First Exit Poll Of Presidential Election Shows Big Win For Trump

First Exit Poll Of Presidential Election Shows Big Win For Trump | early-voting-1024x576 | Multimedia Politics Sleuth Journal Special Interests Trump

Western Journalism just came in with some good news today for the Trump campaign, as the first exit poll of the 2016 election show a decisive win for Trump… but we’re still a long way from the finish line, so save the party hats…  In the video below I congratulate Trump, highlight the basic results conveyed by the report, and then I also hone in on two major trends from the newly released exit poll, one of which should have warning signs going up already…

The first statistic I can’t help but see jumping off the page at me, is the margin for error. According to the report from Western Journalism, the exit poll was conducted on Monday-Wednesday of this week among 1,140 respondents and has a 3 percent margin of error. Technically, 3% actually exceeds the yardstick the U.S. uses when it oversees elections in foreign nations. Anything over 2% is an indication of potential voter fraud…

While the slight increase over the normally allowed margin of error is minimal, and the results did favor Trump, don’t forget what a small sample this was, and don’t forget that we’re dealing with Hillary Clinton here. This is the same Hillary Clinton who stole as many as 11 states during the primaries from Bernie Sanders, some by margins of error as large as almost 14%. So, just because the number is slightly over, doesn’t make it altogether insignificant. She might just be getting better at her craft, which is obviously cheating.

The second item I review in the video is what it’s going to take in this election by way of results, for Americans to have ANY shot at seeing justice served on Hillary Clinton. As I detailed in a prior post today titled, Constitutional Crisis Ready to Erupt; Why Hillary Will Never Face Justice, there are only a few outside and far remote chances that Americans will ever see justice done of ANY kind. There is almost a 100% chance Hillary never even breaks a sweat over whatever the FBI is curretnly working on, and she knows it.



Yochanan Visser at Western Journalism reports:

The first exit poll taken in the 2016 presidential election shows a big win for GOP nominee Donald Trump. The poll was conducted by iVote Israel, an organization that assists Americans living in Israel who vote via absentee ballots. According to the iVote Israel poll, Trump beat Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton 49 percent to 44 percent. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson garnered 2 percent of the votes.

Approximately 250,000 American citizens are living in what some cynically call the “51st state” because of the special bond between Israel and the United States. The exit poll was conducted on Monday-Wednesday of this week among 1,140 respondents and has a 3 percent margin of error.

Support for Trump was stronger among religious Jewish immigrants from the United States; 63 percent of the Orthodox participants in the survey and 85 percent the ultra-Orthodox respondents voted for Trump while 75 percent of secular and 54 percent of traditional respondents voted for Clinton, according to the poll.“The female vote was markedly different from the male one, with 52 percent of female voters in Israel voting for Clinton and 33 percent for Trump. Among men, 59 percent chose Trump and 33 percent Clinton,” Ha’aretz reported. iVote Israel reported a very low voter turnout.

Only 30,000 Americans in Israel cast ballots this year, compared to the estimated 80,000 who voted in 2012, Eitan Charnoff, the director of iVote Israel told JTA. He said the drop was likely due to “a lack of enthusiasm about either candidate.” Republicans Overseas Israel had expected a voter turnout of 120,000 after the group had organized a large pro-Trump rally in Jerusalem last week.

“The poll demonstrates that the American voter in Israel is a dynamic voter, and we shouldn’t rush to stereotype and assume they’re all gonna vote in one direction. This is obviously a dramatic shift from 2012,” Charnoff said. “Voters deposited federal election ballots in iVote Israel drop boxes in 11 Israeli cities and towns,” JTA reported adding that the boxes were taken to the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv — perhaps for the last time sinceTrump plans to move the embassy to Israel’s capital Jerusalem if elected — and from there sent to the election boards in the U.S.

iVote Israel said voters were registered in New Jersey, California, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland and Texas, while 35 percent were registered in New York. Trump’s victory over Clinton in Israel paled in comparison to the whopping 85 percent of votes Mitt Romney received compared to Barack Obama’s 14 percent in the 2012 presidential election. Generally speaking, Israelis still favor Clinton over Trump for the presidency. A survey conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute in October revealed that 43 percent of the Israelis prefer Clinton as president, while 26.5 percent favored Donald Trump.

The same poll revealed that 55 percent of Israelis expect the American public will elect Clinton, while only 25 percent thought Trump would be elected. The results of the IDI poll are even more remarkable when one takes in account the survey also revealed “63 percent of the Jewish public thinks Clinton would exert greater pressure on Israel than Trump (8 percent) to return to the negotiation table with the Palestinians.”

The fact the Clintons have always been popular in Israel and the tone of the reporting on Trump by a large part of the Israeli media could have played a big role in these results. The Israeli TV media are controlled by the leftist elite in Israel and tend to report negatively on the Trump campaign.

At the same time, they highlight Clinton’s “pro-Israel-record” while obscuring her role in the deterioration in U.S.-Israel relations during her term as secretary of state. For example, last week Channel 10 in Israel broadcast a video that linked Trump to neo-Nazis and white supremacists while the station largely ignored the FBI’s renewed investigation into Clinton’s emails.

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