Dumb As Dirt – The Mindset Of The Collectivists

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Despotism is not solely the preview of the state. When individuals or groups demonstrate their propensity to use savage force to inflict their world view on others, decent society is at risk. The “Black Lives Matter” thugs who have shown their disregard for civilized acculturation are a prime example of the defective thinking that permeates their shallow and twisted minds. Absent in their pomposity is any moral claim for their warped cause that advocates violence and murder. Genetic traits are supposed to be taboo for discussion, but when certain elements of sociopathic conduct is evident in brutal behavior, sane people have to ask if deplorable cultural norms are not the only factors that breed disturbed motives for initiating a race war.

How ridiculous it is to advocate a clash among races when the common enemy that fosters the breakdown of civilization has affected everyone in their sites. If warfare between controllers of the system and the humble serfs that pay homage to their masters comes to be, is it not prudent to understand just who the enemy is?

Black on white confrontations is regrettable because the elites have set up a social order that plays one group against another faction. Caucasians are often just as dumb as Afro-Americans for succumbing to this false template. Any thinking person acknowledges that assimilation of minorities and advancement into the common culture has advanced profoundly since the 1960’s.

There is no doubt that not all Blacks want or seek to be part of the European heritage that has formed the mores, laws and social institutions that formed America. That’s fine. Self-determination is a noble goal within the context of States Rights. However, repudiation of the traditions that built a representative republic is an affront to the ordinary people who accept that our past has much to be proud of, while committed to correct former injustices.

Are you brave enough to confront the truth about race? The “Great Society” of LBJ is responsible for the structural destruction of the Negro families. Initiating the false promises of racial equality and social prosperity through imposed governmental programs is a fool’s errand.

The United States is hardly a melting pot. It is more like a mixture of a dissimilar stew. This is sad, because the forces of discontent do not allow reasonable accommodation, must less a meeting of minds.

The predatory environment that has taken over in urban communities is a direct result of the methodical dismantling of the merchant economy. Substitution of government dependency for all things for survival can only result in a neo-feudal version of the plantation. Just look to the bankruptcy of Detroit and the prospects that Chicago follows soon.

Defying the rules of nature, results in the extinction of species. All one needs to do in order to understand the breakdown in the inner city community is to admit that there is no fundamental willingness among Blacks to focus on their true foe.

A persons color is not the issue. The need to speak the King’s English is not the problem. Prejudice towards their race is hardly the barrier it once was. No the unspoken issue why the “Black Lives Matter” hoodlums have emerged as the latest race baiting opportunists is that Black leaders are so timid or fearful to clean up their own house by hiding their heads in irrelevant victimhood.

This failure qualifies as being stuck on stupid.

The commendable leadership shown by Lt. General Russel Honoré during the Hurricane Katrina disaster needs to be duplicated in every city and hamlet in the country.

Cultural maturity and individual responsibility is the solution to break away from the collectivist grip. All Americans face this same undertaking irrespective of their race, ethnic background or country of origin.

Now are you ready to face up to the common threat to all of us?

The term Transhumanism may not be a household phrase but it an existential Armageddon. For the purpose of this analysis, the end game for humanity is not the elevation of body and machine for eternal paradise. No the ultimate motive is the extermination for the billions of useless eaters.

Now before your eye glaze over, stop and think.

Why is the world falling apart on every level? What is the cause of the undisrupted pattern of failed political leadership of virtually all state governments? Finally, why is the world on the brink of total economic collapse when it is self-evident that the cumulative global debt obligations are mathematically impossible to pay the compound interest much less retiring the principle?

Folks, it is all designed to push humanity into a global genocide. Culling the herd is in play. And arguing over trumped up race issues seems trivial when compared to the intentional loss of the communal soul of mankind.

Totalitarian Collectivism is the political gulag that is being implemented with each passing day. The Satanic Cult that has temporary control of most governments, social institutions and economic enslavement all adopt the central banking model of debt created finance and money.

If one does not understand this axiom of empirical reality, only confusion in thinking can follow.

Most people relish and even express their pride in being dumb as dirt. While they may not acknowledge those exact words, their conduct and behavior certainly verifies their actual demeanor.

