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Ah, stargazing upon a land far away from within the inner dome of an alien planetarium is a practice that DACA Dreamers excel. Some adapt and attempt to assimilate. Others hold on to their native language and strive to establish their foreign compounds, while keeping their own culture. When the progeny of open border trespassers settle into the barrio communities of urban ghettos or transplant their adobe brick abodes to tranquil rural hamlets, the country becomes a multilingual Tower of Babel. This reality has created the Disunited Estados of Amerika. What all these outsiders have in common is that they entered this country illegally.

Sorely, this pattern of flaunting the constitution is taken for granted in the lawless society that wishes to pick and choose the immigration benefits they want and ignore the restrictions they demand protection from obeying. When Barack Hussein Obama established his executive order, it was clear that DACA Is Unconstitutional, as Obama Admitted.

“Responding in October 2010 to demands that he implement immigration reforms unilaterally, Obama declared, “I am not king. I can’t do these things just by myself.” In March 2011, he said that with “respect to the notion that I can just suspend deportations through executive order, that’s just not the case.” In May 2011, he acknowledged that he couldn’t “just bypass Congress and change the (immigration) law myself. … That’s not how a democracy works.”

Yet in 2012, he did it anyway. He put DACA in place to provide pseudo-legal status to illegal aliens brought to the U.S. as minors, including as teenagers. He promised them that they wouldn’t be deported and provided them with work authorizations and access to Social Security and other government benefits.

And he did this despite the fact that the immigration laws passed by Congress do not give the president the ability to do this. Indeed, Congress specifically rejected bills to provide such benefits.”

Hey, go to any public meeting and chances are that the proponents of “I feel your pain” will be chanting the dismay that these innocent little children are at risk of deportation. The fact that an offspring of illegal immigrants is old enough to unlawfully vote does not matter to the social justice warriors. They parrot the Melissa Mathison sentiment expressed in E.T. – He is afraid. He is totally alone. He is 3 million light years from home.

All these Elliott clones yearn for the same shelter for DACA aliens as they wanted for their endearing imaginary extraterrestrial, “You could be happy here, I could take care of you. I wouldn’t let anybody hurt you. We could grow up together, E.T.”

Sorry this is the real world and the DreamWorks Picture factory does not exist in the dysfunctional neighborhoods of the DACA gangs. Alex Pfeiffer the White House Correspondent for The Daily Caller reports, Sympathetic Media Scrambles To Trot Out Shiny ‘Dreamers,’ But Forgets All The Nightmares.

“Dreamers” have also allegedly been behind multiple instances of gruesome crime in recent years. Salvador Diaz-Garcia, 23, allegedly raped a 19-year old woman in a Seattle apartment complex’s gym and left her with missing teeth. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported that a 12-year old girl in the same apartment complex said that Diaz-Garcia had been starring at her while she was at the pool.

Then there is the case of Oliver Funes-Machado, 18, who was charged in March with beheading his own mother. Funes-Machado was living with DACA status in North Carolina at the time and was originally from Honduras.

Another case of Dreamer violence in North Carolina was highlighted by Republican Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley in 2015. Emmanual Jesus Rangel-Hernandez received DACA status after being placed in deportation proceedings following drug charges. USCIS admitted that they gave Rangel-Hernandez DACA status even though they knew about his gang membership. Rangel-Hernandez later would be charged with four counts of murder.”

Now any ethnic faction that ignores the rudimentary social norms of a civilized society should not expect to be treated as an equal among genetic groups. According to a 2015 study on DACA by Brookings, the top five countries of origin are: 1. Mexico, 2. El Salvador, 3. Guatemala, 4. Honduras and 5. South Korea. The one fact that drives the controversy is the near idolization that whatever DACA number one accepts from 690,000 enrolled to an estimate 3,000,000 actually in the country, is that no administration would be able to deport such a high population figure.

The Pew Research Center offers some worthwhile data.

“Although roughly 800,000 unauthorized immigrants have ever received benefits through DACA, about 110,000 of this group are no longer enrolled in the program. About 70,000 former DACA participants did not renew their benefits nor had their renewal applications denied. Another 40,000 have adjusted their legal status and obtained green cards, which grant lawful permanent residence. (Some unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. can obtain legal status by marrying an American citizen or lawful permanent resident, obtaining asylum, or receiving certain types of visas such as those given to victims of a crime, among other ways.)”

Pew makes it sounds like absolving DACA unauthorized immigrants is the natural resolution to the flood of chain migration that has caused a severe drain on public resources. What is troubling is that the trial balloon floating by the Trump administration is that he would be willing to protect the DACA inhabitants for a trade off on funding some version of a barrier wall that includes real border security.

One such bill currently in the House of Representatives is H. R. 4760  sponsored by Congressman Goodlatte which is compared to other options by the advocate for lower immigration level site, NumbersUSA. Securing America’s Future Act of 2018, a sweeping bill that entails everything from Education and the Workforce to Homeland Security to the military. Also, tucked away in this 400-page behemoth of a bill are the details of a new biometric National ID card that could soon be required for everyone. Lost in the translation is that there is not one word about requiring this ID card as voter identification for national elections.

The sentiment expressed by Carol Frazier in a Readers section of Delmarva Media Group, which is part of USA Today, Is the DACA debate about real people or political policy? – captures exactly the thinking of the heartland majority.

We owe ‘Dreamers’ nothing

I just read a Friday editorial by a police chief in Iowa who said we can’t break the promise we made to “Dreamers.”

Pray tell — what promise did “we” make? I believe the only “promise” was an executive order by the previous president, which has an expiration date. The ire of dreamers —  DACA recipients — should be directed to those who gave them false hope instead of those who insist on abiding by the Constitution and duly-enacted laws of the United States.

I agree some provision should be made for “Dreamers” to achieve legal status (not citizenship), but border security must be part of the deal so this doesn’t keep happening.

And someone needs to explain why Democrats are willing to shut down government services to American citizens (who voted them into office) to provide benefits to illegal immigrants.

Good heavens, civil and charitable Americans do not want to corral Dreamers into concentration camps or starve anyone because they circumvented the existing process for entry into our country and/or eventually applying for citizenship. After all, the American Dream has been available to those who accept the principles of our English language culture and heritage.

For the eager destroyers of our traditions or for the inept and intellectually challenged enablers of going along with the self-destructive narrative that illegals are owed special consideration is absurd.

The only way to prevent the multi-cultural utopia of the demented universe from destroying the country is to stop them from tearing down our nation. Their self-immolate is inevitable as long as the patriotic grassroots resist the direct assaults from the continuous raves of incompatible aliens. However, the bipartisan political establishment will never protect the native born from the dilution of the dreadful demographics.

Add in the pro-choice death culture and it should not shock anyone that the citizen fertility rate is sinking by design. That cannot be said for the rest of the globe. Open Borders among earthly countries is suicidal. If an expedition landing from a different solar system occurred, no rational person would fault the human race from protecting their survival.

What is so different about allowing the influx of MS-13 who reside among our own citizens? The mismatched empathy for some imaginary vision is based upon false sympathy. The Dreamers hallucination is causing the civil conflict that is rapidly approaching.

Approving a national ID is no substitute for giving a DACA clemency which will only be a short step before granting full amnesty. Martin Luther King’s colorblind society is quite different from a Castro’s Mariel boatlift. A DACA dispensation is not the path to comprehensive immigration enforcement. When Senator Dianne Feinstein asked President Trump for a clean vote on granting a DACA reprieve, the straightforward retort should be that Elliott should move south of the border to take care of all his E.T.’s.

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