Why You Should Consider Quail For The Urban Homestead (VIDEO)

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Raising food sources in urban settings or those living in close proximity to others can pose a problem for some. Urban homesteaders have started efforts in finding microlivestock to raise that will provide adequate nutrition as well as can be raised in small spaces and not annoy neighbors.

For years, Marjorie Wildcraft has educated the public on more sustainable ways to live. Her website, Grow Your Own Groceries is a testament to her passion for self reliance and even has a YouTube channel that centers around growing your own food sources.

Recently, she interviewed Leo Magpoc who raises quail as an urban food source. Magpoc says that raising quail is more efficient compared to raising chickens and can be done on a tabletop in a small apartment or in an area of less than four square feet.

Why Quail Are More Efficient Compared to Chickens:

  • Incubation period of 16-18 days
  • Can process in 6 weeks
  • Begin laying eggs in 8-10 weeks
  • Eggs are more nutrient dense
  • Will breed year round

Although Magpoc admits that more eggs will be needed to sustain our appetites (4 quail eggs will be needed to make the size of one chicken egg) However, the quail eggs provide more nutrients in their eggs. Listen to the informative video below.

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