Extent of Referendum Day Violence in Catalonia Revealed

Extent of Referendum Day Violence in Catalonia Revealed | Catalonia-referendum-II-523x350 | Special Interests World News
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Madrid ordered police state violence on October 1 was worse than earlier reported.

According to Catalonia’s Ministry of Health, 1,066 people needed medical treatment from injuries sustained – 23 over aged-79. Two were children under age-11.

Scores of injured sought treatment days after the referendum, adding to the original near-900 total.

Over 80% of those seeking same day treatment had bruises or lesions. They ranged in age from 18 – 65. Over two-thirds of the injured were males.

Five people were diagnosed with serious conditions. One suffered a heart attack. Another sustained a rubber-coated steel bullet eye wound.

Three individuals experienced abdominal or brain trauma. Over 60 had blackouts and hypotension, 28 others had anxiety symptoms or panic attacks.

One person was diagnosed with a fractured femur, a thigh bone extending from the hip to the knee.

On Friday, Catalan editors and head of the region’s public radio and television were summoned to civil guard headquarters in Barcelona.

Questioned about running ads promoting the referendum, they face possible criminal charges, more evidence of Madrid ruthlessness.

Separately, Catalan separatist organizations called on people to demonstrate en masse in Barcelona on Saturday for the release of the two independence leaders, using the motto:

“Free Jordi Sanchez. Free Jordi Cuixart. In defense of rights and liberties”

An umbrella Platform for Democracy group, representing Catalan civil society organizations, is behind the action – beginning Saturday at 5:00PM, extending into the evening.

Its spokesman, Jordi Giro, called on all Catalans to participate “in defense of liberty” – regardless if they’re for or against independence.

“Who could have told us that we would be calling this demonstration,” he asked? “It would be unthinkable in a democratic country. It would be incredible. They forced us to take to the streets.”

A Final Comment

Pro-independence groups began an ATM protest, urging Catalans to withdraw their money from the region’s five largest banks, calling it “peaceful action No. 1.”

Madrid called staging a run on areas banks “barbaric.” It’s legal and sends a message. It’s too soon to know if it’s working.

Some ATM screens showed they ran out of cash, maybe others in the days ahead.


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