Donald Trump Calls for Investigation on Voting Fraud

Donald Trump Calls for Investigation on Voting Fraud | vote | Politics Trump

(The Real Agenda News) Mainstream corporate media asked for it as a challenge to the recently elected president, and now, Donald Trump has accepted the challenge.

US President, Donald J. Trump announced via his Twitter account that he will call for an in-depth investigation into what he calls voting fraud and that depending on the results of such investigation, he may change electoral laws to strengthen voting safety.

Trump called on Wednesday for a “big investigation” on electoral fraud that according to him took place during the last elections, a claim not supported by any evidence so far but that his press secretary, Sean Spicer says originates on studies and research seen by the president.

In his tweet, the president has said that the investigation will include “those registered to vote in two states, those who are illegal and even those registered to vote who are now dead and many for a long time,” he said.

Donald Trump Calls for Investigation on Voting Fraud | Screen-Shot-2017-01-25-at-11.38.02-768x322 | Politics Trump In addition, he has advanced that “depending on the results”, he could modify electoral law. “We will strengthen voting procedures!” he said.

In recent days, Trump has argued that there were between three and five million illegal votes in the November elections that allowed Democrat Hillary Clinton to win the popular vote despite failing to win the electoral college, which is the one that determines who will be the new president.

Trump beat Clinton by 306 to 232, but the Democrat won about three million more popular votes than her rival, something that detractors of the real estate mogul constantly remember.

Before his victory, Trump had repeatedly denounced that the elections were rigged in Clinton’s favor by the massive vote of millions of undocumented immigrants, in addition to the suffrage of millions of dead people and others exercising their right to vote in two or more states.

Members of the Republican Party, such as Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, have been at odds with Trump’s theory.

While mainstream corporate media have denied that voter fraud existed during the last election, the truth is that it isn’t a myth.

Hundreds of cases of voting fraud have been registered across the country and although they may not amount to millions of people – that is what Trump intends to prove – it does confirm that there is fraud indeed.

During the primary season, people associated to the Democratic Party were caught planning and executing fraud at voting places.

Members of the party confessed on tape that people were bused from one place to the other to have them vote twice or more times in favor of a particular candidate.

In states such as New York and California, mayors were found to be giving IDs to illegal immigrants so they could go and register to vote.

In many US states it is not necessary to show proof of identification or residence before entering a voting booth. These conditions facilitate the commission of irregularities in the voting process.

Whether cases of fraud in the voting process amount to 3 million illegal voting or not is something that will have to be determined by investigating the process.

What we now know is that voting fraud exists and that laws and procedures need to be changed to avoid fraud in the next mid-term and national elections.

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