Did The Clinton Obama Mobsters Get To Julian Assange?

Did The Clinton Obama Mobsters Get To Julian Assange? | julian-assange-1024x536 | US News Whistle Blowers

By: Rick Wells, RickWells.us |

It’s the question that many of us who were hoping for a sort of political Christmas in October are asking, what happened to the supposed release by WikiLeaks? This is looking uncomfortably like the announcement from Andrew Breitbart that many believe ultimately led to him being murdered by an induced heart attack.

The information that was released afterwards came nowhere close to matching expectations or fitting with the hinted contents from Andrew Breitbart prior to his death.

Julian Assange was first scheduled to offer his latest document release exposing “devastating” information about the Clinton crime syndicate on Tuesday from a balcony at his residence in exile, the London Ecuadoran embassy. That speech was cancelled due to reported security concerns. That’s a very understandable concern, given the Clinton track record for dealing with their enemies and the likely involvement of the Obama regime in the tangled web.

We have assumed that a speech would include documents, as nobody is really interested in hearing a speech by Assange. We are interested in preventing the nation from falling further under the grips of global evil. His tweets only described the events as an announcement and a speech. No mention of a document dump was made. He did make those claims were based upon past releases and inferences by Mr. Assange in multiple interviews.

The rescheduled event Tuesday from Berlin was little more than an hour and a half long infomercial for WikiLeaks, something that nobody would have tuned in for had they known the contents in advance. There were no revelations of any kind, just a celebration of their tenth anniversary, although more promises of releases to come were made. We’ve had promises, we want the goods and it’s time.

The term rickroll has been used to describe the event more than once by those who felt they were deliberately misled by Mr. Assange. Punked might also be an appropriate choice of words, but it is also possible that threatened, intimidated, or terrorized would be more accurate descriptions of the globalists’ handling of their Assange problem.

A logical question is now on the minds of those who were expecting another Clinton face-plant in response to the release and publication of proof of her misdeeds. Those who were praying that Assange would provide the freedom from the threat of her filthy hands controlling our government are now asking, “did they get to him?”

The ugly truth is it looks that way and we’ll have an indication soon enough. What will be worse than a complete failure to produce anything would be what is far more likely, if in fact he has been compromised, a release of unimportant nothing-documents that discredit Assange but let him live, let Clinton off the hook, usher her in as president, and allow her to continue the corrupt globalist takeover of the planet.

We may well have seen the first steps in that direction with the Tuesday non-event in Berlin that fell far short of expectations. Assange promised there would be documents released over the next ten weeks and on a timetable that would make them relevant to the US election. We’ll know from his fidelity to that schedule and the nature of the contents if he’s still a force to be reckoned with or just another carcass left by the Clintons and the Democrat machine, this time along the side of a London city street.

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