“Catholic” Masons and 33rd Degree Gladios

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This is the second video in this series. My hope with this is to give you a historical background on the interconnections of drugs, human and organ trafficking as well as banking and geopolitics in order to provide you with the knowledge to understand more contemporary geopolitical, financial and pedophilia scandals involving governments and elites.

In this video we will cover how the Catholic Church became infiltrated with Freemasons and CIA Gladio operatives. Thru the 1950s the Catholic Church and the CIA where engaged in a holy war against communism. Many members of the Italian and Sicilian mafia joined these CIA-Vatican efforts known as operations Gladio. Gladio operatives consisted of 622 units of 12-15 troops/each trained and armed by CIA and British intelligence. Thousands of priests and bishops were trained for not only fighting the communist ideology but were also trained for actual physical combat in case the Cold war became hot. The CIA provided 30-50 million dollars annually in black money to support the Catholic-Gladio effort and to fund the Christian Democratic party of Italy and their push against communism. Former CIA agent Victor Marchetti testified that quote:” In the 1950s-60s the CIA provided economic support to many activities promoted by the Catholic Church from orphanages to missions. Millions of dollars each year were given to a great number of bishops and monsignors. One of them was Cardinal Giovanni Battista Montini who later became Pope Paul VI.”

In order to protect these covert operations, Catholic-Gladio operatives began conducting their meetings inside Masonic Lodges. Eventually, these Gladio meetings inside Masonic Lodges created the famous Masonic lodge known as Propaganda Due, or P2. Most of its members were military officers and Mafia bosses concerned about political ideologies who were required to swear secrecy regarding their existence and operations under the threat of certain death. P2 enjoyed the full approval and support of CIA director Allen Dulles, a 33rd degree freemason. Italian dictator Mussolini had outlawed Freemasonry in Italy as a political subversive group. The Catholic Church had always condemned freemasonry but during this period it appears that the Church was covertly and discreetly endorsing participating in freemasonry as an excuse in their ideological war against communism and in the name of financial gains. As already mentioned the Mafia also became involved in freemasonry and joined P2 in an attempt to not just influence Italian politics but also to overthrow the Italian government in the 60s. Over the next decades the list of Vatican officials that became part of P2 included and almost endless list of prominent bishops, cardinals most likely with the knowledge and tacit approval of the popes of that era.

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About The Author

Waldemar Perez is a Mechanical Engineer who worked for the Department of Defense and a military contractor. He is an independent researcher, political atheist and an on-line activist living in the Pacific Northwest. His interests include, finance, secret human experimentation, modern day eugenics, covert medicine, geopolitics, false flag operations, mainstream media as a weapon of war, high-tech propaganda tactics (like the use of actors and staged massacres to manipulate public opinion), 9/11, police militarization and other conspiracies of the shadow government and the elite. As an activist his passion includes exposing the lies and deceptions of the deep state and educating the public on key historical facts not well advertised to the public like Operation Northwoods. His Youtube channel Verify Events Research covers a wide variety of subjects.

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