Ft Lauderdale Shooting False Flag: Why Now? (VIDEO)

Ft Lauderdale Shooting False Flag: Why Now? (VIDEO) | fake-shooting-false-flag | False Flags Gun Control Multimedia Propaganda Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News

Fort Lauderdale’s shooting hoax had several goals. Crisis actor ‘Esteban Santiago’ fake-attacked the Florida airport at a particular time — for a specific reason.

Was the Ft Lauderdale airport false flag staged to push gun control? Or were the gun grabbers more scheming this time?

By observing (famous gun grabber) Michael Bloomberg, we see why Ft Lauderdale airport was attacked by a ‘shooter’ — and why that false flag ‘shooting’ had to happen when it did. Michael Bloomberg funds 3 front groups, including “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” (MAIG). Bloomberg’s mayors are convicted felons — who can’t own guns (since they’ve been convicted of felonies). Bloomberg’s mayors have been convicted of extortion, covering up homicides, and molestation.

Just like the Marysville, WA ‘school shooting’ hoax, Michael Bloomberg staged the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting to terrorize America into accepting his gun-ban scheme.

Barry Soetoro

Bloomberg felons push gun hoax (fake shootings):

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