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Freedom meme undergoing historic transformation as people distinguish the ‘idea’ from the actual ‘cause’ of freedom

Freedom, like any idea, has its own history and documented chronicles that stretch for thousands of years. The chronicles of freedom are stories about heroic individuals and their commitment to and love for freedom. Without these heroes, freedom would be just a nice idea, an idea which if not acted upon would die and be forgotten like anything else.

One observation about freedom is that you don’t have to teach someone to like freedom, it comes naturally. Few people if any are born wanting to be a slave, people are more likely to be trained and conditioned into slavery. Fortunately freedom is a natural drive embedded in our humanity. Unlike political agendas, the teachings of the educational system and other belief systems the human species naturally recognizes the difference between being free from government interference in their lives versus living as a slave to an authoritative government. Too much government becomes a tumor blocking the road to freedom, a cancer that blocks the ability of freedom to thrive.

Freedom: The Idea

Humanity has a longstanding history and love affair with the fight for freedom. American history in particular is saturated with references to freedom. The story of our quest for freedom is the story of America. The idea of freedom has been used however, by the American machine to push many desired agendas very different from the notion of freedom most of us cherish. The system chose to use ‘freedom’ the idea, as the platform by which most Americans were to be convinced that the cause of America was moral and justified. Thus the mass marketed cause of and purpose for America’s wars was driven by the idea of freedom. Freedom the idea, represented goodness and that was a good thing.

Upon its inception it was understood that without actual freedom from big government the idea of a new America would not be possible. The Freedom meme would eventually dominate and define the mission statement of the new America. This meme is reflected in the writings and quotes of the founding fathers and all the documents that made America a special project. The Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution remind us of how important freedom was to our founding fathers.

For well over one hundred years many Americans had fought for freedom vicariously, that is, through the shoes of our founding fathers and the brave revolutionary Americans in the history books. Most modern day Americans had never actually considered that a day could come when they would ever have to actually fight for freedom again. For so long, after all, the only freedom fighting had taken place in Hollywood movies. Even the images of American soldiers in wars of the last century had been fictionalized. For over a century our system was more than content to use our men as tools to advance their political agenda and to bury those who die in the process. The greatest tool of destruction (war) had been practiced, improved and expanded using the now propaganda tool of ‘freedom’ to drive the machine forward.

Freedom: As a weapon against the people

By the end of the twentieth century the concept of freedom was fully perverted. Now fighting for freedom meant fighting on another soil of another country. These countries noticeably had resources that we would eventually permanently own and occupy. In these countries our politicians wanted Americans to know that OUR government was prepared to fight for ‘We the people’ of THOSE countries. The amusing government tale goes something like this:

The people should stay out of government’s way as it fights for ‘we the people’ of other countries. If ‘our people’ (here in America) lose all or some of their freedoms in the process (of fighting for other people’s freedom from big government) they should be okay with that. If you as an American were not okay with that then too bad for you; you were to shut up and take it.

We were told, shut up take it or else YOU are against freedom. Freedom was now mathematically fractioned off and trivialized. If Americans wanted any freedom at all (whatever portion government was nice enough to offer) then government, as the all authoritative entity (undermining the very meaning of freedom) was only willing to promise whatever leftover freedoms are available after accounting for governments ‘safety’ priorities, and the priority of delivering freedom to other countries in order to fulfill its self-appointed obligation to do so.

Over two hundred years after the signing of the declaration of independence the true meaning of freedom had officially been lost. Government had picked apart the fundamental meaning of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Primarily the ‘inalienable’ or inherited nature of that freedom. Without considering exactly what was meant by freedom, the act of removing the inheritance was the most important to their cause. Amazingly, ‘safety’ from imaginary boogie monsters had been predicted two hundred years ago by president James Madison as the primary tool that government would use to take away our freedom. If nothing else, America had the necessary information and a blueprint for identifying tyranny which it would eventually need in the future to undergo a rebirth of freedom.

