The CIA Has A Secret Pact With Pakistan To Bomb Their Country? (VIDEO)

The CIA Has A Secret Pact With Pakistan To Bomb Their Country? (VIDEO) | pakistan-drone-450x300 | CIA Drones Government Military Multimedia Special Interests World News

Immediately following new reports from human rights groups, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, which put a new spotlight on possible war crimes associated with U.S. drone bombings in Pakistan and Yemen, new information has been released which shows a much deeper connection between the Pakistani government and the CIA than what is publicly admitted to.

On the surface, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has met with Obama to condemn the drone program; however, according to a new Washington Post report detailed in the video below, the CIA has long been cataloging and communicating their strikes inside Pakistan with Pakistani officials perhaps as early as 2007.

Citizens of the world continue to show outrage over the expanding drone program which has provably killed many more innocent people than killing terrorists. This latest information is merely additional evidence that governments and intelligence agencies are consistently willing to ignore their own sovereignty and their own people in favor of the globalist agenda of the military-industrial complex.

Please also view this video for an idea of what life is really like living under drones. Or see Obama joke about drone killings here.

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by Christina Hartman

Pakistani officials have been publicly denouncing the U.S. drone program for a while now. Publicly.

But The Washington Post’s Greg Miller and Bob Woodward got a hold of CIA documents and Pakistani diplomatic memos that suggest privately the Pakistani government was in agreement with the program.

According to the Pakistani government’s own figures, some 700 innocent civilians were killed in CIA-led drone strikes in Pakistan in 2009. (Via U.S. Department of Defense)

That Pakistan’s government has not only been aware of, but also tacitly approved the U.S. program of targeted killing is something analysts have suspected for a while now.

In fact, as far back as 2010, the BBC reported on documents released by WikiLeaks that suggested arms of the Pakistani government “quietly acquiesced” to drone strikes despite their public protests.

But fast forward to today — and contrast The Washington Post’s reporting of an explicit “secret agreement” and evidence of a direct role in picking the targets of the strikes to public comments like this from Pakistani government officials. Here’s Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday:

NAWAZ: “I also brought up the issue of drones in our meeting, emphasizing the need for an end to such strikes.” (Via Euronews)

According to The Post’s reporting, CIA documents detailing strikes included maps and before-and-after aerial pictures of targeted compounds.

And the report suggests those documents were prepared specifically for presentation to the Pakistani government. Some CIA documents even explicitly reference strikes quote “at the request of your government” in reference to the Pakistani government.

Still — all that doesn’t necessarily mean friction between the two governments over the program wasn’t at least at times genuine. And the U.S. drone program remains controversial in many other corners, including Amnesty International, which earlier this week suggested some strikes could constitute war crimes. (Via The Guardian)

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