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Submitted by Researcher Chris Gallop, owner/operator of JFK-The Continuing Inquiry.

How did you get started in JFK research, and who were your mentors?

My journey into the JFK research started when I was in high school in 1988, in Cleburne Texas. I had to write a senior research paper. This was a requirement to graduate. I decided to write mine on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. My aunt, who lived in Cleburne as well, suggested that I look up J. Gary Shaw in the phone book. Gary had an architectural business in Cleburne at the time. I called him up and told him who I was and what I needed, he said come on down. So, I did, we talked, and he asked me a simple question, “Are you in this for just a grade or for the truth?” I failed my research paper by the way.  I credit Gary Shaw for mentoring me and making me the researcher I am today.

 Aside from JFK research, would you please tell us a bit about your background?

I have been a paramedic for almost 30 years, absolutely love my job and helping people in their time of need. I am married to my beautiful wife Sharon Carman-Gallop, we have been married for 3 years. We have 8, yes 8, fur babies. My wife and I coach a special needs baseball team for The Miracle League DFW. We live in Burleson Texas, which is just north of Cleburne.

Who were some of the early researchers that you came to know in your work?

Well aside from Gary Shaw, I had the opportunity to meet several 1st generation researchers such as: Penn Jones Jr. Mary Ferrell, Larry Howard, Larry Harris, Harold Weisberg, Josiah “Tink” Thompson, Bernard “Bud” Fensterwald Jr., Robert Cutler, Jim Marrs, Dr. Cyril Wecht, M.D, J.D, Robert Groden. I could name more but these are the ones who greatly influenced my passion and desire for the truth. I am truly blessed and lucky to have learned from such great and talented researchers.

What did you learn regarding the JFK case from these people?

I learned a lot from each of them. The things that stand out are:

From Penn Jones Jr. I learned to pick one aspect of the case and research the hell out of it.

From Mary Ferrell I learned never be afraid to talk to or help anyone.

And from Gary Shaw I have learned that everyone has a story, and always listen more, talk less, and keep on point. Treat people with respect and dignity.

What is your connection to JFK Lancer, and can you describe what it is that Lancer basically does?

My association with JFK Lancer is one of research, interviewing witnesses, and helping with the Conference as well as the publishing side. I’ve been with JFK Lancer for 5 years.

JFK Lancer is named for JFK’s Secret Service code name. The mission of JFK Lancer is to make available all related JFK documents, photographs, films, and related material regarding the assassination to the public and the research community.

What would you consider some of the better works to read for someone looking into the JFK assassination, or documentaries to view?

My top 5 books are:

  1. Cover Up- J. Gary Shaw and Larry Harris, not just because he is my mentor and friend, but because even today the book is very relevant and easy to read for the beginner as well as the seasoned researcher.
  2. JFK and the Unspeakable- Jim Douglass. This is probably the best book that has come out since the 40th anniversary of the assassination.
  3. Crossfire- Jim Marrs. This was the book that Oliver Stone used for the movie JFK,
  4. Conspiracy of Silence- Dr. Charles Crenshaw. This is a firsthand account of the events that took place in Parkland hospital the weekend of November 22, 1963
  5. Rush to Judgement- Mark Lane. This was the book that started it all for so many researchers.

Also, any books by:

John Newman

Dr. Walt Brown

Penn Jones Jr.

Can you tell us about your upcoming 5th annual JFK assassination luncheon/symposium in Mansfield Texas?

Once again, I am having my 5th annual luncheon /symposium at Dirty Job Brewing in Mansfield Texas. This has become an annual event, each year growing in numbers. My main goal is to provide an inviting, intimate setting for researchers, curious observers, or anyone with an interest in the JFK assassination to come learn and interact with authors, researchers, and eyewitnesses. I always have a catered dinner, this year its good old Texas BBQ from Big D BBQ in Mansfield Texas. There will be a bookstore to purchase books, DVD’s. and such.

