M.D.’s, which is what they are so excellently trained for… while CHRONIC issues are best-served with natural therapies, whether it’s through a practitioner, or self-education and action.

Diseases and nutrition deficiencies are therapies that M.D.’s are not trained for, where naturopathic doctors continue to prove much higher rates of success with. Getting the word out is a never-ending challenge because of the huge sums invested in suppressing effective natural solutions, particularly those that require low-cost solutions. Low-cost solutions do not pay for expensive golf clubs and condos and luxury automobiles, which only come at the expense of our children’s future, and even our own reasonable retirements, with respect to both health and finances. Few Americans are aware that the single largest cost of health care in America is greater than all others combined, and that’s catastrophic care. It is also the number one cause of bankruptcy for people who have worked 20, 30, 40, 50 years and more to live comfortably, only to see entire lifetime savings melt away in 30 to 100 days, with costs running up to thousands of dollars per day… with such limited beneficial effect. Conversely, we see so many patients, all across the country, who invest a few thousand dollars and, more importantly perhaps, thousands of minutes, into helping themselves, rather than blindly obeying the instructions of people who financial interests that they prove to prioritize over the actual healing of anyone.

6. Can you tell me more about QRA, quantum reflex analysis?

It is the single most amazing test you ever saw in your life. Learning how to do QRA testing takes a few minutes for even children to learn. This can even be done over the telephone! I would HIGHLY recommend investing a few minutes at or at for basic instructions on how to do the QRA test.

The accuracy of QRA is 100%, unlike any other test, because the body does not lie, the body cannot lie. The better the QRA practitioner, the better and faster the results tend to be, as with every arena of human effort.

Unlike kinesiology, which is muscle-testing, and useful, BUT subject to emotional factors of the tester, etc., QRA is a test of the body’s biofield, its energy field. Please note, the body has an estimated 600,000-plus feet of wiring just for the brain’s neuron field alone, so the accuracy is exquisitely precise for QRA. It is using the most sophisticated device ever known – the human brain – to ask and answer questions. It even works as a near-perfect lie detector, emotional repair tool, and so much more. It is so exciting as a game-changer for humanity, with standing ovations to Dr. Bob Marshall and Dr. Linda Forbes for taking Dr. Yoshiaki Omura’s patented BDORT test, and elevating into the most elegant science I’ve encountered in 30-plus countries I’ve traveled to specifically for scientific methods that work. In the case of QRA, remediation of emotional and physical issues is persistently accelerated, with instant proof. In our NY clinics, we combine QRA with technologies such as Ondamed, PhotonGenius, Bodyscan2010, SpectraVision, and others, because biofeedback therapy is our choice hands down over every known allopathic approach.

7. Do you think quantum reflex analysis could help a person with autism and, if so, how?

That implies that Quantum Reflex Analysis is a treatment, which, thankfully, it is not, going a full generation beyond that. QRA does not seek to even address symptoms, only looking for underlying causes. What is the benefit of cutting out a cancer that is utterly likely to continue growing if you do not remove the CAUSE?

QRA is a tool that measures strength or weakness in anything that you can touch or point to. It identifies nutritional deficiencies with literally breathtaking accuracy, even down to how much, and, when backed up by biofeedback therapy which literally records what the item is that is either weakening the body or that the body is deficient in. So, too, with autism. If you do not find the underlying chemical or radioactive or mechanical or nutritional underlying trigger, how can Rx drugs do the job they claim to be aiming for? QRA works the first time, it works every time, and you get instant proof. That’s the bottom line.

Without even speaking of the hundreds of QRA practitioners personally trained by Marshall and Forbes, in our clinic alone we have had success helping parents and care-givers of autism determine, with precision nutritional deficiencies, possible , underlying causes, and approaches that we have seen success in.

Even something as challenging to remediate as autism has to respond, for example, to the use of QVials. QVials do not treat or cure or heal anything, they simply impart energy to everything they touch, including glands, organs, brain points, food, beverages, bed linens, and so much more, like batteries for the human body. My opinion is secondary to what the Bodyscan and QRA testing uncovers. I’m simply skilled at reading results, and creating appropriate protocols. Autism is a tough nut to crack, and we believe that the use of QRA can make a difference when caregivers are willing to make dietary adjustments above all else. Unlike the medical model that calls for an autism patient to be a notable financial burden, QRA is about finding how we can affect the maximum benefit for the least conceivable cost over time.

Until the government acknowledges the reliable NON-INDUSTRY-FUNDED studies that consistently and compelling show connections between vaccinations and autism spectrum disorders, it will continue to mean that parents and care-givers must be nutritionally aware, and must learn how to do mudpacks, which is so inexpensive, and so influential in their effects. It will continue to mean that family and other care-givers will remain the first and last line of defense, and more so with the indisputably toxic suggestions or mandates of allopathy.

On a broader scale of so many of our health challenges, let us note that diabetes is now reportedly TRIPLE what it was in just 1990 or afterwards. This is no coincidence or accident; it is a direct result of swallowing things that were never meant to go down the human throat. Up to 80% of all health challenges are diet-related!

