Fake Bomb In Manchester: Psy-op Or False-flag Attempt

Fake Bomb In Manchester: Psy-op Or False-flag Attempt | ct-fake-bomb-manchester-united-stadium-2016051-001 | False Flags World News
Spectators stand outside of Old Trafford stadium after the final soccer match of the season between Manchester United and AFC Bournemouth was abandoned due to a suspect package being found inside the stadium. (Mike Egerton / AP)

(The Real Agenda News) England has not been hit by a major terrorist attack since the 7/7/05 attacks in which a bus and a subway station were targeted by terrorists. The loss of human life in that attack reached 52 and the authors of the identity of the perpetrators of the attacks were immediately given abundant coverage by mainstream media.

According to official reports, four men of Arab origin were responsible for the murder of the 52 victims in what authorities called a suicide attack. The story says that Hasib Hussain, an 18-year-old man, detonated his homemade bomb on the  top deck of a bus, while three other accomplices, Mohammad Sidique Khan, Shehzad Tanweer and Germaine Lindsay did the same in the subway system.

The 7/7 attacks gave Britain the perfect excuse to get deeply involved in the so-called “war on terror” which meant its participation in all US-led bombings in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places in the Middle East and North Africa.

“The 4 Muslim “suicide bombers” once believed responsible for the incident are now believed to have been recruited as part of a well documented mock terror drill scheduled for that day that included 1000 participants, some of them paid actors hired to carry dummy explosives,” Veterans Today reported back on May 18, 2011.

Sunday’s bomb alert in a football stadium in Manchester, England has some characteristics normally associated with the a false-flag and/or a psyop work. Police found what has been described as a “fake bomb” which was allegedly left in the stadium by a company that participated in a training exercise.

The Manchester Police Commissioner, has ordered an investigation into the “fiasco” of the fake bomb that was abandoned after the training exercise at the Old Trafford Stadium, forcing the evacuation of all soccer fans on Sunday the same day that the local team, Manchester United was supposed to play the last match of the season of the Premier League.

The artifact forced to evacuate the stadium of Manchester United about 20 minutes before the start the last game of the season at 16.00 against Bournemouth.

“This caused enormous inconveniences to the supporters who had come from afar to watch the game, wasted time of a large number of agents and equipment of deminers Army, and needlessly put people in danger”, has denounced the police commissioner of Greater Manchester, Tony Lloyd.

The match between Manchester United and Bournemouth will be held Tuesday at 20:00, local time.

“We would like to thank the staff of Manchester United, the police and other emergency services for all their efforts as well as for rearranging the game on Tuesday,” said the English league in a statement.

Both teams, he added, have allowed “a speedy solution, which is best given the events of today.”

According to the BBC, Manchester United will return the money from the tickets to all attendees and allow those who show their entry for the match on Tuesday.

It is estimated that this gesture will cost the club about 3 million pounds.

A device that looked like a bomb blew all alarms minutes before kickoff. As soon as the device was discovered, authorities proceeded to  immediately evacuate the stadium. Later, the bomb squad detonated the object as a preventive measure.

Police later reported that it was actually a fake bomb used by a private security firm for training exercises which they used for training dogs in locating explosives.

The vice president of Manchester United, Ed Woodward, said that the club takes security very seriously and staff receive training regularly with the police and emergency services to identify and address these incidents.

“We will investigate the incident to inform future actions and decisions”, he added.

The question is, of course, was the fake bomb threat a case of mere carelessness or was it a psychological operation to prepare the public in England for a future false-flag?

The “fake bomb” that was found at Olt Trafford coincides with a delicate moment in British politics when at least half of the public is showing strong opposition to staying in the EU and when Britain’s exit from the EU has a 50/50 chance.

Just as it happened before 7/7, a terror attack may just be the right psyop to push the public to vote against a Brexit. Authorities have called the exit from the EU a threat to British interests while international figures such as US President, Barack Obama and former President, Bill Clinton, have been tapped to call on Brits to vote to stay within the Union.

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