Christian-Zionists Problem – Khazar DNA (VIDEO)

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The recent breakdown in the latest round of peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians is no surprise. The Jerusalem Post reports in the article, Kerry hints: Israel to blame for deadlocked peace process, “US Secretary of State John Kerry appeared to blame Israel on Tuesday for dissolving a deal that would have extended negotiations with the Palestinians for nine months”. Prospects for any lasting accommodation always fails because Christian-Zionist incessantly supports a rogue ruling elite, who assert a heretical claim of being “Chosen”, when their tribe stems from descendants, other than Abraham. Until this apostate doctrine is debunked and discarded, no peaceful political settlement is possible.

It is crucial to understand that Zionist (Khazarian Jews) Historical Claim to Israel is Unfounded. “The Cabala, their most revered book, is a hoax. Similarly, as Alfred Lillienthal explained in this key 1953 essay, their claim to Israel is yet another ruse.  Zionism and the NWO are partly a recrudescence of Khazar imperialism.”

The video, WHY Evangelists and Khazars hate this video, provides a needed historical analysis. Then if you are intrigued with this primer, you can investigate the huge library of links on the site.

Christian-Zionists have a real problem with their misplaced trust in a fake ethnic group that adopted the trappings of Jewish symbolism, while operating by the rationales of the wicked Talmud. Now that science has exposed this deception, Zionists sponsors are in a truly existential dilemma.

The National Prayer Network on their site, presents a significant article by Rev. Ted Pike, Maverick Geneticist Plans Tests on Khazar  Bones.

“In 2013 Johns Hopkins geneticist Eran Elhaik, Ph.D. very largely destroyed prevailing genetic theory concerning the origin of eastern European “Ashkenazi” Jews — roughly three quarters of Jews in the world today. In his groundbreaking article “The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses,” published in the prestigious scientific journal Genome Biology and Evolution, Elhaik reported the results of his first major study of Ashkenazim genetics. He said the genetic evidence indicates the roots of most “Jews” today are to be found in the east, in the ancient kingdom of Khazaria, converted to Judaism in the 8th century AD. So compelling is Elhaik’s research that the scientific community remains stunned. The prevailing “Rhineland Hypothesis” of Ashkenazim origins, led by geneticist Dr. Harry Ostrer of New York’s Yeshivah University, asserts that the large Ashkenazim populations of Poland and Russia got there primarily from Germany in the west beginning in about the 16th century A.D. Ostrer claims that genetic evidence indicates a Middle Eastern origin for Ashkenazi Jews. Elhaik has requested the genetic data upon which Ostrer makes this claim but says Ostrer will not share it with him. Such non-cooperation lends even more credibility to Elhaik’s thesis, which agrees with Arthur Koestler’s book, The Thirteenth Tribe, that perhaps a million Khazarians, fleeing the invading Mongols, migrated west from their home in the Caucasus to Poland beginning in the 13th century A.D.  There, these Gentile converts to Judaism created what most people think of as “Jews” today.”

Christian-Zionists Problem - Khazar DNA (VIDEO) | Khazarjews | Faith Multimedia Sleuth Journal World News

Rev. Pike continues:

“Does this mean there are no hereditary descendants of Abraham left in the world? No. In my article “The Jews Who Aren’t Khazars” I document that as much as 24 percent of world Jewry, the “Sephardim” and the “Mizraim” from Spain and the Mid-East, are descended from Jews dispersed from Palestine and Babylonia millennia ago. Yet, while history documents the origins of such Jews in Palestine, Elhaik suggests it is difficult to genetically prove Mid-East origin.

Elhaik’s research thus does not destroy the Biblical claim that God has an unfinished destiny for a repentant, racially derived remnant of what Scripture describes as His chosen people. Rather, it confirms the Old Testament prediction that because of the continuing sin of the Hebrews God would curse them to be a very small nation (Deut. 28:62) that would come under the rulership of “aliens” (Deut. 28:33). This has been fulfilled by the Khazar infusion, which has very largely taken over Judaism, shrinking authentic Jews to a minority. In Israel these have been historically discriminated against by the “alien” Khazar ruling majority.  Scripture predicts this tiny population of relatively authentic Jews, dominated by aliens, will continue to exist until a repentant remnant of such Jews and their Khazar converts turn to Christ at His second coming.”

Part 1 Part 2
Part 3 Part 4

The video, DNA reveals ashkenazi “Jews” are not Descendants of Abraham but of King Bulan and the Khazars and the YouTube series, DNA Unearths Stunning Secrets: Jews Are Khazars! Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4, by Rev. Texe Marrs presents the case most effectively. Additionally, Marrs cites further research in his essay, Angry Khazar Jews Reject DNA Science and History.

