Fluoride: Do You Know About It? Take Action!

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Toronto is one of the last cities in Canada that still fluoridates the public water supply. Regardless of the glaring evidence that outline the dangers of water fluoridation and regardless of the fact that there is no evidence to support the efficacy of water fluoridation, Toronto public health officials continue to blindly vote in and support the practice of water fluoridation. Essentially, they are mass medicating the public without consent and at the same time, they are causing harm to the health of the entire city.

On Saturday Sept. 21st 2013, a peaceful assembly was held at City Hall to raise awareness about the issue and hopefully get other on board with moving towards ending water fluoridation in Toronto. Why are other cities banning the substance from the water? Below is a series of facts,  backed up by studies, that outline the serious dangers of water fluoridation. Keep in mind, water fluoridation does not assist in lowering dental cavities and has never been proven effective.

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Consumption of fluoridated water has been linked to reduced IQ in children

A recent published Harvard University study found that children living in communities with high concentrations of fluoride in their water had IQ scores that were an average of 7pts lower than those living in communities with low fluoride concentrations (Choi, Sun, Zhang & Grandjean, 2012)


A study by Ding and colleagues published in The Journal of Hazardous Materials in 2011 also found that consuming water with low concentrations of fluoride was associated with reductions in IQ. They established a dose-response relationship such that a 1mg/L increase in urine fluoride was associated with a 0.59 decrease in IQ. “In conclusion, our study suggested that low levels of fluoride exposure in drinking water had negative effects on children’s intelligence and dental health and confirmed the dose-response relationships between urine fluoride and IQ scores as well as dental fluorosis.” (Ding, et al., 2011).



Consumption of fluoridated water has been associated with an increased risk of Osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer

A study by Bassin (2006) found that boys ages 6-8 who were exposed to fluoridated water had a 5-7 times increased risk of developing osteosarcoma during adolescence. Several other studies conducted by the National Cancer Institute and New Jersey Department of Health also found a link between fluoride and osteosarcoma in young males (Cohn, 1992; NCI, 1990).



There is no evidence that drinking artificially fluoridated water prevents dental decay

The largest study of tooth decay in the United States found that there was no significant difference in dental decay between those living in fluoridated and non-fluoridated communities (Brunelle & Carlos, 1990). Other research also shows that there is NO relationship between between dental decay and the amount of fluoride ingested (Warren et al., 2009).


In 2000 the chief of the EPA’s Treatment Technology Evaluation Branch of the Water Supply and Water Resources Division admitted that they have not researched the health or behavioural effects of drinking hydrofluorosilicic acid.



A review of human and animal studies conducted by the EPA in 2009 listed fluoride as a chemical for which there is substantial evidence of developmental neurotoxicity.


Sign The Petition

Show your support by signing the petition to end water fluoridation in Toronto. http://www.change.org/en-CA/petitions/toronto-city-council-stop-fluoridating-toronto-s-tap-water

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