Freedom and Property Rally: The Cliven Bundy Story (VIDEO)

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As several federal agencies, several governmental offices, and the U.S. Department of Justice are reeling in the aftershock of the Bundy case “dismissal with prejudice”, which I suggested almost a month before it happened, the Bundys have busted out of the gate with vividly renewed spirit. They have stampeded all the way north to Paradise, Montana, a small — really small — community west by northwest of Missoula to deliver a rousing message of Constitutional respect graced by human love and celebration. The crowd roared approval as Ryan Bundy laid down the true line to Constitutional restoration like a well-thrown lasso, denoting that the fifty sovereign nations *are the union, and the federal government is but their creation.


While Ryan did not say it, he demonstrated something — there is no signature on the Constitution representing the federal government. I do not know that I’ve ever heard it put more clearly than Ryan Bundy revealed it on January 20 2018. It’s foolish for me to try to approximate in words the spirit which filled that building in Paradise, so I’ll let it go after meekly saying that an uplifting momentum is growing around the Bundy movement and all of their family members and friends are like solid gold nuggets in the American lands; a gold of the human soul which shines brightly around their faces like a blessed aura, a radiance of innocent beauty.

The Mental Militia salutes the Bundy family and their friends like Shawna Cox the Hammonds, Jeanette Finicum, Dan and Roxsanna Ryan, et al. Their faith is indomitable and is inspiring.

Speakers at the rally Included:

Cliven Bundy
Ryan Bundy
Andrea Parker
Billy Hill
Chris Briels
Sen. Jennifer Fielder
Shawna Cox
Dan Ryan
Roxsanna Ryan

Videos by Elias Alias, Founder of The Mental Militia. 

The Bundy’s Arrive in Paradise, MT.

Senator Fielder and Roxsanna Ryan Opening 

Ryan Bundy in Paradise Pt. 1

Ryan Bundy in Paradise Pt. 2

Ex-Fire Chief from Oregon Chris Briels  

Senator Fielder  

Shawna Cox

Cliven Bundy Pt. 1

Cliven Bundy Pt. 2

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