“Dr. Dan Graur, a world-famous Jewish geneticist who served on the faculty of Tel Aviv University for 22 years and is now at the University of Houston, smiles at the distress of the Zionists. Dr. Elhaik’s research is, he said, “very honest.” Graur is the recipient of the prestigious Humboldt Award, given to the world’s top biological scientist.

In 2001, genetics research by Dr. Ariella Oppenheim of Tel Aviv University produced basically the same results as Dr. Elhaik. Oppenheim’s study also found that the Jews origins are in Khazaria, and that they are of Turkic bloodline. She also reported that some Palestinians have the chromosome in their blood indicating they are Cohanim and Israelite. But Oppenheim’s work has not stirred up the Zionists as much because she is not so public with her findings. So the Zionists’ wrath is reserved for Elhaik, whose research they greatly fear.”

The stakes could not be any higher. Mr. Marrs provides a most telling statement. “If God (the Jews spell his name G-d, without the vowel) did not give us the Land as the seed of Abraham,” one fanatical Jewish teacher explained, “we’re finished. The Palestinians will win the ideological war and the world will turn against us.” This conclusion is exactly the reason that such pillars of Christian-Zionism Dispensationalists like John Hagee and Hal Lindsey are so dishonest in their preaching and the reason why they are leading the would be, faithful believers astray.

Christian-Zionists Problem - Khazar DNA (VIDEO) | judaismzionism | Faith Multimedia Sleuth Journal World News Ignoring the DNA evidence is paramount for the Christian-Zionist to maintain their fictitious myth. Christian Zionism is the prodigy of Dispensationalism, and the best friend of the Khazar ruling class in Israel. Without the AIPAC lobby dominance over American foreign policy, the Zionist government would have to abandon their arrogant and imperialistic designs for the expansion of a “Greater Israel” state.

“Dispensationalism is one of the most influential theological systems within the universal church today. Largely unrecognised and subliminal, it has increasingly shaped the presuppositions of fundamentalist, evangelical, Pentecostal and charismatic thinking concerning Israel and Palestine over the past one hundred and fifty years.

John Nelson Darby is regarded as the father of dispensationalism and its prodigy, Christian Zionism. It was Cyrus. I. Scofield and D. L. Moody, however, who brought Darby’s sectarian theology into mainstream evangelical circles. R.C. Sproul concedes that dispensationalism is now ‘…a theological system that in all probability is the majority report among current American evangelicals.’ Today, virtually all the ‘televangelists’ such as Jerry Falwell, Jim Bakker, Paul Crouch, Pat Robertson, Jimmy Swaggart and Billy Graham are also dispensationalists.”

Christian-Zionists Problem - Khazar DNA (VIDEO) | sizer | Faith Multimedia Sleuth Journal World News Such blasphemy is the cornerstone of deniers of history, scientific evidence and a correct reading of scripture. Summarizing the destructive political record of this religious heretical doctrine, in the essay Christian Zionism: The Heresy that Undermines Middle East Peace by Rev Dr Stephen Sizer contends that:

“Within the Christian Zionist worldview, Palestinians are regarded as alien residents in Israel. Many Christian Zionists are reluctant even to acknowledge Palestinians exist as a distinct people, claiming that they emigrated to Israel from surrounding Arab nations for economic reasons after Israel had become prosperous. A fear and deep-seated hatred of Islam also pervades their dualistic Manichean theology. Christian Zionists have little or no interest in the existence of indigenous Arab Christians despite their continuity with the early church.”

The prospects of an imminent apocalyptic war of Armageddon are real. However, the belligerent instigators are the deranged Zionist jingoists and their fanatic cohorts. The unison accompanists from the NeoCons and the Liberal Internationalists come to the same interventionist policy in support of Israel. The absurdity of this course is evident to any rational observer of world politics.

Revelation 3:9 states: “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.” Plainly, this is a reference of the Khazar impostors.

Simply put, Christian-Zionists spiritually and politically are endorsing worshippers of Lucifer. Ignoring or hiding the DNA data cannot disprove the facts and verification of the origin of the Israeli ruling political class. It is not just the Likudniks who are sociopaths; no, any patron of Zionism or a proponent of the Khazar state of Israel, shares in the sins committed by these usurpers. Who can doubt that such zealots have the zeal to crucify Christians for their obedience to the Messiah, who most Jews rejected?

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