Brexit: Globalists Are Ticked And Here’s What They Will Do —Time For The US To Exit The UN (VIDEO)

Brexit: Globalists Are Ticked And Here’s What They Will Do —Time For The US To Exit The UN (VIDEO) | brexit | Globalism Multimedia New World Order Special Interests United Nations US News

A revolution against globalism has begun and Britain struck the first blow!

To the utter dismay of the global elite the United Kingdom has chosen freedom over bondage by exiting the tyrannical arms of the European Union—a group of unelected New World Order officials who parade around enforcing rules in a countries that doesn’t truly belong to them.

But it’s not just Britain, the revolution against globalists will ignite as other countries ponder leaving the European Union as well.

Personally, I think Americans should follow suite, as our own government is sacrificing our sovereignty to an international ruling body known as the United Nations! it’s HIGH time for us to EXIT the UN and send a bold message to the New World Order elite.

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