CERN – Key to Opening Hell? (VIDEO)

CERN - Key to Opening Hell? (VIDEO) | C.E.R.N.-Logo-300x300 | Faith Multimedia Science & Technology Sleuth Journal Special Interests

The “scientific” complex for the super collider on the Swiss/France border has as its mascot a very unscientific “god” known as the “god of Destruction”, a.k.a. “Satan” or “Shiva”.  Why in the world would they knowingly do this ? Why was the compound built on the ancient ruins of the world’s most sacred shrine for the god “Apollo”, a.k.a. “the Deceiver” or “Satan” ?  Why is their logo “666” ?  Why is the compound the only other legal “micro-country” in the world other than the Vatican ?  Why did CERN insist on this legality loophole so that no one in the world can legally encroach on their territory and stop what they are doing ?

I will discuss these provocative questions in this weeks episode of Conspiracy Corner News .

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CERN - Key to Opening Hell? (VIDEO) | amazon-associates-logo-600x300-300x150 | Faith Multimedia Science & Technology Sleuth Journal Special Interests

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