Do You Have Asperger’s Syndrome?

Do You Have Asperger’s Syndrome? | Aspergers-FRONT-cover-e1360419781111 | Autism Awareness People with Asperger’s Syndrome are in the news. News about people with Asperger’s Syndrome is in the classroom, the workplace, the home front and people with Asperger’s Syndrome are being blamed for everything in the headlines.

Seriously, people? At what point did the world decide to put Asperger’s Syndrome in the center of a bull’s eye and leave the figuring out why or what now to some future generation? I believe that we ARE that generation!

With the numbers increasing hourly we need to decide what our focus is here! I believe we have THREE choices: We can do like the DSM – remove the diagnosis from autistic spectrum disorder manual – (surely that will make it just ‘go away’ right?) We can adopt the ideas of the CDC – that there is “no cure” but – no surprise here… they have plenty of good drugs to suppress the symptoms.

Or – (open door number THREE) – we can give people with Asperger’s Syndrome a chance to learn in an environment that supports their inner brilliance. People believed to have Asperger’s Syndrome include Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Charles Schultz and countless others. For a millisecond, think about the impact THEY had on OUR world!

Or sure, some might say, “There wasn’t a test back then. We don’t know that they really had Asperger’s Syndrome.” To those people I ask you to take the test (online link below) yourself. Diagnosing Asperger’s Syndrome is based on behaviors. There isn’t a blood test, a brain scan or any other brilliant mechanism that can be done or used that isn’t supported with the PRIMARY means of diagnosis: review of a person’s behaviors.

Because people with Asperger’s Syndrome are ‘wired differently’, like a person with any other auto immune disorder, their brains work at a pace and level that most of the rest of the world doesn’t understand… yet. Instead of trying to make everyone look and act the same, we need to grasp the logical solution of embracing our differences.

After you take the test or review the test results of another, decide on what you want to focus on: contributing to the world or taking away from it. Based on the success I have had with my 13-year-old son (who went from non-verbal and very autistic to very verbal and gifted and talented) I have coached many others to take the steps we took. If you have a question about my coaching or a question about autism in general, please let me know here:

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If you’d like to learn more about Asperger’s Syndrome from a 10-year-old, I would highly recommend ordering a copy of my younger son’s book: Asperger’s Rhymes with Bass Burgers ( A child’s simple explanation is often more profound than a doctor’s elaborate medical document.

The FREE test:

Rhonda Spellman is an award winning author, professional speaker, autism advocate and coach. A published author at 17, she has since worked in many areas of the writing / publishing / media field. When a form of autism took her son’s voice in 2001 and threatened to take his ability to live a normal life, she began to search for better answers. Rhonda self-published her first children’s book – an EVVY award winner, in 2003, a short two months before her first son was diagnosed with autism. Her second book, based on small emperor penguin who gives children a message, “You don’t have to BE big to DO big things” was picked up by a major publisher in 2008. Rhonda’s third book, “The Journey Home from Autism“, is based on over 7,000 logged hours of research was released on January 1, 2010. It has won a 1st place INDIE Excellence award and an EVVY award. In January, 2013, she published her 10-year-old son’s first book, “Asperger’s Rhymes with Bass Burgers“. Her programs for children and adults, her website and her column “Beyond the Spectrum” are designed to educate and enrich life ~ in all of our many shapes, colors and forms. Her online sites include:,,,, She can be reached at

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