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Have you forgotten what clouds looked like

Before we altered them so?

Did you know that they housed souls

Which now have nowhere to go?
So now you fly your jets, my friend,

Painting artificial clouds in the sky,

With poisonous chemicals and color schemes

Only money can buy.

Breathing is getting harder now

For folks and trees on earth.

But are you aware that the afterlife

And beyond now has less worth?

So first you fly your jet,

But come down you must,

To see your children suffocate

And plants turn to chemical dust.

You frighten me, jet fighter man,

But I fear for your soul, too.

Down with your plane, down with your plane…

Someone must rescue YOU!
Clouds | sinisterchemtrails | Chem-trails & Geo-Engineering Environment General Health News Articles Sleuth Journal Special Interests Toxins Weather Modification

So, what did you think our clouds were for,

Made of nothing but water and air?

Was there any mistake in that

And, perhaps, not enough flair?

Or did it just bother you

That God controlled it all?

What devilish plan had He cooked up

By inventing spring, summer and fall?

“I make my own tsunmi,” you scream.

“Create rain whenever I please.

We need you less and less down here—

I micro-waved your atmosphere!”

Vast sand deserts span the West

Where grassland used to be.

The corn is dead, but, what the heck,

Perhaps that’s sparing me.

For genetically modified it all was anyway,

Not meant for anyone to eat,

Not cows, pigs, chickens or man.

So God still knows no defeat.

He still knows how to protect His flock,

Dearest to His heart.

And He’ll fight back—He’s fighting back,

For He is just that smart.

Still, I am sad, so very sad

To see all go like this

So save me, please, just one more cloud

Made of water, air and bliss.

Let me ride in it to rest my soul

Before I travel on,

Recuperated from grief and horror

And ready for a new dawn.

Lilo Bauer-Freitag is a conventional psychotherapist who ventured into the areas of subtle energy dynamics and phytotherapy.  As a so-called “sensitive” and “medical intuitive,” Lilo incorporates a variety of skills into her repertoire, e.g.,  Chakra Therapy, Regression Therapy,  and the subtle energy properties of herbs and flower essences.  As a holistic advocate and ordained minister in Virginia, Lilo is devoted to stimulating cooperation within the scientific, spiritual, professional, legal and political environment for holism in America.  Her efforts include the coining of one common language across the disciplines, to define the holistic world view (or paradigm) and the integration of all healthcare into one.  She authored the book, “Healing:  The Emerging Holistic Paradigm” and several related articles. For a copy of her book, visit her Amazon link.

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