With the turn of the newest century, and with our modern American society now composed of generations which had been thoroughly hard-wired to Hollywood’s television shows, commercials, endless movies, and a deliberately narrowed down package of news organizations who act as direct mouthpieces for those controlling the political narrative, the information being delivered to the masses had by now been completely designed to program how people think and what to think. Simulated video games were popularized and made available to an entire generation, all designed to give American kids a virtual opportunity to deliver a dose of ‘freedom’ to their enemies in simulated combat situations. Kids and adults alike were seen using a large part of their lives either watching violent TV programs and movies or playing violent video games where they got to actually do the killing. The George Orwell novel ‘1984’ had predicted a generation that truly believes ‘War is Peace’ and ‘Freedom is Slavery’ and now we saw the end result of the mass mind control experiment on the American youth. The rebirth of freedom was close, but first we had to witness the near death of it.

Freedom’s near death experience

Triggered by the Bush-Obama administrations, the plans of the global government (of completely destroying freedom and ushering in their new world order) was greatly accelerated. The two administrations were tasked with completely altering the notion of freedom (as well as what is right and what is just). As a team they had a lot of work to do and they had to make sure the transition was smooth. A few things seemed apparent, the transition would require a super smooth talker and it (the eventual death of freedom) had to be triggered with a big event. This necessary event would eventually be chronicled neatly for historians to read in the Project for a New American Century. The Bush administration was tasked with using the working model of freedom at the time (2001) and use it as a tool to spin America to the next level of slavery. In his famous September 12, 2001 speech G.W Bush actually used “freedom” and the opposition to “freedom” as one of the descriptive terms when referring to Al Qaeda, Bin Laden and the supposed evil ‘terrorists’ who hated America and freedom. He even went on to launch Operation Iraqi ‘Freedom’. Which to this day no one knows exactly who was ‘freed’ with the Iraq 10 year massacre.

The transition would be handed to Obama, the deceiver. The man with the fine speech and false promises that always sounded real at first until you compared his words to his actions. This president 2 of 2 would be the one to change the script. The script change went something like this:

Bush:‘I would never take away your freedom or spy on you.’ Bush would then pass the baton to Obama.

Obama script: Okay, I WOULD, WILL and WILL CONTINUE to take away your freedom and spy on you, but hey it’s me -the smooth talking guy who you should trust; you should already know this is what’s best for you so please calm down, shut up, reject the voices warning of tyranny and obey.’

President 2 of 2 was apparently the chosen one to usher in the global government and destroy any remaining freedoms in America. With freedom so dead and destroyed by the Bush-Obama Empire, the transition seemingly complete. With Hollywood cranking out one pro-government (anti-freedom) movie after another, including one (coming Summer of 2013- White House Down) that actually forces the viewer to root for the president if you can believe that, things seemed helpless for humanity. With so much control of the flow of information within their reach what could possibly go wrong for the control system? The Bush-Obama Empire, had decided to go for it all and try to destroy all remaining freedom and launch the global government. What they didn’t realize was that these two administrations would both inadvertently make a direct contribution to humanity’s awakening of freedom. We knew all along that in physics every action causes an equal and opposite reaction and we began to see that it works similarly with consciousness. This push for darkness was the mass contribution to humanity’s re-awakening to freedom and it would mark the early stages of the actual rebirth of freedom.

From the 9/11 crimes to the Patriot Act, the illegal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, to the later invasions of Libya and Syria and other illegal wars, the world would soon narrate the crimes of an arrogant Empire all the way up to their predictable real-time false flag events which got to the point of numbering almost one per week. An aggressive alternative media rose from the trenches to challenge and eventually outperform the controlled and carefully censored mainstream media -government mouthpieces. The country found itself in a mass propaganda and marketing experimental war for the people’s minds or as coined by its own military an ‘information war’.

