Google, Must Alter Worldwide Search Results, Per Orders from Canada’s Top Court

Google, Must Alter Worldwide Search Results, Per Orders from Canada's Top Court | internet-search | Science & Technology Special Interests

(ARS TECHNICA) A small Canadian firm has acquired an injunction against Google from the Supreme Court of Canada that is being called the first global de-indexing order.

Equustek, a Vancouver-based maker of networking devices, sued a former distributor called Datalink Technologies. Equustek accused Dtalink of illegally re-labeling products and stealing Equustek intellectual property to make its own products.

Datalink initially denied the allegations but then left the province. It continues to do business, selling products worldwide from an unknown location, according to Canadian courts.

That led to Equustek seeking court orders forcing Google to re-arrange its search results. Some 345 Datalink webpages have been de-indexed from Google’s Canadian site, per various Canadian court orders. But a court in British Columbia issued a broader order, insisting that Google stop listing Datalink’s entire website anywhere in the world. Today, Canada’s Supreme Court upheld that order.

The ruling is the “first global de-indexing order,” Canadian lawyer Barry Sookman, who represented literary and musical publishers in the case, told The Toronto Star

“We are carefully reviewing the court’s findings and evaluating our next steps,” a Google spokesperson told Ars via e-mail.


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