Gold And Silver ARE The Only Money [Hardly] In Existence.

Gold And Silver ARE The Only Money [Hardly] In Existence. | gold-Money | Economy Economy & Business Federal Reserve Bank

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Gold and silver ARE money.  Neither is a “currency,” although money is often cited as interchangeable with currency.  Take the Federal Reserve Note, [please!], as an example. A Federal Reserve Note [FRN], is more commonly known as a “dollar.”  Even though the word “dollar” appears on every FRN, each and every FRN is a debt instrument issued by the Federal Reserve and not a true dollar.  The Federal Reserve is a privately held corporation, owned mostly by  certain european bankers, and may include the Rockefellers, from the US.

When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes… Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.” – Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France, 1815

Napoleon knew of what he spoke.  You would think, over 200 years later, people would be all the wiser.  Alas, the opposite is true.  When it comes to money, people know next to nothing.  A Federal Reserve Note is not federal.  There are no reserves, and a FRN is not a note. There is no promise to pay anything to anyone at any time, all requirements of a note.

Then, why are FRNs called “dollars?”

Last week, we called the Rothschild and his moneychangers takeover of the US the greatest Ponzi scheme of all time. [See A Clarion Alarm Call For All Paper Assets, opening paragraph].  We went on to explain the bankruptcy of the US and how gold and silver are money.  FRNs were an integral part of the globalist’s Ponzi scheme.  Originally, FRNs were backed by gold and silver as they circulated alongside  US-issued Treasury Notes, all backed by gold and silver.

The purpose of initially specie-backed FRNs was to get people to be familiar with and accept them as equal to issued US Treasury Notes.  The 1933 declared bank holiday was to shut down the entire US banking system and replace it with full control by the foreign- owned Federal Reserve.  All issued US Treasury Notes were slowly removed from circulation and destroyed, leaving only FRNs available.  By now, the public were used to FRNs as good as Treasury Notes and were not alarmed by the bait-and-switch.

Next, gold backing was removed from all FRNs, then silver.  There was no longer any gold or silver backing behind the now fiat FRNs, and the public, even the world, paid no attention.  There you have the short version of why FRNs are not dollars and never were! Then, what are FRNs?  As stated in the first paragraph, FRNs are debt instruments issued by the Federal Reserve to keep a bankrupt nation drowning in debt.

“Government is not reason, it is not eloquence — it is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master; never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.”   Ostensibly attributed to George Washington, it is apocryphal but apt.

By irresponsibly allowing the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 to pass, those in government were soon turned into well-paid puppets.  While still leaders of government, they no longer had any control, just as Napoleon Bonaparte forewarned back in 1815.

What has been and always will be money are gold and silver.  They cannot be printed at will, like all fiat currencies that exist throughout the world, today.  It took the globalists over 150 years to gain full control and deplete all of the US assets to get where they are, today.  On top of the theft, the People, more [un]commonly known as 14th Amendment citizens, fully subject to Congressional control that has granted all citizens privileges, not Rights, have thereby literally become serfs, in effect.

So successful has been this Ponzi scheme, people still have no clue what has taken place.

No one should take our word for all of this, and we encourage all to do their own due diligence before coming to the same conclusion[s].

We headlined gold and silver ARE money [hardly in existence] because neither circulate as  money.  The globalists began shutting that game down back in 1933, and then for good when Nixon closed the gold window on 15 August 1971.

FRNs are called “dollars” by force of the globalists, and when it comes to protecting their monopoly on issuing fiat paper debt instruments, nobody gets in their way.  Lincoln was assassinated after he wanted US money to circulate without interest owning on them.  The Rothschild moneychangers were not about to let anyone mess with their fiat franchise for which they collected interest on the no-cost-to-issue fiat FRNs.  Kennedy also wanted to issue silver-backed dollars, again, another Rothschild no-no that cost Kennedy his life.

When people own gold and silver, they have wealth.  They have true money.  They have no need to rely upon government.  They have financial independence, and the elites will not allow that, to the extent that they can.  That is why all gold was recalled by Roosevelt in 1933, to get people weaned on government-issued [worthless] paper.  It worked, and very few people in the US today have even touched a gold coin, let alone own any.

Each of us has a choice.  Be a government serf and trade in fiat, soon to be only digitized blips in one’s bank account, or buy and literally hold [by physical possession] gold and silver, either or both.  The globalists are making it as difficult as possible to have or own gold and silver, and mostly for the reasons given here.  That should be sufficient reason to obtain as much as one can in order to survive the worsening financial situations yet to come, not only in this country, but world-wide.

The globalists are out to destroy the middle class, and have pretty much succeeded, but they will not relent until  they have their boots on the faces of as many humans as possible, all in the service of their sick, egotistical New World Order, sponsored by the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, and their total control of all currency, save gold and silver.

Buy it.  Own it.  Hold it, and literally, keep it to yourself.  Those without it will resent those with it.  There has always been, and there always will be, a market for gold and silver.  Fiat paper always disappears, and with it the ability for  one to remain financially viable.

Since the rally off the Nov/Dec lows, gold has met its first encounter with resistance at the 1300+ area.  The strong breakout of two weeks ago was followed by a lesser performance, but on strong volume, last week.  This can be expected in any market when a resistance area is first approached.

It will be a normal, even healthy development for price to react a little or trade just under the 1300 area in preparation for a move higher.

(click charts to enlarge)

Gold And Silver ARE The Only Money [Hardly] In Existence. | GC-W-7-May-16 | Economy Economy & Business Federal Reserve Bank

Last week’s activity was more of a stall variety, but it has a considerable TR lying underneath that goes back to February, and this should offer strong support.  Any pullback is viewed as a buy opportunity.

Gold And Silver ARE The Only Money [Hardly] In Existence. | GC-D-7-May-16 | Economy Economy & Business Federal Reserve Bank

Silver’s rally did not reach its 18.60 area resistance level, but the overall structure remains strong.  Support should prove solid between 16 and 17 as this market appears poised to move much higher.  21.50 – 22 are the next obvious resistance levels.  If price gets well above 19, then the 18.60 resistance will than act as support.

Gold And Silver ARE The Only Money [Hardly] In Existence. | SI-W-7-May-16 | Economy Economy & Business Federal Reserve Bank

Silver labored once above 17, and it is laboring again above 17.25-17.50.  The rally from April has been impressive, and a consolidation to prepare for higher prices is normal.

Gold And Silver ARE The Only Money [Hardly] In Existence. | SI-D-7-May-16 | Economy Economy & Business Federal Reserve Bank

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