Britain Planning Secret Cyberattack on Russia?

Britain Planning Secret Cyberattack on Russia? | world-globe-keyboard-hack | Special Interests World News

US-dominated NATO is waging political and economic war on Russia, things potentially heading for somethings far more serious because the Kremlin fails to take effective countermeasures.

Diplomacy doesn’t work with Washington and its rogue allies. Pursuing it is a sign of Russian weakness, not strength, encouraging the West to push harder against Moscow – a dangerous situation worsened by the US/UK-orchestrated Skripal affair.

Is cyberattacking Russia the next shoe to drop? According to an unnamed high-level UK official, Theresa May-led Tories may launch a secret cyberattack against Moscow in response to the alleged poisoning of Sergey Skripal and his daughter the Kremlin had nothing to do with – a joint operation with Washington if initiated.

America calls the shots. Britain and other NATO countries follow its lead, going along with its imperial agenda, including Cold War 2.0 hostility toward Russia.

According to the London Times, Britain’s Ministry of Defense and Government Communications headquarters may secretly cyberattack Russia with hacking software – perhaps targeting Kremlin computer networks and other sites in the country.

Successful operations against US-supported terrorists in Syria is one among other reasons for the Skripal false flag.

Another is Putin’s certain reelection Sunday for another six-year term, wanting him smeared by the West more than already, a futile campaign given his overwhelming popularity at home and abroad in many countries.

How will Russia respond to further hostile actions against the country certain to come? Strategic patience is self-defeating.

On Saturday, Sergey Lavrov said US-led Western actions aiming to partition Syria must be “immediately foiled,” adding:

Washington “plant(ed) local(ly-installed) authorities…isolat(ed) from Damascus” – the Trump administration supporting their illegitimacy, flagrantly violating international law, including by the illegal presence of US and allied forces in the country.

Lavrov explained the problem without indicating what Moscow intends doing about it other than lodge complaints.

Forceful Russian action is the only sensible option, rhetoric and occasional weak-kneed threats a waste of time, achieving nothing.

While Moscow fiddled, Washington took over northern and southern Syrian territory, aiming to grab as much more as possible – wanting regime change, the nation’s sovereignty destroyed, its territory partitioned for easier control.

What to make of what’s going on and may follow. America’s imperial agenda is hostile to all sovereign independent countries and world peace.

Unless challenged, its relentless drive for global hegemony will continue – Russia its main target.

Tough countermeasures are vital. Bowing to Washington’s will means accepting a world unfit and unsafe to live in.

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