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I can tell you from firsthand eyewitness experience, that there has been an ongoing, yet secretive, civil war among the highest departmental levels of American government for a very long time, perhaps since the end of the first American civil war (circa 1865), as the modern political “Red and Blue map” clearly denotes an almost identical dividing line in the “United” States, from that not so long ago time, up until this present hour.

Both modern-day domestic warring factions have intelligence and military assets, including advanced reconnaissance satellites and private commandos. Both have tens of thousands of other devoted personnel, living and working seen and unseen among us.  All of this (by mutual consent from both sides) is under the radar of the politicians and media, so as to not “panic” the public, allowing for day to day continuity of government, until the next breaking point occurs.  (The last breaking point was the assassination of President Kennedy).

The question is, who are these two sides of this new hidden battle for our nation and what are their objectives?

The first American civil war was fought over “States Rights”, in that past case, for the “right” to own another person. As morally objectionable as such a practice was, what is forgotten is the greater argument and question of who holds the supremacy of governorship over the affairs of Individual Choice . . .

1)  A central “federal” government, located hundreds or thousands of miles away from such localized persons (reminiscent of a “king” dictating edicts to his involuntary subjects, from which our Founding Fathers fled) . . .

Or . . .

2)  A local leadership, more in tune with the topography and personal needs of their nearby citizenry, as proximity gains insight.

Truth would dictate that a person directly situated in a specific locale would have the optimum vantage point from which to govern their own area, rather than a distant bureaucrat, far away from such regional insight, experience, or habitation.

Why then is our country governed in the exact opposite way ?

Greed for power and control is the only answer.

While slavery was a form of attritional genocide that was rightfully put and end to at all cost, regardless of borders, once such an archaic fire was put out and clarity of thought was restored to the populous from this barbaric “way of life” that some may have wrongfully felt was “normal”, there is no reason whatsoever why neighborhood committees should not now thereafter be permanently restored as having the ultimate supremacy over the daily affairs of their own citizens, as was the case at the founding of this country.  The authoritarian power of 1865 federal martial law has persisted long after the need for such at the war’s conclusion.  Given an inch of power, the federal government then took a mile of it . . . and then some.

At the founding of America, if a neighborhood chose to have a “gun free” local zone, then that was their right to institute and enforce, as some “Wild West” towns chose to do. If a neighborhood conversely chose to allow “open carry” pistols, likewise, it was their local right to do so, rather than having a city, state, or “federal” bureaucracy dictate to them how to live their daily personal lives, issuing blind directives from hundreds or thousands of miles away from their locale’s specific needs.  The same was true of an individual’s right to consume or smoke any natural substance of their choosing, the state not governing an individual adult’s consenting choice.

The fact is, if giving millionaires and billionaires tax cuts stimulates the economy (I suppose by them having extra money to then go out and hire more butlers, thusly “trickling down” their prosperity to the middle class), then giving money directly and individually to the middle class would likewise “trickle up” to the millionaires and billionaires (who own all of the manufacturing companies anyway, from which the middle class would then be giving their new money to in extra spending, purchasing such commodities from the businesses the affluent own), thusly benefiting the rich as well, just in a reversed fashion, which benefits the most individuals first, rather than the corporate few first.

If electricity can flow left to right down a copper wire, then it can certainly flow just as easily right to left down the same wire! Why then doesn’t the “federal” government benefit the largest number of persons first with its extra cash, rather than handing it over to the few corporate elite?

The reason is simple.

Because the “federal” government Does not represent You.

It represents the rich and the corporate.

The total monetary sum recently used to “bail out” corrupt corporate banks, amounted to about the same as giving every American citizen, eighteen years of age or older, Five Thousand Dollars. If this were done instead of giving the rich even more money (which came from the poorer middle class’ taxes anyway), this would indeed greatly benefit the economy with this extra spending, benefiting the largest number of people possible during an economic crisis!

Why then, was this not done ???

The reason is simple.

Because the “federal” government does not represent You.

It represents the rich and the corporate.

The simple fact is, the “federal government” (whatever or whoever that is) is not truly interested in protecting or blessing the average citizen. If they were, they would use the aforementioned “Trickle-Up” economics instead, and they would not have just banned GMO labeling (also known as Truth Telling), even though a whopping 90% of Americans want GMO labeling!

Whoever is in control, they are controlling The Truth.

This is why whoever owns the “media” is so important.

Has 90% of Americans ever agreed on anything ? . . .

And yet . . . Still to no avail!


Because the “federal” government does not represent you.

It represents the rich and the corporate.

The rich corporations did not want GMO labeling,

so they got their way over the 90% majority.

How can this happen in an alleged “democracy” ?

Because the “democracy” is only alleged.

As electricity can just as easily flow from left to right, as right to left, down a copper wire, government could be run with the exact opposite methodology as “head down”, instead, “feet up”, starting with neighborhood councils having the supremacy, then city government, then county government, then state, then lastly “federal”, who would simply serve to fill the role of international diplomat and to coordinate state national guard military reserves in the event of international war (assuming states voluntarily joined what they believed to be a just cause).

