Federal Agents Raid Natural Cancer Cure Center

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Treating cancer has become one of the fastest growing, economically thriving, money making businesses in the United States. This government funded business is shockingly raking in over $1.3 million dollars per patient. Until recent years, patients had no choice for treating cancer other than turning to chemotherapy and radiation. It’s widely known that conventional treatments such as those, not only kills cancer cells, but the healthy cells as well, making it extremely difficult for the immune system to replenish itself.

An alternative cancer care clinic called Camelot Cancer Care Inc., located in Tulsa, Oklahoma has revolutionized the way patients face and fight their disease. The center’s medical director Doctor James Webb received clinical education in treating cancer conventionally but switched course when he realized that those treatments caused more harm than good.
The Camelot Cancer Care center uses several natural remedies including Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO),a naturally occurring substance found in wood pulp and a vitamin called Laetrile, also known as vitamin B17. Laetrile is a naturally-occurring substance found in the kernels of apricots, peaches and almonds. Although neither substance has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a medical treatment, doctors have been legally using the natural substances to treat arthritis, bladder infections and now cancer.

DMSO is a gentle but fierce cancer fighting agent that works by opening the pores in the skin allowing massive amounts of oxygen to penetrate and flow into the blood stream. This substance combined with botanical extracts has proven to not only reduce cancer growth, but has the potential to permanently beat it. Laetrile treatments work by targeting the cancer directly while maintaining the healthiness of the body. Camelot’s entire program costs less than $12 thousand dollars as opposed to the $1.3 million in costs accrued by chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

On April 23, 2013 the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and agents of the FDA showed up unannounced and served the cancer care center with search warrants demanding access to the center’s medical supplies. While reasons for the raid remain undisclosed, an inside source stated agents marauded the clinic to prevent the use of the B17 vitamin.
Federal agents went as far to not only shut down the clinic, but stole medicine that was previously purchased by patients seeking the alternative treatments. The FBI and FDA are claiming they orchestrated the raid out of concern for its patients, which is absolutely ludicrous considering the center has been safely and naturally treating patients this way for years.

This raid is not only an assault on the cancer care center, but an attack on its patients whom are desperately depending on alternative medical treatments to survive. Unfortunately, this is yet another example of the federal government intruding on the rights of private citizens attempting to control every last detail of their lives.

Yvonne, the mother of three children to the Bass family, turned to alternative treatments at Camelot after being diagnosed with stage three melanoma. Yvonne was given just six months to live. After much deliberation, she decided to spend her final days receiving alternative medical treatments instead of enduring the grotesque sickness brought on by chemotherapy. After educating herself on natural remedies, Yvonne transformed her lifestyle into one that consisted of consuming an all-natural diet and essential oils to help heal her body. Amazingly, she has far outlasted her predicted six month death sentence and also shocked her doctor with the results. Although Yvonne’s condition steadily progressed, she ran into more trouble when the cancer reappeared. It was at this point that she turned to Camelot for help. Camelot offered a solution injection of DMSO, Laetrile and Vitamin C to help combat her melanoma. The injections were required to be administered for twenty days through an IV solution.

Federal agents raided the facility on the eighth day of Yvonne’s treatment, shutting it down and forcing all patients to stop their treatments immediately. The agents informed the Bass family that the B17 vitamin was not an approved treatment for cancer. Yvonne’s husband Sam attempted to reach for the box of medicine when a federal agent prevented him from doing so. The agents threatened Sam with arrest for “obstructing justice,” and told Yvonne “We are doing this to protect you.” Yvonne replied “How are you protecting me? You are taking my medicine; I will not be able to continue my treatment.” The agent responded with a phrase people use when they have no just answer, “I am just doing my job ma’am.”
While the clinic remains closed, it’s rumored they may be allowed to reopen once they’ve disposed of and discontinued the use of the B17 vitamin, Laetrile.

The FDA’s concerns are quite ironic considering the same agency’s been steadily approving genetically modified foods and releasing them onto the market despite clinical testing that’s been proven not just unhealthy, but causes cancer! Yet the federal government attempts to mask their aggressive control tactics with a fake concern for the public.





By Julie Wilson, The Liberty Beat


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