Can You Hear the Windows Talking? (VIDEO)

Can You Hear the Windows Talking? (VIDEO) | audiva-685x300-460x201 | MK Ultra & Mind Control Propaganda Science & Technology Sleuth Journal Special Interests

No, you’re not crazy. Windows may start talking to you in your sleep soon if a new high frequency messaging technology is implemented.

Sky Deutschland is now considering the use of HAARP-like technology to deploy propaganda directly into train passengers’ heads.

The trains have a device connected to the glass windows so when a passenger rests his head on it — which most people do — a black box made by a company called Audiva, begins to emit messages encoded in high frequency waves that people then ‘hear’.

This technology is not new. It is based on the same bone conduction principle already used in hearing aid devices, headphones and the infamous Google glasses. What is new about ‘whispering windows’ is the intent with which the technology is employed.

No one else but each individual whose head makes contact with the glass ‘hears’ the messages. In other words, it is not a voiced message as we know it, but a mute sound wave that is transmitted when the person’s head is in direct contact with the window.

The technology is being sold as a great way to provide entertainment, such as news, music, weather information and so on.

In a video advert, Sky Deutschland is calling on people to get the mobile phone version of this technology to “take it everywhere they go”.

“Some people don’t like advertising in general. But this is really a new technology. It might not only be used for advertising, but also for music, entertainment, mass transport information, weather reports and so on.”

Different from HAARP technology, which emits messages through low frequency waves and without the need for contact, the Audiva device does need head to glass contact to transmit the message. The principle of the technology, however, is similar: To feed unwanted, unsought messages into people’s unconscious minds to make them aware of something that is otherwise unnoticeable.

As it happens with HAARP, this technology has the potential to be used for other purposes that go beyond advertising. Let me speculate here. Who is to say, for example, that the brain will not become accustomed with this high frequency waves to a point where instead of reacting in a surprised manner, it will simply accept the messages willingly?

Will this technology then be used to carry out unconscious mental programming? If this technology is indeed implemented, Big Tech will have yet another way to get to people’s unconscious state of mind to feed useless messages in their attempt to expand the mass mind control agenda.

Luis R. Miranda is the Founder and Editor of The Real Agenda. His 16 years of experience in Journalism include television, radio, print and Internet news. Luis obtained his Journalism degree from Universidad Latina de Costa Rica, where he graduated in Mass Media Communication in 1998. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcasting from Montclair State University in New Jersey. Among his most distinguished interviews are: Costa Rican President Jose Maria Figueres and James Hansen from NASA Space Goddard Institute. Read more about Luis.

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