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The Biotech Industry Organization (BIO) changed its name awhile back, to the Biotech Innovation Organization—so we’d like them better.

But we prefer to just call them desperate.

According to the Des Moines Register, biotech crops were planted on fewer acres around the world in 2015—the first decline in 20 years. Meanwhile, Monsanto’s profits are tanking. And Washington State is suing the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) for $14 million over a money-laundering scheme the GMA used to help defeat a GMO labeling ballot initiative in the state, in 2015.

Desperate Measure | TTAC | GMOs Organic Market Classifieds Science & Technology Yes, the biotech and Big Food industries are hurting. But they aren’t giving up, at least not yet.

Last week, BIO staged a fly-in in Washington D.C. in yet another desperate attempt to get enough votes to pass a federal bill to prevent states like Vermont from requiring labels on GMO foods and ingredients. And Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.), sponsor of that bill (which we call the DARK Act) is still out there swinging for the team. The previous week, Roberts told AgriTalk (here’s the link, if you can bear to listen to it) that “The farmer doesn’t plant the seed in the ground if he doesn’t expect to see the crop.” Which was Roberts’ folksy way of sayin’ that he wouldn’t have proposed his bill to kill GMO labeling if he didn’t expect to win.

So far, Roberts hasn’t won. But he’s made it clear he’s still trying to get enough votes in time to stop Vermont’s GMO labeling law from taking effect on July 1.

We need to be equally clear—and equally persistent.

TAKE ACTION: Tell your Senators: No compromise! Protect Vermont’s GMO labeling law. Dial 888-897-0174 to tell your Senators to vote against any compromise that would block or delay Vermont’s bill from taking effect.

Help Organic Consumers Association protect Vermont’s GMO labeling law

h/t: Organic Consumers Association

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