This was precisely the way American society was governed at the time of the signing of the “Declaration of Independence”, the True standard of our country!

Who won the first American Civil War?  The “north” ?


The “Federal Government” did.

Who then, exactly, is the “Federal Government”???

As seen by the CIA elimination of past “Democratic” president (actually Independent) John Kennedy (who threatened to “scatter the CIA to the wind” just weeks before his assassination by them), and most recently seen by the organized CIA opposition to the current “Republican” (again, actually Independent) president, it is not the Congress, Senate, or even the President who runs the “federal” government.

It is the CIA.

Who started and the Vietnam War with an admitted falsified attack on Americans, blamed on the North Vietnamese? The President? The Congress? The Senate?


The CIA.

Who just recently de-selected National Security Advisor Michael Flynn? The President? The Congress? The Senate?


The CIA.

(As Michael Flynn also intended to “scatter to the wind” this dangerous, un-American, rogue agency, so the CIA struck first and arranged to have him fired so that he could not do it.)

It is amazing to me that CIA/NSA employee of thirty years, William Binney, admitted that the CIA/NSA spies on the telephone conversations and emails of all Presidents, their top staff, members of Congress, the Senate, and all judges of the Supreme Court, in order to lead the government themselves, by steering these individuals with blackmail and coercion . . .

Admitted . . .

Yet, no one does anything about it!

The “federal government” admits that it “lost” ten trillion Dollars . . .

Yet, no one does anything about it!

Guess who, years ago, purchased, with this “missing” money, AT&T, Verizon, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN (when Ted Turner sold it), the New York Times, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, and the like, so that they could control what you believe to be the truth (though actually lies) and “legally” spy on all of their customers because they own the hard-drives on which your personal data is stored (not to mention that we all checked “yes” to agreeing to have our data “scanned”/ read so that we could receive their “free” services) ?

The CIA.

The reason for this is simple.

Control and Blackmail.

All presidents, and all people, of both political parties, whether the average citizen or members of congress, judiciary, police, military, and the like, all have “skeletons in the closet” (past acts of indiscretion which were painstakingly recorded by the CIA/NSA for this very purpose of coercion and blackmail). When the CIA wants a President, Judge, member of Congress/Senate, Police or Military Official to do their bidding, regardless of political party, they simply blackmail them (though bribery is preferred, as this binds the subject willingly to the criminal enterprise, adding yet another person to its organizational strength and, more importantly, to the defense thereof).

This goes on at all levels of government (down to regional city council members), as well as in industry and “nonprofits”. All that the CIA has to do, is remind the current President, or CEO, or whoever, of the way they dealt with Kennedy, and compliance quickly follows.

Are there any in government who love what is Right more than life,

just as our Founding Fathers did?

If so, you had better quickly rally your likeminded coworkers before it is too late.

Those who give in to this perpetual blackmail fail to realize that they might as well die on the side of Right, because they are going to die anyway, and reap an Eternal reward!

President Truman, the creator of the CIA, wanted to organize and centralize all of the “intelligence” he was receiving from various government agencies, hence his founding of the “Central Intelligence Agency”. Since then, the CIA has splintered back into sixteen separate tentacle agencies, undoing his sincere initiative.

On his deathbed, Democratic President Truman fiercely regretted creating the CIA:

“It was a mistake. The CIA is equal to the Pentagon, one of which organization is one too many. There’s nobody keeping track of what they’re up to. The CIA has become a government all its own, and all secret. They don’t have to account to anybody. Something our Founding Fathers did not have in mind. That’s a very dangerous thing in a democratic society, and it’s got to be put a stop to.”

No one listened and did anything about it.

Four decades later, the CIA is four times stronger.

If the President, current or future, really wants to “Drain the Swamp”, then they must love Right and Truth more than life or reputation. They could easily shame both the CIA, and their owned propaganda media, by publicly disclosing the Truth behind “one giant lie for mankind” . . .

An executive order, disbanding  all current “intelligence agencies” and putting them under the more levelheaded control of the less politicized military, forming a new branch thereof called “Military Intelligence”, and reclaiming the rightful focus of such an organization as being foreign spying, rather than domestic.

Unless this is done, the stranglehold of the CIA on America will only grow stronger and be more difficult to fight and kill in the future.  People simply fail to focus on the reality that they will die someday soon anyway, and at that hour, they will either have peace of mind, or regrets, based on either being courageous, or cowardly, when confronted today with what they know to be evil.  Standing up to it, or giving in to it.

Wouldn’t you rather be a dead hero than a live coward?

You’re going to die anyway, either way . . .

So you might as well die for what is right.

I will discuss this, and much more, in this episode of Conspiracy Corner News, linked below. Be sure to also read the numerous articles referenced below, at the very end of this writing.

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Brother Bart-


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