Russian Senator Calls US Claim of Mass Executions in Syria a Scheme to Undermine Peace Talks

Russian Senator Calls US Claim of Mass Executions in Syria a Scheme to Undermine Peace Talks | Russian-Senator-Calls-US-Claim-of-Mass-Executions-in-Syria-a-Scheme-to-Undermine-Peace-Talks | War Propaganda World News

Assistant US Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Stuart Jones’ claim about mass executions in Syria, then cremating bodies to hide evidence, was a bald-faced lie – likely OK’d by Rex Tillerson, his boss, a shameless act, clearly intended to undermine conflict resolution.

Russia upper house Federation Council Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Konstantin Kosachev blasted the accusation, calling it falsified, phony evidence cited, nothing credible, saying:

“(With a) new phase (of) Geneva (peace) talks (beginning on May 16, without US participation), the Americans…once again (aim to) shift attention to (Assad, aiming to) undermin(e) the peace process…”

“(T)he US should understand that it bears a hefty responsibility for the future of the peace process in Syria.”

In recent interviews, Assad explained hostile US policy toward Syria remains unchanged under Trump, escalating conflict, not constructively working to end it, supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups, not combating them.

The latest round of Geneva talks are scheduled from May 16 – 19, little more expected this time than earlier – because Washington, Israel and their rogue partners want endless war and regime change. Turkey wants northern Syria annexed.

Russia hopes its de-escalation zone plan will advance things toward peace, a noble aim, unachievable so far, perhaps many more months or years of conflict before possible.

On Tuesday, Damascus denounced false State Department claims about mass executions and cremations, part of US war on Syria, propaganda used to wage it, a  government statement saying:

American “accusations…are not true, just like previous claims of ‘chemical weapons’ and ‘barrel bombs’ repeated by the US administration.”

“The Syrian government stresses that these accusations…are a figment of the imagination of this administration and its agents.”

They aim to vilify Assad, a scheme for endless war and regime change, no prospect for resolution any time soon.

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