If it’s really not the vaccines, can we please have more money to find out if it’s diet-related, including pre-natal, pre-pregnancy diet of parents? Nothing happens accidentally. If there is an effect, there is a cause, and raising our voices together is probably a wise path to pursue, because autism does not get cured by conventional methods of modern chemical-based medicine.

So, what caused it? Interference field? Chemical Insult?

People who accept “congenital” as a blanket answer only demonstrate that they do not understand the most basic genetic truth, that genes do not cause a disease or disorder; they can only impute or invest a tendency, a congenital tendency towards something. If you trigger it with poor or incorrect dietary decisions, or specific environmental stressors, THEN can it be fairly said that genetics played a very significant role. Genetics do not cause issues, they are only seeds that will or will not be germinated… most often by our decisions, or physical/chemical environment.

8. What is the #1 tool you would like to give to people who are suffering from a health condition?

“Knowledge of QRA” is the first answer that comes to mind. Rhonda, you ask a tough question in seeking to prioritize. I would want to give everyone a capsule that includes a piece of paper that certainly serves as a handbook for the human body, and manual for great longevity. You can even crunch it into the following short burst of truly superlative information, best on earth that is known to humankind:

More air, more clean water, more air-dried sea salt, never-heated healthy oil, bulk or fiber, and probiotics. That’s it. These are the magical secrets of longevity, so that’s what I would want to give anyone and everyone. Your question did conclude with “who are suffering from a health condition”…

To such people, the answer is, again, “QRA.” They are welcome to consult with me, or with hundreds of other well-trained QRA practitioners, but it’s obviously best of all for them to learn this simple, powerful, oh-so-accurate ONE-SECOND bidigital test for themselves and their families. Only kidneys and teeth that are past the point of recovery (ONLY those that are too far gone) are immune to the benefits of QRA testing, and natural protocols. To anyone and everyone in a state of suffering we say, “If what your M.D. was doing had any real value, you would not still be looking for an answer, you would already have achieved your desired resolution.” Dr. Marshall has changed the world forever by allowing this genie out of the proverbial bottle. Granted, Dr. Omura initially patented the BDORT test for use only by medical doctors. Dr. Marshall elevated and simplified it, enormously so, and then expanded QRA to include so much more.

We do not know, for example, of any test an M.D. can offer that gives a more accurate assessment of the strength of someone’s liver/gallbladder, or pituitary gland, or hypothalamus, or a hundred, excuse me, thousands of other body points. Go to or or dozens of other QRA websites that freely share this information in pursuit of helping to level out the playing field. We cannot even guess at how much suffering and time and money the typical family can save just learning this one-second bidigital test called QRA.

The number one cause of preventable death in America? It’s a tightly locked battle, between iatrogenic death (“given to the patient by the physician”) and suicide, caused by the rivers and oceans of SSRI’s (Serotonin reuptake inhibitors), driving tens of thousands of people to suicide and other truly irrational behaviors which we are all made regularly aware of in the news. Such a short question, one that takes a long answer to come back down to a single-word response that fits best: INFORMATION. It’s the #1 tool I would like to give to anyone and everyone suffering.

9. What is the greatest lesson in life that you ever learned? *How did this change your outlook?

That the position of “student” is permanent, truly never-ending. As soon as we discover or develop something that no one in the world has done before, BAM!… another new development, invention, innovation. Each of us is a permanent student. Embracing this is among the smartest decisions a human can ever make

10. What do you need help with in order to achieve your goals / dreams?

For more people to learn how to help themselves, because they more empowered people are with opportunities, the more likely they are to look down on other people only when they are reaching down with a hand up. Otherwise, I have to count myself among the lucky few who keep getting the tools they need to fulfill whatever missions they perceive themselves to be here for.

Do you have any websites you would like to recommend?

Hm. Another tough question. With 2,389 working websites, containing millions of unique pages rich with content, which links should we provide? Here’s some of our favorites 

Final thoughts:

Dr. Cohen works with patients and does his genius innovations. We invent or innovate upon his tools, and deal with all internet, so, all that you see is either through us or from us, so, you should know that his staff thinks you are a WIZARDLY good human.

Affectionately, and with great respect for what you do (especially getting your son to write a book. WOW. Talk about an empowering Mom! That’s the main reason for the world’s greatest webmasters being interested in helping you before we finish up with Dr. Cohen’s 2,389 unique websites, (millions of unique pages). Stories about moms like you are far and few between, so, this note, and any service we can extend, is our standing ovation to you.

Staff, for,

Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC

and hundreds of other remarkable websites of health and wealth secrets and shortcuts, for YOUR life, hosted by Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC, so you can learn more, live more, and give more.

The entry free for this mega-billion-dollar network? Help the helpless, as we seek to help you. If you click on the FREE FOOD buttons every day, wealth will surely redound to YOU. It is not possible to save lives every day without the universe repaying you.

Your comments, questions and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. Ill-willed comments of any kind are not allowed here. Please be kind. The law of attraction is always at work: that which you sow, so shall you grow. Thank you and have an incredibly blessed day!

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Proud to be the mom of two incredibly awesome boys! One just happens to have Asperger’s Syndrome. Both teach me how to be grateful for life every day.

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