Armed seemingly for victory in the information war, the system had miscalculated, it had forgot one thing. The human system all along was so much more sophisticated than the control system anticipated. It turns out it was much more creative, it had more members in it; it had been around longer, it consisted of millions of people with less money and less power than the system but a lot more spirit, a lot more will, a powerful sense of intuition and a strong awareness and connection to its own survival and cause and a desire to see good. Humanity had an intensity for its own survival that was far greater than anything the control system could generate. The intensity for its own survival was capable of triggering unlimited ideas and imagination. Without access to this type of natural power the control system was capable of winning many battles but humanity would ultimately win the greater war.

The modern day rebirth of freedom

The war is already begun and it’s for freedom. This freedom is a new freedom. It smells just a little different than the founding fathers version of freedom. It’s fundamentally the same freedom but this one is happening now. This one is ours to face and ours to win. With the story of Bradley Manning told around the world and with former CIA and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden now stepping out to do what is right and tell the truth about illegal treasonous wiretapping of Americans, we are now seeing a new list of freedom fighters. No these freedom fighters don’t necessarily carry guns, they speak truth about crimes committed by the Empire and their words are a threat to their existence. They are showing the world that freedom fighting does not involve physical weapons but mental weapons. They (the new freedom fighters) are rising from all directions. Most of these freedom fighters are not Bradley Manning or Edward Snowden and they risk their livelihood to speak truth. They realize many came before them and many more will follow after them. Behold the new brand of freedom fighters. They stand tall in what is right and they stand for humanity, not control systems. They realize that freedom is naturally bestowed on all humans and it is not given to any government to take away this inalienable right.

Welcome to the game of freedom, this game is for keeps and those that understand it are driven by the cause and the feeling that traces back to the core of the human survival instinct. No longer are humans to allow the ideologies of freedom to be packaged by government and Hollywood in order to drive and affect our perception of the actual cause of freedom. There is a storm coming and it is a transformation within a large section of humanity. This (mental) transformation or paradigm shift is progressive and responsive to political events playing out in the larger stage.

Thanks to the many freedom fighters emerging throughout America and the world, who know they are in this game for good. This human paradigm shift is a new level of consciousness that is very much already in effect. Freedom is at the center of it all, it is coming to life again and it’s nothing like the novels or the portrayals we’ve been shown in the past because this fight is happening in real-time.

And so the history of who we are becomes the history of freedom, just like it was over 200 years ago. Many people fail to realize that during the American Revolution most people were not involved in the actual fight for freedom. Everything that was accomplished was because of a few.

This is one modern day chronicle of freedom. Most people don’t think about it until it’s taken away. Once it’s taken away, history shows you often don’t get them back, at least not any time soon. If you are fortunate you realize the threat before it’s been taken away completely, that alone will hopefully trigger the thoughts that eventually lead to action. Ask yourself, where is your threshold of action? What will it take for you to take action to defend freedom? Are you ready to answer the call?

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About The Author

Bernie Suarez is a revolutionary writer with a background in medicine, psychology, and information technology. He is the author of The Art of Overcoming the New World Order and has written numerous articles over the years about freedom, government corruption and conspiracies, and solutions. A former host of the 9/11 Freefall radio show, Bernie is also the creator of the Truth and Art TV project where he shares articles and videos about issues that raise our consciousness and offer solutions to our current problems. His efforts are designed to encourage others to joyfully stand for truth, to expose government tactics of propaganda, fear and deception, and to address the psychology of dealing with the rising new world order. He is also a former U.S. Marine who believes it is our duty to stand for and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. A peace activist, he believes information and awareness is the first step toward being free from enslavement from the globalist control system which now threatens humanity. He believes love conquers all fear and it is up to each and every one of us to manifest the solutions and the change that you want to see in this world, because doing this is the very thing that will ensure victory and restoration of the human race from the rising global enslavement system, and will offer hope to future generations.

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