When entire populations are unable to perceive their own genuine self-interest and keep looking for some other group or political system to blame for the failure of the “Great Society”, they demonstrate the weakness in their intelligence and moral compass.

People of color need to abandon the trap of being manipulated by the race confrontation strategy set into motion by the Illuminati demons that are behind the “Free Trade” protocols, agreements and organizations, which enrich and empower the mega billionaire class, while starving the masses.

Most unsophisticated and abused serfs or dependency parasites have never researched The Relevancy of the Illustrated Protocols of Zion. They are too busy looking for racists under ever sheet, while ignoring the king pin culprits who pull the strings behind the curtain of Oz.

It pains this author that the Planned Race Combat is documented to our mutual detriment. All people of good will are threatened with the breakdown in social order. A social revolution needs to follow, but it needs to be founded on the touchstone of non violence. Killing the police will beget more unrest and eventually a severe martial law response.

Law enforcement has deserted its legitimate peace keeping function. Emphatically, immunity from using excessive force should never be policy. If outlaws want to pillage and plunder, an armed citizenry is the alternative if police departments stand down in their proper duty to serve and protect.

If it comes down to exercising your natural right of self-defense, our advocacy for peaceful civil disobedience will lose ground. For this reason, the appeal of General Honoré holds true: “Don’t get stuck on stupid”. 

The mindset of the collectivists is the basis, which produces a cultural malaise of hopelessness and systemic impoverishment. For six and half years a black President professed to “Fundamentally Transform America”. Oh so he did, but how did it work out?

The inability to see through this charlatan has allowed this most bigoted president to unravel race relations under his watch. Obama plays the race card at every opportunity, not to improve the plight of his constituency, but to their heightened detriment.

Continued support for his regime and policies fits the definition of being caught in a brainless void. The choice to render his reign repulsive is the correct course.

When the New World Order is being implemented with every horror imaginable, why are people so brain dead and reluctant to confront their multiplying dilemmas? Fear is often the answer.

Fright of being labeled a racist overcomes the closet moralist. Criticism of international finance runs the risk of being called anti-Semitic. In both cases the denial of the historic record outweighs the courage of being honest to the intellectual facts.

The end result is a Dumb as Dirt society. Afro-Americans need to overcome their disinformation rap culture and educate themselves in the timeless principles and moral canons embedded in the Western Civilization heritage. The core embodiment of the sanctity of life and the indivisible divine rights of the individual are the essence of self-government.

As the world descends into greater chaos, clergy and community leaders need to step forward and condemn the Black Lives Matter racism. If your kindred revere the message of Martin Luther King, how could you not practice his teachings? “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character” is not just a cute phrase.

Immoral genes may be endemic in occult worshiping banksters, but there is nothing preventing repentant sinners from seeking forgiveness. An important step is to reject being a stuck on stupid dullard. All immortal souls have no race pigment.

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About The Author

SARTRE is the pen name of James Hall, a reformed, former political operative. This pundit’s formal instruction in History, Philosophy and Political Science served as training for activism, on the staff of several politicians and in many campaigns. A believer in authentic Public Service, independent business interests were pursued in the private sector. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, several successful ventures expanded opportunities for customers and employees. Speculation in markets, and international business investments, allowed for extensive travel and a world view for commerce. He is retired and lives with his wife in a rural community. “Populism” best describes the approach to SARTRE’s perspective on Politics. Realities, suggest that American Values can be restored with an appreciation of “Pragmatic Anarchism.” Reforms will require an Existential approach. “Ideas Move the World,” and SARTRE’S intent is to stir the conscience of those who desire to bring back a common sense, moral and traditional value culture for America. Not seeking fame nor fortune, SARTRE’s only goal is to ask the questions that few will dare … Having refused the invites of an academic career because of the hypocrisy of elite’s, the search for TRUTH is the challenge that is made to all readers. It starts within yourself and is achieved only with your sincere desire to face Reality. So who is SARTRE? He is really an ordinary man just like you, who invites you to join in on this journey. Visit his website at http://batr.org.

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