Ronan Manly, John Embry, James Turk: Discuss The Feds Missing Gold

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Why does the presstitute media have an interest in the gold stored at the Federal Reserve Bank New York… or does it?

An article, authored by Katy Burn, for the WSJ, “6,200 Tons of Missing Gold?”, and transmitted through Fox News, reached out to some of the most studied people in the world about gold being stored in the FRBNY, one would presume, to gather some insight as to the gold being stored in this location. Why is the mainstream media reaching out to people that are known to research, question and distrust the official narrative regarding gold being held by the Federal Reserve? Not that all three of these men are not deserving, as they are more qualified than most, if not all, of the people the mainstream media usually discusses gold.

The article begins with Ronan Manly and right from the start it seems like a story that would never see the light of day in mainstream media.

The Fed tells visitors its basement vault holds the world’s biggest official gold stash and values it at $240 billion to $260 billion.

But “no one at all can be sure the gold is really there except Fed employees with access,” said Ronan Manly, a precious-metals analyst at gold dealer BullionStar in Singapore. If it is all there, he said, the central bank has “never in its history provided any proof.” Source

Is the mainstream media attempting to paint alternative financial news writers out to be nothing more theorist?

Other theorists suspect the gold beneath the New York Fed’s headquarters at 33 Liberty St. may be gold-plated fakes. Some conspiracy-minded investors think the Fed has been secretly leasing out the gold to manipulate prices. Source

In 2009 we learned there were some very questionable scenarios that played out involving the Federal Reserve and our national gold. Rob Kirby, Kirby Analytics, pointed out the very distinct possibility of 640,000 400/oz tungsten “salted” gold bars (gold-plated bars)  that were ordered and delivered to Ft. Knox. These bars have somehow disappeared into the ether as they have never left Ft. Knox. There were approximately 1.3 million 400/oz tungsten bars ordered and the location of the remaining 700,000+ bars is still unknown or if they are “gold-plated”.

The author turns to John Embry, one of the most respected voices in the precious metals space, to get his take.

“There has to have been a central bank spewing their gold into the market,” said John Embry, an investment strategist for Sprott Asset Management in Toronto until 2014 who once managed its gold fund.

“The gold price didn’t act right” during the time he was watching it and the likely explanation for the movement was Fed action, said Mr. Embry. Source

It is a well documented fact the Federal Reserve, in conjunction with the U.S. Treasury Department, utilizing the highly secretive Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) has the authority to interject in any market, at any time anywhere on the planet with absolutely no oversight or regulation. Combine this with President Reagan introducing the “Working Group on Financial Markets” better known as the “Plunge Protection Team” and it should be clear to anyone since 1988 ALL “markets” have been completely manipulated or said another way – rigged.

When Mr. Embry makes a comment like “the gold price didn’t act right” which is taken out of context with no follow up or another word from Mr. Embry, you can rest assured he was watching a market that was moving up and down in ways that would not be considered “natural market movement”. There is a difference, that can be seen, between rigged market movement and human generated market movement or the difference between natural market movement and algorithm (computer generated) market movement.

If you have been analyzing precious metals markets for more than 40 years, as Mr. Embry has, you should have developed an eye for market anomalies. If not, you probably wouldn’t be in any market for 40+ years!  This point is completely negated by the author since there is no follow-up of any kind, while taking the statement out of context.

At this stage of the article it becomes quiet clear the author has been tasked with an old-fashioned hit piece, showing their colors before sharing James Turks’ comments. Mr. Turk is another well seasoned precious metals market analyst with more than 40 years experience as well.

Elaborate theories build on what the Fed doesn’t say about goings-on in its vault’s 122 compartments.

It doesn’t report when bars enter or leave and doesn’t let in outsiders — other than auditors and account holders — to count the bars or review records.

Visitors on vault tours see only a display sample and can’t verify bars up close. Source

The author does admit the gold can not be verified and only a “display” is what anyone outside the “big club” is allowed to see. Even members of the “big club” can’t see the gold, as Germany found out when they requested to see, and audit, their gold in 2013.

When people are left with little or no information regarding a subject as important as our national gold and the size of 8,100+ tons of gold, it is human nature for the mind to ask questions and for intelligent people to begin researching and asking real questions about what is actually happening.

“All you see is the front row of gold bars,” said James Turk, co-founder of Goldmoney, a gold custodian. “There’s no way of knowing how deep the chamber is or how many rows there are.”

Mr. Turk, based in London, believes much of the gold has been “hypothecated,” or lent out to other parties, and then rehypothecated, or lent to multiple parties at once. In doing so, he says, “central banks actually own less gold than people believe.”

Some gold bugs — investors bullish on the yellow metal — think the Fed secretly lends it out to suppress prices, partly to protect the dollar’s value. In theory, the Fed can feed gold into the market through swaps with other countries.

James McShirley, who owns Sulphur Lumber in Sulphur Springs, Ind., and has traded gold, believes investment banks, probably as agents for the Fed, act to lower prices when gold futures gain 1%. “It’s totally logical that in addition to maintaining artificially low interest rates, ” he said, “it would be imperative to keep gold suppressed as an inflationary barometer.” Source

The Federal Reserve leasing/swapping gold with foreign nations is not a theory, it is a fact, as confirmed by GATA in 2009.

The Fed’s September 17 letter to GATA confirming that the Fed has gold swap arrangements can be found here:

While the letter is far from the first official admission of central bank scheming to suppress the price of gold (for documentation of some of these admissions, see and, it comes at a sensitive time in the currency and gold markets. The U.S. dollar is showing unprecedented weakness, the gold price is showing unprecedented strength, Western European central banks appear to be withdrawing from gold sales and leasing, and the International Monetary Fund is being pressed to take the lead in the gold price suppression scheme by selling gold from its own supposed reserves in the guise of providing financial support for poor nations. Source

It really doesn’t require a lot of brain power to understand why people, the world over, are turning away from mainstream presstitute media. The twisted wording, omitting any follow up and the complete lack of integrity in reporting is all too clear.

“I think the gold they have there is real gold,” he said [James Turk], “but until you do random sampling you don’t know for certain.”

In a 2012 audit of U.S. gold at the Fed’s vault, the U.S. Mint and the Treasury’s Office of Inspector General sent 367 samples to an independent lab for testing. All but three samples came back within 0.13% of the purity recorded by the government, within standard industry tolerance, according to the Mint and Treasury.

Since then, annual government audits of the Fed’s vault have inspected only the locks and joint seals on the compartments to check they haven’t been tampered with, a Mint spokesman said. Source

Is it too much to ask to see my property? Is it too much to ask to have a full, independent audit of my property? When this question was recently ask it was met with sneers and road-blocks. “Too expensive and time consuming” was the response. With an estimated cost between $15 and $60 million that would be the equivalent of 2 to 5 hours of military spending during the ongoing, unConstitutional Iraq invasion, I mean “war”, and no one would die from the “operation”.

The WSJ author demonstrates a slant to discredit some highly respected voices in the precious metals space, but, at the end of the day she only discredits herself by showing her utter contempt for conducting research.

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