The 1st people to purchase tickets will receive an autographed copy of the DVD “The Searchers”

Contact Chris Gallop @ The price is $65.00 per ticket, which includes lunch, program, and a raffle ticket for some great prizes.

Who will be speaking at the Luncheon/Symposium, and what else can attendees look forward to seeing and learning?

I have a great lineup of speakers such as:

Hubert Clark- part of JFK’s Honor Guard, USN Retired, Author

Mary Moorman Krahmer- Eyewitness who took the famous polaroid picture of JFK at the time of the shooting.

Gary Shaw-1st generation researcher, author

Dr. Michael Marcades- Son of Rose Cheramie, who was a drug runner who worked for Jack Ruby. He is also an author

Randy Benson- Writer, producer, and director of the DVD “The Searchers” chronicling the lives, struggles, pitfalls, and elations of first generation researchers.

Beverly Oliver Massegee- Known as the Babushka Lady, Eyewitness. She will once again be singing and available to answer questions.

Would you get us up to speed regarding newly released documents in the JFK case, and some of what has just come out?

There were several documents released in July 2017, Several more released in October 2017, and several more files were released in November 2017. These files were released in accordance with the JFK Records Act which was signed by President George H.W Bush in 1992 following the release of Oliver Stone’s movie JFK. The files could only be stopped by Presidential order, which never came. However, President Trump did allow the withholding of some 200 or so files so that the agencies involved could review them to see if there is still a need for withholding them due to National Security, All remaining documents are to be released no later than April 29, 2018.  The files that have been released  can be accessed at the following link:

Several researchers are dedicating lots of time sorting through the document release, it will be some time before we know what was really released and the significance of the content.

What documents are still being held away from public view, and why?

We don’t really know what all has been withheld so it’s difficult to know what’s still being held back. There will be no smoking gun, no signed document from J. Edgar Hoover stating that Oswald had nothing to do with the assassination, or anything like that. We know that Oswald’s CIA file has been lost since the HSCA in the late 70’s. There are also films, pictures, and files that have probably long since destroyed.

Do you have any sites online, where people can follow new developments in the case, and discuss with other researchers and interested parties?

I have a Facebook forum called JFK-The Continuing Inquiry that people can go to and join the ongoing discussions about the assassination and related topics.

JFK Lancer is an excellent source for up to date information- www.

Mary Ferrell is another great resource-

The Sixth Floor Museum has a wonderful research room that is open to the public and holds numerous films, files, photos, and much more.

Please contact Chris Gallop for any question.

Bob Wilson's JFK Research | jfk | Special Interests US News

5th annual JFK Luncheon / Symposium.

Location: Dirty Job Brewing

117 Main St.  Mansfield Texas 76063

Time: 11am-5pm

Date: Monday November 20, 2017

Beverly Oliver Massegee, The Babushka Lady, will once again be lending her beautiful voice to song and available to answer your questions

Speakers Include:

  • Randy Benson, Writer, Producer, and Director of “The Searchers
  • *Mary Ann Moorman Krahmer: Eye Witness to JFK’s Assassination, took the famous Moorman Polaroid photo
  • Hubert Clark: USN Retired, Part of JFK’s Honor Guard
  • Michael Marcades: Son of Rose Cheramie & Author
  • *J. Gary Shaw, First generation researcher & Author

More speakers TBA

  • Mary Ann Moorman Krahmer will be doing a Q&A only
  • Gary Shaw will be doing a Q&A only

Tickets: $65.00 per person available at

Raffle tickets will be available for purchase for some great door prizes. Each person with a paid admission will get 1 free raffle ticket.

Seating is limited and will fill up fast!

*** The first 50 people to purchase tickets will receive an autographed copy of “The Searchers” DVD***

All authors, will have their books available for purchase

For more information please contact Chris Gallop at

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About The Author

Bob Wilson is a researcher who has studied the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers and Martin Luther King, and written numerous articles on all of the cases.

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