Gaza’s Sole Power Plant Shut Down

Gaza’s Sole Power Plant Shut Down | gaza-power-outage | Special Interests World News
Palestinians walk on a road during a power cut in Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip.. (image: REUTERS)

Last Saturday, the plant shut down for lack of fuel. Funds donated by Qatar and Turkey were exhausted.

Gaza’s Energy Authority said it won’t buy more unless hostile PA authorities exempt it from fuel excise taxes it can’t afford to pay.

Under less dire conditions, electricity is severely limited. It’s been reduced from eight to six hours, followed by 12-hour blackouts.

Maintenance problems on Monday reduced power intervals to every four hours on, 12 hours off.

Gaza Energy Authority’s deputy chairman Fathi al-Sheikh explained monthly operating costs for two plant generators are about $13.6 million. Lifting the fuel tax would reduce it to around $5.5 million, a major savings.

Gaza buys 80% of its electricity from Israel, the rest from Egypt. When plant generators are operating, they supply 60 megawatts of power – 400 megawatts required to supply Strip needs.

Blockading Gaza, Israeli wars, along with frequent air and ground attacks lie at the root of its problems. Inadequate funding prevents proper maintenance.

Israel has the power to change things. Another preemptive war is more likely. Gazan infrastructure already is in deplorable condition.

Israel wants it kept this way, enforcing harshness, holding two million Gazans hostage to its viciousness, denying them fundamental rights everyone deserves.

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