Gold and Silver Are Leaving the Station – Are You on Board?

Gold and Silver Are Leaving the Station – Are You on Board? | gold-and-silver | Economy & Business Special Interests

Having a subscription to TFMetals Report is truly awesome. The knowledge that flows through that site, even on the free side, is truly remarkable. I was reading what Craig had to say about gold and silver making that huge move on Wednesday Feb 14, as I wasn’t really able to find anything to support these “moon shots” that happened soon after the COMEX opened but of course, Mr. Hemke had it all under control. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter to me, as I am not trader, I just like to know what makes the “market” move – other than the boys in the back room at the CME Group pushing buttons and pulling levers to set the price where their owners have told them to set the price.

Craig had posted a quote from one of the members of the banking cabal, Bob Farrell, Merrill Lynch.

Gold and Silver Are Leaving the Station – Are You on Board? | large_dwabtgcxkaiverf.jpg-large | Economy & Business Special Interests

The quote above is probably some of the best support for what I have been saying since late summer 2017 about gold and silver moving, not just higher but, much higher than where they sit today. It doesn’t say when these words were spoken, and it doesn’t really matter, as they held true 100 years ago and will hold true 100 years from today. People will only begin to pay attention when a market is moving. Look at what happened with the cryptocurrencies in 2017. In 2016 you could gathered as many cryptos as you wanted, outside of bitcoin, for $500. Had a person done that, they could probably retire today.

If you have been acquiring gold and silver, especially silver, over the past several years you should be feeling pretty good about now. You live in rarified air. The train has already left the station and as the masses figure it out and attempt to get on board, these two forms of money will move to the upside like people are not used to seeing. The train will be long gone and those of us with a nice stack will have many options before us.

If you are still in cryptos and haven’t taken your profits it may be a good time to do so – at least some – and acquire a little gold and silver or add to your stack. Don’t forget to pay your capital gains taxes on your cryptos as you don’t want to be swept up in the coming tax evasion sweep where people are going to lose everything. None of this should be taken as financial advice just logic. The PM market is moving in the right direction and by the time 2021-2023 roll round gold and silver will be flying high in new territory and they will not be coming back to where they are today. Just as neither gold nor silver has been beat to new lows since 2015. Will we ever see single digit silver again or sub $1,000 gold? Only time will tell but, as of today, it’s not looking too good for either of those to materialize. Will we be asking the same questions about these levels today in just a few years? We shall see.

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