Congress Weighing New Sanctions on Russia, Iran and Syria

Congress Weighing New Sanctions on Russia, Iran and Syria | united-states-capitol | Politics US Congress

US imperial strategy includes endless aggression and illegal sanctions, among other deplorable actions.

When returning from spring recess next week, Congress reportedly is considering legislation to impose new sanctions on Russia, Iran and Syria – punitive measures if passed by both houses, aggravating things rather than alleviating them.

According to House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Ed Royce (R. CA), proposed “legislation will give the administration much-needed diplomatic and financial leverage to help stop Assad’s slaughter of innocent Syrians” – a despicable Big Lie.

“It encourages real negotiations by targeting Assad’s backers,” Russia and Iran. Among other provisions, Iranian airlines are targeted for allegedly transporting weapons and munitions to Syria.

Companies like Boeing would be prohibited from selling commercial aircraft to Tehran. Its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps would be designated a terrorist organization.

So-called Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act legislation proposes new sanctions on Russia, Iran and Syria for crimes of war and against humanity – irresponsibly blaming these countries for US-led high crimes against peace.

It’s unclear whether Trump administration officials support these measures. Taking a hardline approach with Moscow will further damage already dismal relations.

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson bashed Russia and Iran for supporting Syria. On the one hand, he wants more sanctions. On the other, he called on Moscow to help rid Syria of “toxic Assad.”

The Big Lie persists, irresponsibly accusing him of killing his own people, falsely blaming him for CWs attacks carried out by US-supported terrorists.

Johnson sounds buffoon-like, calling on Russia to ally with US-led efforts to topple Assad. He criticized Moscow for vetoing last week’s (one-sided, anti-Syria) Security Council resolution, drafted in response to the April 4 Kahn Sheikhoun CW attack.

Moscow is committed to combat the scourge of terrorism Washington, Britain and their rogue allies support.

It responsibly backs Syria’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and right of its people to choose who’ll lead them – free from foreign interference, including US wars of aggression for regime change.

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