First Ever Legal Challenge to Stop Agenda 21 Nine-County Regional Plan

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The plot to transform the San Francisco Bay Area is largely unknown by the residents living there and overwhelmingly opposed by those who do know. The global boiler plate program called One Bay Area (OBA) or Plan Bay Area will roll out across the nation on a grand scale. OBA involves more than $250,000,000,000 (over a quarter of a trillion dollars).

The plan destroys rural and suburban lifestyles and transforms areas into dense mega-cities where people are assessed, monitored and controlled. Sound extreme?

Freedom Advocates and The Post Sustainability Institute hired the law firm of Kassouni Law to evaluate and comment on OBA/Plan Bay Area. Mr. Kassouni’s review focused on Natural Law, and Constitutional, and/or statutory violations inherent to the Plan. Litigation to stop the Plan must be filed within 90 days of the Plan’s adoption which is scheduled for July of this year.

Regional government is promulgated through Councils of Governments (COGs) and serves to neuter local government through a federalized system of carrots and sticks. COGs are designed to be the primary engine in the United States to advance Agenda 21 at the local level. The Plan for the Bay Area is the prototype of what COGs throughout the country will commit to if the Plan is implemented in the Bay Area. Over time the Plan abolishes private property as a system of public private partnerships assume control of our economic future.

You can help

Freedom Advocates has established a litigation fund to halt the Plan’s affront to the American system of government. We need your financial help and the help of many more to avoid an administrative takeover of America including the restructure of your entire way of life.

You can contribute to the campaign to “Say No to Regionalism”.

Please send your tax-deductible contribution for the OBA Legal Fund to “Freedom Advocates” and mail to: Freedom Advocates, PO Box 3330, Freedom, California 95019.

You will be making an invaluable and timely contribution to salvage a Constitutional America. 

 CA: Contact Rosa Koire and Michael Shaw

HELP as they are suing the Feds for destroying SF Bay area.


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