Florida Town Passes Ordinance Warning About Dangers of Cancer-Causing Cell Phones

Florida Town Passes Ordinance Warning About Dangers of Cancer-Causing Cell Phones | cell-phones-cause-brain-cancer | General Health Medical & Health News Articles Science & Technology US News

Though many health organizations around the world are still reluctant to admit  it, numerous scientific studies confirm that prolonged cell phone use,  particularly when the device is pressed directly against the ear or skin, can potentially lead to the development of cancer and other health conditions. And  one Florida town is taking this reality seriously, having recently passed a  resolution that warns local residents about these dangers, and urges them to  take precautions to avoid developing health complications.

It all began  when Jimmy Gonzalez, a resident of Pembroke Pines near Miami, first developed  multiple tumors on his body several years ago. At the time, he was completely  oblivious to the fact that his mobile phone may have had something to do with  the growths. But after considering the timing and location of the tumors,  Gonzalez began to suspect that radiation from his phone might have been a  trigger, which spurred him to take immediate action.

“I kept getting  headaches,” explained Gonzalez to Local 10 Newsin Miami about his  situation. “One day I realized I hold my cell phone with the same hand, up  against this ear, and whenever I shut it off I would put it into these pockets,”  he added, referencing all the spots on his body where he eventually developed cancerous tumors.

Cell phones can cause tumors where they touch the body most

Gonzalez is  now convinced that each of his three tumors — one developed above his left ear,  while two others developed on his left hand and near his hip, all places where  his cell phone was constantly pressed up against his body — was a direct  consequence of constantly having his phone in direct contact with his body. And  after approaching his local city council with these concerns, Gonzalez was able  to convince the local mayor and city council to take action.

“Our city’s  resolution isn’t about creating panic and alarm,” explained Pembroke Pines  Commissioner Angelo Castillo to the Sun Sentinel about the resolution.  “It’s about raising awareness in a responsible way to ensure that the health of  all cell phone users is protected.”

Adding to this, Mayor Frank Ortis  told reporters that the resolution, which is not a mandate and does not require  any action on the part of residents, is aimed at  simply protecting the public from needless health hazards caused by  irresponsible cell phone use. Encouraging women not to place their phones in  their bras, for instance, or warning men not to keep their phones too close to  their groin area is merely a common-sense way to help promote public  health.

The city is also recommending that residents keep their phones at least one inch away from their bodies as much as possible, and to text, email, or use the speakerphone option, or to use a hands-free speaking device, in order  to limit radiation exposure.

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