CBC Hit Piece On Prof. Anthony Hall (Uncensored Video)

CBC Hit Piece On Prof. Anthony Hall (Uncensored Video) | Screen-Shot-2016-10-04-at-4_53_02-PM-1 | Free Speech Multimedia World News

The targeting of University of Lethbridge Professor Anthony Hall is now a national news story in Canada. On October 3 the Canadian Broadcast Corporation’s David Gray conducted an in-studio interview with Hall, a senior tenured faculty member at Lethbridge, concerning the recent controversy surrounding him resulting from the defamatory campaign waged by Canada’s B’nai B’rith political pressure group.

The edited interview as broadcast by CBC may be listened to here.  The uncensored version, taped by a colleague of Hall refused access to the studio, is captured in the video below.

Throughout the exchange Gray concerns himself much more so with confirming the powerful Jewish lobby’s sensationalist allegations of Hall’s “thought crimes” (i.e. critical thinking on complex events often at variance with official narratives) and suspicious social media posts than with conducting a fair and impartial interview examining yet another instance in North America where free speech and academic freedom are being mercilessly assailed.

Gray became increasingly irritated as Dr. Hall refused to obey the interviewer’s “Yes/No” compliance test format, while Hall maintains the CBC’s final broadcast version “was edited for length” rather than to obfuscate Hall’s repeated attempts to develop a discussion instead of an inquisition.

B’nai B’rith is now requesting the University of Lethbridge fire Hall. University officials have proposed to Hall that a mutual agreement be established between parties wherein Hall would vacate his university position. Professor Hall maintains that now more than ever he must defend his tenured position and the principles of academic freedom on behalf of faculty members throughout North America.

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