Devastated: Super Typhoon Haiyan Destroys Families

Devastated: Super Typhoon Haiyan Destroys Families | haiyan | Environment World News

Days after the deadly typhoon struck, the sounds Jenelyn Manocsoc heard during the storm still haunt her.

“Many cries, many people crying,” she said, sobbing. “Many people saying, ‘help, help.’ ”

Amid the swirling, tugging waters, Manocsoc placed her 11-month-old son, Anthony, on her head. She hung on to the roof rafters to avoid being swept away.

They survived, but her husband and other relatives were killed in the storm. She doesn’t know where she will go next, but at least she and her son are alive.

“It’s very traumatic,” she said, cradling Anthony in her arms. “It’s very hard.”

The city of Tacloban is one of many dealing with the death and destruction that Typhoon Haiyan left behind when the massive storm tore through the Philippines last week.

Searching for entire families

During a two-hour walk in Tacloban on Tuesday, CNN’s Anderson Cooper said he saw 15 bodies.

“There are people actively searching for their entire families who they saw swept away and they know are dead. They just simply can’t find the bodies. And they’re not getting any help in that search,” Cooper said. “It’s mothers looking for their dead children, all by themselves, just wandering around, trying to lift up branches, lift up corrugated tin, to see if their child is somewhere buried underneath.”

Cooper said he met one mother who told him she lost six children during the storm.

“She found the bodies of three of them. She covered them up the best she could,” he said. “But she’s still looking for three of her other children. And everybody you talk to, it seems, has lost somebody.”

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