Deaths Connected To The Obama White House – Too Many To Count

Deaths Connected To The Obama White House – Too Many To Count | white-house | Obama Exposed US News


It does not pay to question Barack Obama.

In the back of your mind as you read this, keep in mind the post I published back in January titled, Obama Goes After Whistleblowers! “You should be afraid!”

It sounds like there have been more revelations since I posted my article on the death of Rolling Stones writer, Michael Hastings, on July 7th titled, “Evidence Indicates Michael Hastings Was Assassinated (While Working On A CIA Story)” I also had a post titled, More Mystery Around Michael Hasting’s Death: Was The Obama’s Sixth Whistleblower Murdered? Both are worth a good look!



You call me paranoid, I’ll call you uninformed. What I know for sure, is five people who have blown the whistle on Obama or his Adminitration’s practices in 2013 alone have wound up dead in mysterious accidents” I’ll give you ONE guess what type of article Michael Hastings was working on when he just happened to crash into a tree, and a film team just happened to be there to record it all. HINT:

“Michael Hastings’ final story, “Why Democrats Love to Spy on Americans,” was a searing take on the NSA snooping scandal, which Hastings described as “North Korea-esque.” Hastings pulled no punches as he linked the NSA scandal to the Department of Justice’s spying on reporters and the IRS abuse scandal.”

Call me the conspiracy theorist, but I can’t help but find it just a bit “OFF” that in addition to people who continue to oppose Obama just continue to end up dead. A film crew just “happened to be there” at the time of the accident too??? Come on!

Now, we also know there has been accusations that Obama was behind OPERATION EXTORTION 17. Allegedly that was a covert operation that took down the helicopter with 22 members of Seal Team 6 aboard. If you ask me, it makes the “mysterious death” of Michael Hastings just a little more fishy.

I have since learned (which I assumed – even having never been in the military), that it IS indeed against NAVY regs to have THAT many people within an elite unit like Seal Team 6 in ONE vehicle at the same time. The reason: To prevent precisely what happened.

So… why were they all on there? Was there a reason for Obama to need them gone? Many would say YES.

Russian Newspapers have reported Bin Laden was never buried at sea. They claim the body was taken off the ship by helicopter.

Apparently Congress knew or must have heard something too because an Official Congressional Investigation was launched into Extortion 17. Could our President really throw 22 Navy Seals to the wolves like that? Sadly, for the families, the investigation was more of a circus than an investigation.

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