Don’t Run Your Labouring Business from a Wacky Warehouse

Don't Run Your Labouring Business from a Wacky Warehouse | industry-warehouse-employment | News And Opinions

(SPONSORED) In the culinary world, they say you know a chef by his fridge; in this case, you know a business person by their warehouse. A warehouse is the backbone of a business; therefore, it needs to be in good shape and kept safe since the business merchandise is kept there. The industrial warehouse may also act as the factory; therefore, it needs to be big enough to provide a big workspace. A wacky warehouse will simply not do. In order to improve your warehouse and make it proper to run your labouring business, use the following tips.

Ensure Safety

Safety is perceived in two ways:

  • Safety of the employees in the work environment; and
  • Safety of the premises in terms of fending off burglars.

Safety of employees

Labour laws give employers the duty to provide a safe and conducive work environment to all employees, provide them with protective gear if necessary and train them for the particular job they are specially tasked with.

In order to make them feel safe as the business owner and their employer, ensure that all hazardous materials are well stored out of reach of the employees. These hazardous materials should also be well labeled indicating their dangerous nature. The same is said for heavy goods. They ought to be stored and secured tightly to prevent them from falling on someone. A cantilever racking system is an example of a system that helps maximize floor space and stores long and heavy items

Safety of the premises

Ensuring that all your equipment and stock is safely stored after a day’s work is very important; as important as employing security to guard the warehouse scaring away any burglars. As the owner of the warehouse, you need to ensure that during construction, all points of entry are to be secured to prevent any unauthorized entry by anyone. Additionally, having industrial roller doors or shutters would be beneficial to the owner where only the trucks which are to access the area can do so also preventing unauthorized entry.

Installing cameras may also boost your security acting as a form of watchdog recording all activities in and around the warehouse. The cameras also keep the employees on their toes preventing theft.

Additionally if you install any storage shelving like pallet racking, regular safety check are a MUST. You cannot risk destroying your stock let alone injuring one of your staff. 

Ensure the warehouse is spacious

A warehouse needs to accommodate all the tools of business. The equipment used in the day to day needs to have a place of storage and use, the stock of the business also needs to be stored, the vehicles used for transportation purposes are also to be well parked in a parking designated just for that purpose and the employees also need a work environment where they can move freely without constriction. All these factors are to be put into consideration when building a warehouse so as to maximize the space available.

Order in the warehouse can prevent many accidents that may occur in a warehouse caused by equipment or stock lying around or by employees bumping into and hurting each other while working. If your workspace is not conducive then the outcome of the labor will also be unpleasant.

Ensure the warehouse is firm

A warehouse is the backbone of a business, therefore, its strength needs to be maintained; strength in the sense that it needs to be up to par. The floors need to be able to withstand all the weight of the equipment, stock, and vehicles. It also needs to withstand the force and pressure put on it on a daily basis, the actual structure must be strong and not prone to collapse; there must be a lot of break rooms to hold all the employees.

If the employees are kept motivated and assist them with personal development and career improvements, with a good work environment then their level of commitment is evident in their work. A good team of employees with a good working environment is enough to differentiate between a good warehouse and a wacky warehouse.


These are some of the main aspects a warehouse owner should have in mind when running the warehouse. The end product always reflects on how the warehouse is run and the kind of employees in the warehouse, therefore, to avoid being a wacky warehouse, ensure that the warehouse is up to code and acting as the backbone to your business.

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