CNN Fake News About Russia Sending Weapons to Taliban

CNN Fake News About Russia Sending Weapons to Taliban | cnn | Mainstream Media Propaganda US News War Propaganda

The fabricated accusation surfaced earlier. In April, US Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A) head General John Nicholson Jr lied, claiming “(w)e continue to get reports of” Russia supplying Taliban fighters with weapons.

“We support anyone who wants to help us advance the reconciliation process, but anyone who arms belligerents who perpetuate attacks like the one we saw two days ago in Mazar-i-Sharif is not the best way forward to a peaceful reconciliation.”

An anonymous senior US military official repeated the phony accusation, saying “the Russians have increased their supply of equipment and small arms to the Taliban over the past 18 months…including medium and heavy machine guns…under the guise (of) fight(ing) ISIS…”

At the time, Sergey Lavrov called US accusations a smokescreen, aimed at diverting attention from “regime change” rhetoric on Syria, debunking statements as “unprofessional and groundless,” adding:

Individuals making them “know perfectly well that (their) statements are untrue…not a single fact” supporting them. US strategy in part may be to blame Russia for its “failures in Afghanistan.”

On Tuesday, CNN revived the fake news story, claiming “videos” proving nothing show “(t)he Taliban have received improved weaponry…that appears to have been supplied by the Russian government.”

No evidence was provided, just baseless accusations. The weapons in question had no identifying markings indicating their possible origin.

CNN admitted videos it cited “don’t provide incontrovertible proof” about who supplied them. A US-installed Afghan puppet regime spokesman said “there is no smoke without fire.”

In earlier congressional testimony, CENTCOM commander General Joseph Votel lied, saying “I think it is fair to assume (Russia) may be providing some sort of support to (the Taliban) in terms of weapons or other things that may be there.”

At the time, Rex Tillerson deplorably said Russia must be “confronted” about claims that’s arming Taliban fighters.

America’s longest war in modern times was lost years ago, privately acknowledged, kept under wraps publicly.

Instead of winding things down and withdrawing US and allied forces, Trump’s military and national security advisor recommend escalating the conflict.

It’s partly about propping up Kabul’s puppet regime, mostly to continue endless war, unwilling to admit it’s a lost cause.

CNN’s fake news report is another reason why it’s the most distrusted name in news – all worthless rubbish all the time, an embarrassment to legitimate journalism.

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