Egypt Tolerates No Internal Criticism

Egypt Tolerates No Internal Criticism | FREE-SPEECH-2 | Special Interests World News

Egypt under self-anointed/illegitimate president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is a brutal US-supported fascist dictatorship.

Anyone challenging junta rule risks imprisonment or death. Countless thousands are imprisoned for political reasons, many others sentenced to death by state-controlled kangaroo tribunal proceedings.

Press freedom is banned, dozens of journalists imprisoned for doing their jobs responsibly.

Disclosing anything Sisi wants suppressed assures arrest, incarceration, and brutal treatment amounting to torture.

Reporting anything critical of junta rule is considered a “terrorist crime.”

On Tuesday, Masr al-Arabia news website editor-in-chief Adel Sabry was arrested after being fined nearly $3,000 for republishing a NYT article, criticizing Egypt’s electoral process – a sham by any standard.

In late March, Sisi re-anointed himself president, running virtually unopposed, arresting or intimidating other aspirants from running against him.

His only legitimate challenger Ahmed Konsow was sentenced to six years in prison for “stating political opinions contrary to the” official narrative – for daring to challenge Sisi’s iron grip on power.

He re-anointed himself president with a 97% majority – despite being widely despised.

Sabry is charged with operating a website unlicensed and publishing false news, something unheard of in civilized countries.

On Tuesday, regime security agents stormed Masr al-Arabia’s office, seizing computers and other materials.

Hundreds of websites in Egypt are blocked, Masr al-Arabia the latest one – press freedom in the country a non-starter, truth-telling about regime policies considered a high crime against the state, harmful to national security.

An earlier article called Sisi Egypt’s Pinochet – a common thug, a brutal despot, ruling by iron-fisted brute force, tolerating no opposition or criticism, a US favorite.

He’s Washington’s man in Cairo, complicit with its imperial agenda. A climate of fear pervades the nation from mass arrests, disappearances, torture and mass murder.

Human rights activists, academics, union heads, independent journalists, student activists, and other suspected regime opponents are targeted.

Last April, Trump met with Sisi at the White House, calling it “an honor to welcome” him, saying “(h)e’s done a fantastic job in a very difficult situation. We are very much behind Egypt” – disgraceful remarks.

Sisi’s repressive regime is one of many enjoying strong US support, their high crimes ignored.

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