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In September of 1963, someone impersonating Lee Harvey Oswald visited the Russian and Cuban embassies in Mexico City. The impostor sought a visa to enter Cuba, and met with Valeri Kostikov who was head of Russian assassinations in the Western Hemisphere. When word of this meeting went forth after JFK was killed, there is no need to look further for the reason good men would cover up the crime. The world had just escaped intact from near annihilation from the Missile Crisis, and if word leaked of this escapade, we might not be thinking about the subject today. Doctor Strangelove might have taken up permanent residence.

Good men may have sought to avoid nuclear catastrophe, and solving the murder of JFK would go by the wayside for the sake of life on planet earth. The problem was, this was not Oswald at all, but an impostor who was sent on this mission by handlers from the USA. By the time those running the machinations covering over these events realized what had transpired, those covered for were not Russians seeking to murder our 35th president, no, they were agents under the flag of the red, white and blue who devised the plan of sending Oswald on the trip.

This was nothing new, as Oswald was impersonated before at the Bolton Ford Dealership on January 1, 1961. The real Lee Harvey Oswald was in Russia at the time, having left for a country where he could “afford an automobile”. J. Edgar Hoover initialed a memo, asking who was using Oswald’s birth certificate while he was in the Soviet Union. “Friends Of A Democratic Cuba”; wanted ten trucks at a discount to help in the fight against Castro, including in their number Lee Harvey Oswald.

The group’s brass included one W. Guy Banister, who you may have seen portrayed by Edward Asner as an Oswald “handler” as depicted in the film JFK. Former FBI agent Banister is described as “somewhere to the right of Attila the Hun”;, and that leaves us left wondering how these forces were aware of one “leftist-loner” Lee Harvey Oswald while he was away in Russia.

Lee Harvey Oswald was working at a radio factory in Minsk as the trucks were negotiated for. As a Marine, Oswald was trained in the Russian language, which certainly was handy when he decided to defect to Mother Russia. These twists and turns leave Oswald more deformed in our understanding of who he really was than the “magic bullet”; after it supposedly caused 7 wounds in JFK and Governor Connolly. That bullet was gauged at autopsy as only going a “knuckle’s length”; into JFK’s back, so Oswald got out of Russia and back to the USA before the bullet ever left the muzzle aimed at Kennedy’s body. Facts have not proved as important as a 1984-like bully pulpit from the media brainwashing Americans into complacency and a resignation that facts cannot resolve any of the whys or hows this happened except just to stand on the safe and easy, ‘Oswald did it.’

In 1976, the House Select Committee on Assassinations was formed to investigate the deaths of President Kennedy and Martin Luther King. The investigators in this official investigation concluded that there was likely conspiracies in both murders. The findings included a recommendation that the Justice Department take up the gauntlet as they closed up shop. The Justice Department has not yet gotten started in its pursuit of justice in either case, although King’s family has since won a civil suit in which a jury agreed that the MLK assassination was a conspiracy. If any of these facts frighten you, they should. We are now peeking through the looking glass; the view is dark and foreboding with a material and persistent presence of evil.

We have seen cartoon re-enactments telling us how the “magic bullet”; theoretically could have performed the feats it needed to “if”; it had passed through Kennedy in the first place. It is a shame that they can’t bring Kennedy back to life the way Daffy Duck has been reanimated by Warner Brothers after experiencing rifle blasts from the gun of Elmer Fudd. We also have been told how the “jet effect”; could blow JFK violently backward when he was shot from behind. Normally this would make rational people shake their heads in disbelief, and scream for the truth to be exposed. We instead find ourselves watching another November 22nd approach, and the 50th anniversary pass with the media assault assuring us that Oswald did it.

The gun found on the 6th floor of the book depository was originally identified as a Mauser, that later became a Mannlicher Carcano with a misaligned scope. Policeman Roger Craig said he read the make which was stamped onto the barrel of the gun. Craig was later shot at when exiting a coffee shop, and then went on to allegedly commit suicide. The Carcano was also magical, having morphed from a Mauser, which is a feat worthy of Blackstone himself. A lot of manufactured evidence seems to have been pulled out of hats as the case moved along. A head wound that could not have been dealt by the type of bullet allegedly fired by Oswald from the 6th floor of the Texas Book Depository and Lee Bowers testimony of the shooter and shot fired from behind the fence on the grassy knoll continue to escape those insistent on the lone gunman theory.

Bowers later described the scene behind the fence on the grassy knoll at the time of the assassination for Attorney/Author Mark Lane: “At the time of the shooting, in the vicinity of where the two men I have described were, there was a flash of light or, as far as I am concerned, something I could not identify, but there was something which occurred which caught my eye in this immediate area on the embankment. Now, what this was, I could not state at that time and at this time I could not identify it, other than there was some unusual occurrence – a flash of light or smoke or something which caused me to feel like something out of the ordinary had occurred there.”

Then on the 9th of August, 1966, Lee Bowers was killed in a car accident in Midlothian, Texas. A witness reported that Bowers was heading west on highway sixty-seven traveling from Midlothian to Cleburne and was driven off the road by a black car. This caused Bowers to drive into a bridge abutment. Before he died he told those in the ambulance that he felt like he had been drugged when he stopped for coffee a few miles back from where the crash occurred.

Warren Commission member Hale Boggs disagreed with the Magic Bullet Theory, and also doubted Jack Ruby’s execution of Lee Harvey Oswald on national television from the Dallas Police Department’s basement as being a “spontaneous” act of vengeance as Ruby claimed. Boggs went on to criticize J. Edgar Hoover from the floor of the House of Representatives in April, 1971. On January 1st, 1973 Boggs was declared dead, the search for the crashed Cessna he was a passenger on having been abandoned. Natural death does not seem to be something many who speak against the Warren Commission found on a regular basis. There were many others; so many and so much evidence that screams the innocence of Lee Harvey Oswald that it baffles the mind how still some persist in framing him.

Some suspects include CIA heavyweight Cord Meyer, along with Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt and associate Frank Sturgis. Hunt confessed on video to knowledge of a conspiracy in the crime just prior to his death in 2007 and fingered Cord as the Case Officer. RFK Jr. stated last year that this was the belief held by his father, Bobby Kennedy on who killed JFK.

Facts along with a multitude of killings and strange deaths pile up here like dirty laundry calling out to be washed, the fetid odor cleansed. Yet the media with a multitude of facts ignored reiterates the mantra of “Oswald did it”;, as we are put through the spin cycle by Fox(es) in sheep’s clothing.

The founding ideals of America are supposed to be about the participation of its citizens defending her from being ruled by a small band dictating the truth as they decide, or see fit. There is no statute of limitations in murder because it robs one of our most precious gift, that of life. It is still not too late to revive her, and to seek justice for our finest blood in the case of JFK, and in that of the Reverend Martin Luther King. Lee Harvey Oswald has never been tried and convicted of the crime and yet in opposition to the Constitution of the United States of America, he is promoted as the assassin continuously. ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ doesn’t apply in his case, and someone tried to make sure that it never would.


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About The Author

Bob Wilson is a researcher who has studied the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers and Martin Luther King, and written numerous articles on all of the cases.

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