What Is Big Oil Doing At The Lima Climate Talks?

What Is Big Oil Doing At The Lima Climate Talks? | cop20-peru-460x261 | Corporate Takeover Environment Global Warming Fraud Sleuth Journal

The COP20, sponsored by the United Nations and transnational corporations, has the biggest carbon footprint ever.

LIMA – You would think that the Lima Climate Talks would be discussions among scientists and policy makers, that they would be candid conversations about how to improve energy usage and significantly reduce environmental pollution.

Well, that will have to be left for another climate talk, or perhaps another era in human history.

Even though Big Oil is one of the most significant polluters worldwide – ask Exxon and BP – representatives from the most powerful energy companies are and have been at every environmental gathering since Rio 1992.

You are probably asking yourself what in the world are representatives from the most dangerous industry in the world, one that rivals geo-engineering and GMO polluters, at the Climate Talks in Peru.

Is it even possible to negotiate ways to have a cleaner planet when the polluters, those who only seek profit for their shareholders and themselves are at the negotiating table?

For starters, these guys are not there to negotiate, but to take care of their interests.

Oil is, and will be the main source of energy for industries the globe over for a while, but these guys should not be able to participate in discussing how to have a cleaner planet.

They are not interested in a cleaner planet. If they were, they would have not caused so much damage to the environment as they have done. If they were really interested in a cleaner planet, they would be investing as much money as they pile up to oppose the emergence of new technologies and real environmental campaigns – not fake global warming alarmism.

Now, it is important to understand why they are there.

The reason is, they finance the fake environmental movement. That’s right. Those people asking for a significant cut in CO2 emissions and who blame humans for global warming are in bed with BP, Shell, Exxon and Chevron, among others. Environmentalism is a big business, and it is funded and directed by the heads of industry who control the most important monopolies.

“Official lore from the environmental movement’s publications asserts that the movement emerged from the grass roots. The truth, however, is that funding and policy lines comes from the most prestigious institutions of the Eastern Liberal Establishment, centered around the New York Council on Foreign Relations, and including the Trilateral commission, the Aspen Institute, and a host of private family foundations.” report Rogelio A. Maduro and Ralf Schauerhammer in chapter 10 of their book The Holes in the Ozone Scare: The Scientific Evidence That the Sky Isn’t Falling.

Surprised? Don’t be! That is the nature of corporate monopoly and bureaucracy.

But there is more. According to the authors, the current environmentalist movement, to which millions of people subscribe simply because they do not know what else to do, has very clear intentions for the present and the future of the western world. Unfortunately, those intentions are not the best for humanity. “This network of foundations created environmentalism, moving it from a radical fringe movement into a mass movement to support the institutionalization of antiscience, no-growth policies at all levels of government and public life. As prescribed in the Council on Foreign Relations 1980s Project book series, environmentalism has been used against America’s economy, against such targets as high-technology agriculture and the nuclear power industry. This movement is fundamentally a green pagan religion in its outlook.”

As people at the Climate Talks in Lima and previous events sponsored by the United Nations have seen, the motto used by the corporate-led environmentalist movement – “saving the Earth” – while disguising itself as “non- for profits” that seek to represent the “public interest”, is all a sham, indeed.

Each and every environmental coalition is made up of thousands of little environmental groups, which are directly or indirectly financed by monies from the UN or big corporations. How would they manage to grab billions of dollars a year in funding if it wasn’t for the large contributions from corporate interests?

Take for example the Global Tomorrow Coalition, which is composed by over 100 environmental and population-control groups. None of these groups have a budget that is lower than 3 million dollars a year.

Research compiled by Maduro and Schauerhammer, shows that as far back as the 1980s, 35 foundations were responsible for heavily investing and literally financing the operations of two powerful so-called environmental groups: The Environmental Defense Fund and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Back in the early 1990s, available public sources showed that the total revenues of the environmentalist movement were more than $8.5 billion per year. How much do you think their budget is today?

Put simply, the environmental movement is owned by a club of billionaires and their tax-free foundations, who, through their financial contributions, control the Environmental Movement to a point where even government agencies seem unable to do their job independently.

In the summer of 2014, a report released by the Senate Environment and Public Works committee, confirmed the notion that establishment organizations such as the WWF and to a great extent Greenpeace, EarthJustice, the US National Wildlife Federation, the Nature’s Conservancy, the Sierra Club Foundation and the Union of Concerned Scientists received almost 8 billion dollars from these groups.

While skeptics of the environmentalist movement are labeled as puppets of “big oil”, those who are indeed controlled by the oil industry, the UN and tax-exempted foundations owned by a few global corporate leaders fill their pockets with tons of cash. The baseless accusations pinned on anyone who opposes the anthropogenic warming hoax is nothing more than a projection of their own greed.

While climate alarmists appeal to the large dumbed-down masses so they demand change from their political leaders, the environmentalists are getting paid off to push the fake “save the Earth” agenda movement whose only goal is to limit development, keep people poor in third world nations and to drastically reduce populations.

As Chris Williams, from Climate & Capitalism puts it, the current wave of fake environmentalists are just a group of great tacticians and great strategists. They are great with ” the science and art of using a fighting force to the best advantage”, while conducting a large-scale campaign against the very same masses of people who they have recruited to put pressure on political leaders so they pass legislation that favours large transnational corporations.

If you did not understand it before, now you know why ‘big oil’ and other dominant corporations are at the ‘negotiating table’ in Lima, Peru. Every single document signed in past climate meetings had the seal of approval of those corporations. If it did not, it would have not been accepted. They own the environmentalist movement. No decisions that favors the planet will be made until these people are kicked out the room and that is never going to happen unless environmental organizations, especially the larger ones, stop accepting funds from corporate donors and philanthropic tax-free foundations.

Luis R. Miranda is the Founder and Editor of The Real Agenda. His 16 years of experience in Journalism include television, radio, print and Internet news. Luis obtained his Journalism degree from Universidad Latina de Costa Rica, where he graduated in Mass Media Communication in 1998. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcasting from Montclair State University in New Jersey. Among his most distinguished interviews are: Costa Rican President Jose Maria Figueres and James Hansen from NASA Space Goddard Institute. Read more about Luis.


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